Don’t Give Up On Him Just Yet!

Leigha Lake

If you’ve been wondering if you should just give up on your relationship and then almost just as quickly think about how much time, love and energy you’ve put into it and question, “Isn’t it worth fighting for?” – you’re not alone.

What if there was a way to turn everything around – quickly and easily?

If you learn and understand how your feminine energy is the KEY to having everything you want in your relationship, you’ll quickly see your man transform before your very eyes.

If you don’t become aware of how your energy directly influences your relationship, you’ll find yourself in the same struggles and having the same heartaches, no matter what man you’re with.

It’s actually really simple to learn EXACTLY what to do and what not do, to undo the damage and heal your relationship.

The reason we don’t automatically do this already is because it feels scary, weird and uncomfortable at first so we think we must be doing something wrong!

Start Turning Your Relationship Around Right Now

The most important thing for you to do immediately is shift your energy back to you so there’s space for him to come towards you.

So much of the time when we feel anxious about our relationship, we’re frantically running around (even if we’re just up in our heads analyzing, worrying and thinking) trying to fix things and this ultimately pushes our man further away.

I’ve seen even the most hopeless of situations turn around just by this shift alone.

Shift Your Energy/Vibe This Way – The Meadow Tool

Imagine right now your man is right in front of you.

The two of you are in a beautiful green, lush meadow. The Meadow has everything you want. What does the meadow look like to you? How do you feel?

Imagine your man coming up behind you and putting his arms around you from behind and holding you close.

How does that feel? Stay with that feeling as much as possible!

This gets you out of your head and into your body where he can connect to you. This also puts you in a warm, inviting, soft energy space so you’re an invitation he can’t resist!

You don’t have to DO anything to compel him to come close other than energetically create the space.

Once you learn how to consistently keep your energy on yourself and INVITE his energy to come towards you, you’ll experience what it feels like to have your man’s energy coming towards you all the time again.  Just like it was in the beginning or even better!!

If you liked this blog post and it was helpful to you, my ebook – Make Him Fall All In Love Over Again – has so many more helpful tools and will show you how to re-create the love and relationship you want. You can check it out here.

Love, Leigha


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