My signature program is for high-achieving, spiritual, successful women who want to learn a simple yet very effective streamlined approach to attracting the right man and a lifetime of love and soul-level companionship.

Are you ready to attract your legendary love now?

You’re magnetic and have always easily attracted a lot of men.

Getting asked out on a lot of dates and having men fall for you is something you’re used to.

But there’s an energetic gap between the men who’re enamored by you and the man you know you’re meant to be with.

You’ve done a lot of learning and healing around the masculine and feminine energy dynamic, polarity, and shadow work and have manifested pretty much every big desire in your life except this one.

The path to closing the gap that you consistently experience with men and attracting the man you hope exists is very simple, strategic, and proven.

It also doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy.

My clients often tell me their lives feel so much easier in every aspect once they know the path to attracting the right man.

Once you know exactly what you’re doing, you’ll stop wobbling and taking time “off” from “dating” because there won’t be any need to pull back and restore your energy.

Every interaction with a man becomes a clue leading you back to yourself so that once the right man shows up, you’re open and available to receive him.

It’s the most incredible journey and initiation to the life that you dream about, and I’m beyond honored that I get to guide women on this path.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly what you’re doing instead of winging it while also knowing that you’re collapsing the timeline for when the right man shows up?

If you easily attract men, then all we need to do is add my simple strategy and tweak a few things you’re most likely already doing, and you’ll open yourself up to receive the right man. (Just like my client Dawn who attracted her now fiance just six months after we started working together.)

Are You Ready To…

Set the new standard for the type of relationship you're available for and be willing to hold yourself in that desire no matter what

Anchor into your soul desire to be in a healthy, loving, deeply connected and intimate relationship with a man who meets you on every level

Become confident in your initial instincts when first meeting a man

Live in a new paradigm where all your relationships are healthy and nourishing

Understand all of the ways you unconsciously make excuses for men who can never be what you need

Let go of any fears around thinking that God might want a different man for you than you do

Trust that the inner work to be done is to tune into how you feel and follow that feeling

Navigate the three stages of dating at the appropriate pace so you don't get attached too soon

Implement the 6 major mindset shifts that open you up to receive your empowered man

Stop doubting, second-guessing, and worrying about if you're pushing good men away

Dissolve the patterns of turning in on yourself

Recognize the behaviors that healthy men do and don't do versus emotionally unavailable men

Learn how to communicate your wants and needs with men in a way that creates more connection and intimacy with the right man

Learn what a healthy man needs to feel deeply connected to a woman and want a longterm committed relationship

Use every interaction with the men who show up in your life to facilitate your growth and bring you closer to who you really are

And probably the most powerful one of all is:

Take your power back from the outside voices and influences that tell you that you want too much, your expectations are too high, and that the man you’re looking for doesn’t exist.

He does exist and I’m going to show you how to attract him.

When my clients learn these things, the right man often appears within a matter of weeks or months.

This is my zone of genius & with the right woman, all we need to make are a few minor tweaks to what she’s already doing.

Once my clients have the right “roadmap” for attracting their legendary love and enter a new paradigm of healthy relationships in every area of their lives, they naturally align themselves with the right man.

How To Know If I’m The Coach For You

You don’t have any problems attracting men or getting asked out on dates. You know you’re amazing, and bring so much to a relationship that any man is lucky to have you as a partner.

You’ve been doing inner work and self-development for years. You’re incredibly self-aware, smart, successful, spiritual, and intuitive.

You’ve invested in one or more “attracting love” programs and gone to therapy; you understand how your energy influences the energy around you.

You’re ready to learn the most effective dating method out there for attracting a man who can meet you on your level, and you’re aware that the journey is an initiation to living your fullest potential.

This is for you if you love the idea of someone walking alongside you who knows exactly where we’re going and can show you the way step-by-step.

Where we get to talk about every single conversation, message, man, and dynamic that happens while we’re working together so that you inevitably become your own relationship expert.


Here are a few testimonials…

Leigha Lake is the queen of healthy relationships — the only person I follow and trust for advice on love and partnership. When I met Leigha, I was a single woman desiring an incredible man. I was asked out on dates all the time, would go with an open mind, but ultimately kept feeling like “this isn’t Him.” After a while, I started to wonder what was up and why I wasn’t attracting who I was looking for.
The most valuable thing Leigha offered me was continuous affirmation that I’ve done enough healing work. “Don’t turn in on yourself,” she would say. Leigha would remind me that trusting myself and making my life beautiful were most important on my path to attracting the right partner. Learning how to identify a healthy relationship partner was also game-changing.
Now, I am in a beautiful, committed relationship with a man who is quite literally beyond my wildest dreams (and I’m visionary!). I adore him and he treats me like gold. Our unconventional lifestyles match up and we share a love of travel. I’m so glad I stayed in my life raft and allowed him to float up beside me so that we could see each other with clear eyes.
Since being with Erik, I’ve been catapulted into my next level in every area of my life and I believe this is the true power of holding out for true love. Healthy partners help us ascend and this is so important for our personal evolution and the evolution of the planet.
I’m so grateful to Leigha for her integrated and embodied wisdom on healthy relationships. She is absolutely the real deal.
At 51, I had tried it all. I have been dating for 21 years after my divorce, with a few breaks in between. Breaks meaning relationships that lasted anywhere from two weeks to 8 years on and off. I took all the courses, including Rori Raye’s coaching course and Alison Armstrong’s “Understanding Men Celebrating Women”. One-on-one coaching with Dr. Pat Allen’s daughter for a year and a little with her as well. I read every book in the self-help and relationship section. Turned to the law of attraction and the law of assumption videos, books, workshops, and coaching. I became an expert on men and how to be more feminine. I was constantly looking for what was wrong with me or them and trying to “fix” aka control my life and my love life.
I eventually found a therapist who helped me to start validating and accepting myself as I am. Yet, something was still missing…
That’s when I rediscovered Leigha Lake. Her no “bullshit” approach aligned with me, and I could feel with Leigha that she had boundaries and walked her talk.
I’ve tried it all. I’m an expert at online dating. I knew all the things, but he wasn’t showing up. I kept making the same choices or mistakes. I was able to attract the men but it doesn’t go anywhere after a first or second date. I was tired.
Conversations with Leigha have always been easy and the way she conducts herself with total integrity and honesty is refreshing in this coaching environment full of how to “fix yourself” coaches. No one out there talks about this or empowers women the way Leigha does. Her Legendary Love program, which I have memorized because I play it on repeat every morning, is the best program I’ve come across for women to feel empowered in dating and relationships.
Leigha has a way of almost reparenting her clients in a positive, supportive way. She teaches presence and acceptance in a way no one else does. Also, in a tough love way that I highly respect and appreciate. She teaches through example aka by who she is and how she is “being”. She lives her work.
In a very short time, 10 weeks I feel the most confident, grounded, present and empowered I’ve ever felt in my life. Nothing else has given me this sense of freedom.
I can’t say enough about Leigha and how every woman needs her message and coaching.
“…I met my husband shortly after doing the work Leigha recommended. We were engaged 6 months later and married on 11/11/18, exactly one year after he messaged me. We will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in Iceland this fall!
He is my soulmate and perfect for me in every way. I could not have DREAMED UP a better match. We attend church together, travel the world together, and love spending time in nature at our family cabin; we have two fur babies we love with all of our hearts… we are living our dream lives and could not be happier!
I am a person of deep faith, and I believe God is working through Leigha to help women find their perfect person. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Leigha. You changed my life, and I am forever grateful!
Shelley has been with her now fiance for over 5 years, and he’s her perfect match. 
Jess met her now husband just 6 weeks into our coaching together.
Danielle met her now husband just 8 weeks into our coaching together.
Lauren and her husband have been happily married for a few years now!

Ari has found her soulmate and they just had a baby! So happy for them! 

What You’ll Receive:

(We’ll start with a 3-month coaching program.)


Messenger Support With Me

This is where my clients receive the most value. We have almost daily check-ins and conversations, so I can see exactly where you’re at energetically. It’s more valuable than any other type of coaching. I will show you where you’re getting off track and how to stay on track so that you’re creating the best result for yourself. You will know exactly what you’re doing and where you are on your journey from our very first session.


Two Calls Per Month With Me

Due to the amount of communication I have with my clients via WhatsApp/Messenger, they find that they don’t need to get on Zoom calls with me after the first two sessions. My number one priority for you is to make sure you’re living from an elevated paradigm so you can easily draw in the right man, so if I sense that we need to get on more calls together then we will! I am 1000% committed to you attracting your legendary love.


Receive One-On-One Support With My Online Dating Profile Expert

I’ve hired the best expert to join my team to support my clients in making sure their online dating profile(s) are calling in high-value men. She knows exactly how to help you set up your profile, what platforms to use, and how to make sure the algorithm is working in your favor. She’ll go over what to do and what not to do to get the most out of your experience. Online dating works. Let it work for you so you can collapse the timeline for when the right man shows up.


Access To My Legendary Love Course

I’ve simplified everything you need to know and made it incredibly straightforward and easy to follow. Many of my clients have memorized the Legendary Love course because it’s so powerful, concise, and potent. You will not need another “attract the love of your life” program.

There's No Reason You Can't Attract An Incredible Man...

Having the right dating strategy along with understanding the energetics of attracting the right man makes all the difference! Email me if you're interested in learning more.


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