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For Women Who're Ready To Attract And Have Lasting Love With An Empowered Masculine Energy Man

Learn The Feminine Art Of Healthy Relationships

Attracting the type of man you want to live your life with has way more to do with recognizing what’s healthy and what’s not when it comes to behaviors and relationship dynamics than using specific strategies and tactics to meet high-quality men.

While putting yourself out there is important, it’s a woman’s beliefs and relationship blueprint (often played out as “relationship traps” and illusions) that typically keep an amazing woman from recognizing a healthy, empowered man and having the love and relationship she wants.

So many brilliant, intuitive women unknowingly give too much benefit of the doubt to the wrong men, stay way too long in dead-end relationships, and feel compelled to do more in the relationship if a man isn’t stepping up and moving the relationship forward. These are relationship traps that make attracting love and an empowered man feel elusive.

When you allow the process of drawing in the right man to be an inward awareness journey (by showing up in your life as a healthy relationship partner rather than having an outward result-driven, action-based focus), you’ll naturally open yourself up to receive an empowered masculine energy man. Helping successful, intuitive women attract an empowered man is my area of expertise.  

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