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Leigha Lake

Hi Leigha,

So I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my guy for almost 10 months now but we have known each other since 2013, when we dated for a year. Although we didn’t continue dating we always kept in touch during this whole time. He called me one night last August and confessed that he loved me and really missed me, then asked me to be his girlfriend. I missed him and still had feelings for him so I agreed to give our relationship another try. Since that night we have talked about marriage a lot and having children. The relationship has been great with a couple of bumps here and there but nothing serious. Earlier this year he stopped talking about marriage for a while but after spending a week with him and going through a very hard time together he asked me one night what I wanted from our relationship. He asked me to be really honest and I responded by telling him that I want to get married and have children with him. After that phone call he became pretty distant. But after talking and trying to work on our relationship he began to get close again and began to open up more. Recently he’s been talking about getting married again. Last week he texted me out of the blue and asked what size ring I wear.

I’ve been getting excited thinking of the possibility of us getting married. So last Friday I texted him “What are you doing for 4th of July, Love?” and he responded with, “A hot girl I hope…haha.” I was taken by surprise and asked “a hot girl?” and he responded with ???? so I asked him again “What do you mean?” and he said “nada.” So I got upset and things escalated quickly after that. He tried to change the subject and kid around with me but I wouldn’t let it go. After re-reading the texts again I realized that I overreacted and misunderstood his text and since have apologized a couple of times now. I sent him a few texts here and there trying to make things better. See if he could laugh but he didn’t respond. I haven’t texted him or called him anymore since 4th of July. I haven’t heard from him since Sunday morning and I’m worried because he’s never taken this long to respond back. I hate the way I reacted with him because it’s something I never do. We hardly ever get mad at each other. In fact, we’ve always have had a very happy carefree relationship. I hope that he remembers that.

So should I attempt to talk to him again or should I wait until he contacts me? I’m thinking of writing him a letter expressing my concern but I’m not sure if I should wait a couple more days to see if he’ll respond.

thanks for your help…

To hear my answer, watch the video below.

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  1. Kirstie Winston

    My boyfriend of 3.5 years (we were living together$ was always nice, supportive, and helpful even financially. Then he became. He left me in the city after a okay. A city we go to often, and that he knows, bc he works there. I don’t. I am very capable, but don’t see well at night and the only money I had to get home was his credit card. I learned later he had a dental issue, he was tired. And I say d the ultimate death Nell, I don’t know what’s wrong. Can we just go somewhere and talk? He kept walking and I stood there.
    This was a week after we had my parents stay with us for Thanksgiving. PHe encouraged it. I moved out after holding his hand one day and saying I never want to make him feel this way, I think I am communicating the wrong way and I am work in it. He pulled his hand away and said he was done. Done. He wants to sell the house and move away.
    So I moved out. It broke my heart. I left our dog there.
    Fast forward a month. I sent him a text that ask you f he would like to catch up? No answer. He had liked my pics on FB. He had answered texts and lets me go through the house and take Charlie out at lunch.
    He is in a dating g site. He was online a lot after I texted him. I am on the same site and he keeps coming up as a top prospect.
    What did bI do next?

    • llake

      Hi Kirstie, please read as much as you can on my website. I highly recommend purchasing my eBook Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again and read it over and over again. In the meantime – if I were you I would focus on my own life and my own happiness and if he’s not in front of me physically, he doesn’t exist. Love, Leigha


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