The Most Important Thing I Do With My Clients

Leigha Lake

The #1 thing I do with my clients (that allows them to escape the wounded relationship matrix forever and live their best lives) is teaching them to stop turning in on themselves and to begin seeing men for who they really are from the very beginning – without trying to be more feminine.

Observing a man is NATURALLY one of the most feminine things you can do and there’s no changing of yourself required. 

If your entire focus is on being in your “feminine energy” and inspiring a man, you’ll COMPLETELY dismiss/bypass/overlook the obvious signs a man isn’t the right man for you.

Women waste YEARS of their lives trying to inspire men who will NEVER be the right man. This is called The Potential Man Trap.

(This means you have let go of any “lack” thinking that healthy men are rare to find or you’ll self-sabotage.)

I teach women to trust their intuition and their feelings MORE THAN what a man is saying.

I teach women how to recognize a healthy, emotionally available man in three dates or less. 

(Once you know a man’s emotionally healthy and available, then you allow the next 3 months to unfold to make sure he’s the man you think he is, and you know without a doubt you’ll walk away if he shows signs of not being the right man for you.)

The red flags are ALWAYS there in the beginning, you just have to know what to look for AND your body is ALWAYS telling you. I promise!! This is where becoming more connected to yourself is KEY to living at your highest potential.

Women tend to brush away their feelings because their desire for a relationship overrides their intuition. 

You have to care more about YOU and how you feel than anything else, and this is so counter-intuitive for women who’re highly aware, are natural pleasers, and want to give the benefit of the doubt.

Most of the relationship coaching industry is cashing in on teaching women that it’s their fault men aren’t stepping up (pulling away/withdrawing/confused/commitment issues, etc.), and to turn in on themselves, and that they either need to become more feminine or change themselves in some way. (And I’m sure many experts think they’re really helping women on this level.)

There’s no education on if a man is emotionally available and even capable of being a healthy relationship partner. 

The #1 thing you need to “change” is ONLY being available for the right relationship and being unavailable for the wrong relationships.

You must value your time and energy to the degree that if something feels bad, your instinct isn’t to turn in on yourself but to reassess the relationship dynamic.

Your job is never to inspire a man. Your job is to observe a man and make sure he’s capable of being the relationship partner you know you are to a man.

If you’d like my guidance in completely transforming/up-leveling your life and the way you see, think, and operate in relationships so you can attract the RIGHT man for you in the shortest amount of time possible, reply to this email. 

This is the most important information you could learn in your lifetime if your desire is to live your best life. Now is the perfect time if you’re just coming out of a relationship, in the middle of one that’s not what you hoped it would be or are currently single and “dating.”

Be sure to check out my signature program Legendary Love to learn more. 

Love, Leigha

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  1. Heather

    You’re right. I’m learning that the hard way.


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