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Leigha Lake

Here’s a great video with Helena Hart and I talking about boundaries and the empowered and wounded masculine and feminine energies. I think you’ll love it!!

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  1. Karla Blade

    I’m in a marriage now, we been more like roommate relationship for last 6 years. I still love him very much. I felt he was my soul mate when we married & still do. I have regrets because I allowed this to happen & did nothing to change it. He feels its time to move on, but I want it to work out. Is there a away to show him in actions

    • llake

      Hi Karla,

      Have you read my eBook, Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again? I highly recommend reading that and then you also get a free session with one of my apprentices. I wouldn’t wait. Love, Leigha

  2. EbonyL

    Hello Leigha ,
    I am in a state of confusion right now and i need your help on this.
    My boyfriend of 18months started being distant like a month ago…he got closed off and it seemed he was not open to me as i am used to….First of all we are in a LDR and having a business together as well.
    He is a very busy man of which i accepted before even we started dating.He is kind thoughtful and caring and more so very supportive. So we meet after every 4weeks or 6weeks as we live in different continents. We had planned everything together actually he did talk about marriage kids and our future. And even mentioned of what we should do next to move our relationship forward. But a month ago things started changing for the worst that basically he couldnt last in bed in short i wasnt being satisfied, so he immediately became distant and didnt want to talk about it or us meeting….He told me he is worried about our sex life and him not being able to satisfy me scares him because he cant imagine life without me and he needs to find a solution to this. Well i told him we can try to find a solution together as i here for him but he was hesitant as he said it has never happened to him before. I told him i felt emotionally disconnected because for sometime now we havent been really emotionally available for each other and for me sex is more of emotion because i want to really feel that deep connection with my man and i havent been feeling that lately because of him being busy all the time…and personally when i dont feel this i tend to build a wall to protect my heart and this normally affects my romantic side……well to cut to the chase he confessed to me 3days ago that he slept with his ex and hè really didnt meant but he wanted to be sure that he was not impotent????????‍♀️…..he continued that he does not love her that he is inlove with me and he is confused now and unsure of our relationship right now ….i am dissapointed and i feel betrayed and hurt by everything right now…..I need your Advice on how to get past this because i love him dearly and i believe we had something real.


    • Josie

      Hi EbonyL…so sorry to hear about your situation and thanks for sharing …you’ve shown a lot of courage by reaching out..I can relate to your feelings of hurt ,confusion and betrayal in a long distance relationship but you can use them and this time of emotional and physical distance to turn inwards and take your focus off him so he can figure his stuff out for himself and in the meantime whilst he’s doing that make your healing and your happiness the priority..hope that helps a little bit..take care:)

  3. Pamela D Kelley

    I really enjoyed your video with Helena. It made me realize the mistakes I was making in my relationship. I may have to walk away to get the man I truly need and deserve.

    Thank you

    • llake

      Hi Pamela, I’m so glad it resonated with you. Yes, if you’re willing to walk away…you’ll open up space for the best outcome. <3 Leigha xxx


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