Leigha Lake Sri Yantra

 An In-depth 4 Week Course For Women Wanting To Attract Lasting Love! Next course date starting Monday, November 26th, 2018!

Leigha Lake Sri Yantra

Are you fed up with attracting the wrong men?


Men who…


  • Come on super strong in the beginning, only to leave you heartbroken, wondering what you did or said that drove them away? 
  • Seem perfect in the beginning, only to demonstrate later on that they’re not as ambitious, good with money, and considerate as you thought? 
  • Are almost perfect and have “so much potential”


Are you tired of feeling scared and worn out in relationships?


  • When a relationship starts off  great, do you notice you’re waiting for something to go bad (as it usually does?)
  • Do you feel urges to check a man’s phone just to make sure he’s telling the truth?


Are you beginning to feel worried that the man you dream about doesn’t actually exist?


  • Are you worried you’ll end up alone if you’re too picky?
  • Or that you might have to settle for someone who you’re not attracted to? 
  • Do you worry you’ll never be truly happy in your life and there might be something wrong with you?

When a woman isn’t seeing results in her love life she does what doesn’t work.

If all of this sounds familiar, and you’re really ready for something new, you’re in the right place…


I know what it feels like to be frustrated and constantly disappointed by men. 


Watch the video above to hear how Shelley attracted an amazing man who adores her, within 5 weeks of joining my Men, Money And Intuition Mastermind (Goddess Flow).

Below is a picture with Shelley and her love!

Leigha Lake Sri Yantra

Watch the video above to hear how Jess attracted the love of her life within 6 weeks from our first session (and now they’re engaged!)

Below is a picture of Jess and her fiance!

Leigha Lake Sri Yantra

In this 4 week course, you’ll learn:


 The 3 most important ATTRACTION TOOLS to call in the man and relationship you want


 How a man moves through dating and getting to commitment and how it’s completely different than a woman


 What to say from the very first message, the first text, the first date, etc., to create the best possible outcome


  The #1 mindset that will allow you to stay open to lasting love and a romantic relationship  


  Why you should never prompt or “help” a man ask you out, especially in the beginning 


  How to avoid the mistake most women make when choosing a partner that leaves them in a relationship that doesn’t meet their needs


  Avoid attracting men who are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, and/or have commitment issues


  Spot the 7 major “red flags” you never want to miss again


When you know what to look for during the dating process – attracting and manifesting the right man for you will happen much easier (and more quickly too!)


This 4 week course will help you with understanding the dating process and help you catch all the red flags, as well as empower you (and raise your confidence) to attract the right man for you – without getting blindsided along the way.


When a woman learns The Feminine Art Of Dating, she automatically becomes more magnetic and irresistible.


If a woman doesn’t learn the Feminine Art Of Dating, she may spend years attracting the wrong type of men and enduring unnecessary heartbreak and frustration.


The more you know, the more empowered you are, the more MAGNETIC you become!

The KEY to attracting lasting love is to learn and understand what a masculine energy man will do and what he won’t do, so you can lean back and relax. This will naturally draw the right man to you.


The Feminine Art Of Dating – For Women Who Want To Attract Lasting Love

This course will start Monday, November 26th, 2018. Each Monday for 4 weeks we’ll have a group training call via Zoom @ 8am HST/11am PST/1pm EST lasting 60-120 minutes.

You’ll receive lifetime access to the entire course which includes: 4 video recordings and 4 step-by-step PDF guides plus a secret Facebook group to ask personal question during the course. (You’ll also be able to retake the course every time it’s launched in the future, with no added costs!)

This will be an in-depth course on how to attract a high, quality masculine man and what to expect during the dating process so you can attract lasting love in the easiest and quickest way possible. 

Danielle attracted love in just over 2 months in one of my very first 3 month coaching programs. I cannot get enough of this beautiful, amazing couple. (Photo credit: Marleena Barber)


You're already married or in a lifelong commitment

Have no desire to understand men or the masculine/feminine energy dynamic

Don't think you have any power when it comes to attracting the love you want

Think you need a certain man in your life right now in order to be happy


You're ready for lasting love and for it to happen it the easiest way possible

You want to become your most magnetic self and transform your love life forever

You want a comprehensive guide to help you navigate dating in the most feminine way