Hi, I’m Leigha!
I’m so glad you’ve found me!

My passion and mission in life is helping smart, successful, high-achieving women attract the right man for them and live a deeply rich, peaceful, fulfilling life.

Once My Clients Learn To:

Confidently say no to the wrong men

Stop listening to outside voices and influences telling them they want too much from a relationship and that no man is perfect

Hold the energetic frequency of the relationship they want

Not turn in on themselves, thinking there must be something wrong with them that they need to fix, change, or heal to attract high-level love

Become aware of the huge gap between what they desire and what seems possible based on the type of men who show up and not give in to the fear the gap creates

Free themselves of the mind chatter that tells them it might not happen for them

Recognize that every single step on the journey to attracting the right man is about them coming home to themselves and not actually about a man

Everything changes for them…

Learning to trust the way your body feels when you’re with a man and when you’re not with him makes attracting the right man simple and straightforward.

There’s too much dating and relationship advice out there that causes women so much pain, heartache, and emotional turmoil and I want to help you see that there’s a much better way!

You’re already feminine enough. You’re open, inviting, and trusting enough. You’ve done enough healing. I promise.

You have so much more power than you realize

Once you learn the tools and method I can teach you; you’ll know exactly how to attract the right man into your life.

Most women find me after they’ve learned basic attraction principles with men, and they understand the masculine and feminine energy dynamic (many of my clients are relationship and transformational coaches themselves).

While self-development, healing, and spirituality are foundational to the success my clients create, they’ve often taken the journey too far, causing them to consistently question, doubt, and not trust their first instincts. 

My passion and zone of genius is guiding women back to themselves so they can easily recognize the right man when he shows up. 

The truth is, we’ve been taught all the wrong information when it comes to attracting love and having healthy relationships. 

My Story…

In 2009, I thought I’d met the love of my life – he ended up disappearing one day out of the blue.

Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, and I could barely comprehend it.

I was devastated and began researching everything I could about men, love and relationships. I began realizing what really makes a man feel attraction, fall in love and stay in love – forever.

The pieces and information about what makes up a healthy relationship began falling into place.

If I knew back then what I know now about love, I would’ve been able to quickly recognize the unhealthy behaviors this man demonstrated within the first week of meeting him.

The red flags are always present in the beginning.  

After learning and practicing the Tools and Method I teach in my programs – I attracted my legendary love. 

I’m now married to the love of my life, and we have two beautiful, healthy girls. I’m doing exactly what I love to do. If I can create success in life and love – and my clients can – you can too!

When a woman learns to confidently say no to the wrong men (because her body is always communicating with her by the way she feels) without dipping into scarcity that she’s pushing good men away, she makes herself available for the right man. 

There's no reason we can't get you on the fast track to attracting your legendary love!

All you need is the right information and the right guidance!


All my love,


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