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The Art Of Healthy Relationships For High-Achieving Women

You Can Attract And Have A Healthy Relationship
With An Empowered Masculine Man...

I’ve been teaching successful ambitious women how to have healthy relationships for over eight years. When they learn what’s healthy and what’s not by learning to feel into their own energetic life raft, everything changes for them. Learning to love from their “life raft” makes relationships so much easier to navigate (and life overall is easier to navigate). 

High-achieving women tend to be the strong ones in all of their relationships and they often end up pulling/helping others along (into their life raft). This is why they often end up with men who can’t meet them on their level. By tuning into the feeling of being balanced and centered in one’s own life raft, and trusting that others have their own life rafts, a woman can see her relationships more clearly.

The “life raft” tool is the foundation of everything I teach and it encompasses the masculine and feminine energy dynamic. It’s the first tool in my free PDF on the “7 Simple Steps To Attracting An Empowered Man.”

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