Leigha Lake Sri Yantra

 An In-depth Program For Women Who Want To Attract Lasting Love! 

Leigha Lake Sri Yantra

Have you ever felt no matter what you do, you can’t seem to attract an empowered masculine energy man who’s on the same page you are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically?


Do you feel way ahead of most men spiritually and/or  emotionally?


Or when you do feel physical attraction and chemistry do you find yourself looking past the red flags hoping you’re wrong? 


There always seems to be some reason why things don’t work out –  they either come on too strong and then for some reason seem to lose interest and disappear, or you’re just not attracted them. 


Do you experience finally feeling interested in a man yet his actions don’t quite match up with what he’s saying? He’ll tell you, “You’re the love of my life.” but then he’ll also say, “I’m not ready for a committed relationship.” Does he expect you to contact him? Does he only make last minute plans? Do you feel pulled into your masculine energy because it seems easier for you? 


Of course you feel completely at a loss when it comes to attracting and having the love you desire at the LEVEL you desire with a healthy, masculine energy man!


It’s even more frustrating when you see other women, who don’t know as much as you do about love and relationships seem to effortlessly attract a great man. 


Have you had an experience where you were dating someone and it felt so right, safe and secure but then it didn’t end up working out so now you have a difficult time trusting yourself and your intuition? If so, you’re not alone!


I completely understand why you’re so frustrated with attracting and dating the wrong men!



When a woman isn’t seeing results in her love life she does what doesn’t work.


If all of this sounds familiar, and you’re really ready for something new, you’re in the right place… 

The Feminine Art Of Dating is your LIFELINE to navigating dating so you attract the love of your life in the quickest way possible and avoid spending your precious time and energy (months or years) dating the wrong men!

Investment: $497

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Watch the video above to hear how Shelley attracted an amazing man who adores her, within 5 weeks of joining my Men, Money And Intuition Mastermind (Goddess Flow).

Below is a picture with Shelley and her love!

Leigha Lake Sri Yantra
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Watch the video above to hear how Jess attracted the love of her life within 6 weeks from our first session (and now they’re engaged!)

Below is a picture of Jess and her fiance!

Leigha Lake Sri Yantra

I’ve created a VERY specific Archetype Map that shows you EXACTLY why you’re attracting the type of men you’re attracting based on the wounded and empowered masculine and feminine energies.


Once you’re aware of these archetypes, you’ll be able to heal and transform them inside of yourself and then the type of men who show up will match your own empowered energies. (As within, so without.)


Once you’ve done the inner work and deliberately started magnetizing empowered masculine energy TO you, the next step you need to know is to understand on a deep level what a masculine energy man will and will NOT do. 


When you know what to look for during the dating process – attracting and manifesting the right man for you will happen much easier (and more quickly too!)


When a woman learns The Feminine Art Of Dating, she automatically becomes more magnetic and irresistible.


If a woman doesn’t learn the Feminine Art Of Dating, she may spend years attracting the wrong type of men and enduring unnecessary heartbreak and frustration.


The more you know, the more empowered you are, the more MAGNETIC you become!

In this 4 week course, you’ll learn:


Module 1: Learn and understand how to elevate your energy so that you attract your highest level relationship with an amazing masculine energy man.


Understand how to heal and transform the wounded energies within yourself so you can attract the love and relationship you desire.

Receive my simple 3 step process for attracting ANYTHING and EVERYTHING my heart desires. 


Learn exactly what keeps most women from attracting their desires.


 Module 2: Understand EXACTLY how to stay in your empowered energies so you don’t keep attracting the same kind of men. 


Become aware of how the empowered feminine moves through the attraction process and how the wounded feminine moves through the attraction process. If you can become aware of your own pattern then you can quickly begin to shift it.


Learn the most powerful tool to become your most magnetic, irresistible, alluring self. 


Know what to say from the very first contact, message, the first text, the first date, etc., to create the best possible outcome.


Receive the 8 top attraction triggers for EMPOWERED masculine energy men.


What to KNOW before you go on your very first date.


How to know if you should be online dating or not? Should you date multiple men at the same time?


The #1 mindset I have ALL my clients embody when they start working with me. This completely shifts your vibe into your empowered feminine energy.


Understand the “energy gap” between you and masculine energy.


Learn how long you should wait to hear from an empowered masculine energy man after the first date.


Navigate the first phone call like a Goddess.


Avoid creating an imaginary connection from the very beginning.


How a man moves through dating and getting to commitment and how it’s completely different than a woman.


Why you should never prompt or “help” a man ask you out, especially in the beginning. 


Module 3: Learn how a healthy, masculine energy man will move from the first contact to lifelong commitment. When you become aware of healthy masculine tendencies and wounded tendencies, you’ll no longer spend months or years investing your time and energy into a relationship that won’t last.


Understand a healthy masculine energy man’s timeline and how it’s different from yours. This changed everything for me. This will completely do away with ANY situation where you would end up blindsided. 


Get the complete breakdown of what to know during each month of dating for the first 12 months. (My clients typically meet a man within 2-3 months and get engaged and married within 12-18 months after meeting.)


Module 4: Learn how to communicate in a way that brings the right man closer 


Understand the energy exchange at a deep level so you can naturally communicate your needs, wants and desires in a way that always creates a new level of intimacy.


You’ll receive specific examples:


  • What to say if you’re not interested
  • You’re not ready for sex
  • He’s moody or his energy seems off


Learn the #7 red flags women typically miss and how to avoid attracting men who are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, and/or have commitment issues.


The KEY to attracting lasting love is to learn and understand what a masculine energy man will do and what he won’t do, so you can lean back and relax. This will naturally draw the right man to you.


The Feminine Art Of Dating – For Women Who Want To Attract Lasting Love

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You’ll instantly receive lifetime access to the entire course which includes:
4 video recordings (30 – 60 minutes each)
4 Q and A sessions (20 – 30 minutes each)
4 step-by-step PDF manuals
4 Empowered Energy Activations
(including specific mantras for each).

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Danielle attracted love in just over 2 months in one of my very first 3 month coaching programs. I cannot get enough of this beautiful, amazing couple. (Photo credit: Marleena Barber)

Commonly Asked Questions:


Will I have access to this course for life?

Yes, you’ll have lifetime access to all the course content.

I’ve done a lot of inner work and tried everything it seems, will this course really help me?

If you’re feeling drawn/pulled/inspired, I highly recommend listening to your intuition. If you really resonate with what I teach, I’m positive you’ll love this course and the results! (Obviously I can’t promise specific results but my client’s results speak for themselves.)

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Click the button below to purchase The Feminine Art Of Dating – you can use a credit card, debit card, or Paypal (it’s easy, safe and secure) – and you’ll automatically be emailed your login information. If you don’t receive an email after your purchase, contact leigha@leighalake.com and they will get you everything you need.

Investment: $497