Healing The Energetic Disconnect With Men And Money

Leigha Lake

How Do You Heal The Energetic Disconnect With Men And/Or Money?

The Quick Answer Is: to dissolve the energetic kink(s), you must create a stronger connection with yourself.

The stronger your connection is to yourself, the more available you are to your desires at the highest level. The more connected you are to yourself (your highest potential self), the more whole, confident, and magnetic you become.

How Do You Become More Connected To Yourself? First, you want to connect to the feelings deep INSIDE of you, feeling fully alive, happy, and content as much as possible throughout your day so you raise your awareness and consciousness. (Not to make something happen but to become the invitation to Life.)

The Next Step Is: You need to become aware of how you make yourself unavailable. How you play small, dim your light, look for permission and validation, don’t value yourself, or give your power away to others. (This is where the disconnect is.)

You want to see it, feel it, and witness it so that it no longer has power over you. Imagine the “kink” dissolving as you witness yourself and your patterns.

Your particular “kink in the energetic hose” will often continue showing up even after “you’ve done so much work on yourself.”

The way you know you’re healing is by the shortened timeframe from when you consciously recognize your pattern to when you make the most empowered choice possible for you.

Example: You go on a date with a man you know isn’t a match but he’s nice enough (and it feels like you’re doing something to get closer to what you really want). And you tell yourself that maybe your feelings will grow.

He asks you out again and you say “yes” because maybe there’s a chance your feelings could change. (This represents the energetic disconnect that keeps women from reaching their full potential.)

If you don’t feel a “yes” in your body then it’s a no. You cannot convince me otherwise.

Highly sensitive, intuitive, ambitious women are often afraid to say no to what’s not a match, and they unknowingly give their power away/make themselves unavailable for the relationship or opportunity they really want.

The healing happens when you learn to trust yourself, clearly see what’s not a match for you, and then quickly move forward in a way that honors your highest vision of your life and feels expansive. (Feeling expansive is not code for a dysregulated nervous system. Expansion feels good, healthy, and nourishing.)

This is a lifelong process to embrace and expect to find on every new level you arrive at.

Recap: Connect to yourself by going deep within and feeling the feelings of being fully alive, happy, and content as much as possible. This is your true essence.

Notice when you’re shrinking back in your life, spinning on thoughts, feeling wobbly, and getting really interested in what’s going on inside of you.

Become the witnesser of yourself. This is what begins to unkink the energy between you and anything you desire. 

Something will come through that changes the situation or the way you see the situation, and it will feel as if the Universe is communicating with you!! But you must get still and calm. 

Let me know what comes up for you with this. 

If you’re ready to Become The Invitation – healing the energetic disconnect between men and/or money, I have two options available to work with me privately. Go here to learn more, and we can see which option might be right for you.


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