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Feminine Energy Empire is for high achieving ambitious women who want to have it all, the soul aligned business, the freedom based lifestyle and the empowered masculine energy man that can support their biggest dreams and visions.

Why do strong, successful and extremely talented women tend to attract men who seem so amazing in the beginning (the dreamer, super easy going, romantic passionate lover) but over time tend to ultimately end up disappointed with the relationship, when what they really desire is a man who can be bigger than they are in all ways?

Why do they choose men they have to train and pull along in order to TRY to get their needs met?

Why are they attracted to the men who after getting to know them a little while are somewhat clueless and less evolved, don’t make very much money, can barely provide for themselves let alone anyone else, aren’t passionate about their careers and are ok with a woman taking care of them (providing and supporting)?

It’s not because the empowered masculine energy men they dream about don’t exist.

It’s because that’s what feels familiar and safe.

These women are used to being the strongest most capable women in the room, and have been from a very young age. It’s become their energetic blueprint and the biggest factor for their current level of success.

She can handle a relationship not working out with a wounded feminine energy man because deep down she knows she deserves more. She knows she’s the stronger one and she’ll be ok with it without him. She holds the reigns and the “power.”