Testimonials – Leigha Lake
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Imagine getting everything you really want – time, love, affection, attention, tenderness, and commitment – without even talking about it? You can!

Susan (USA)
“I knew there had to be a science or strategy behind having a great relationship…” How much do you think coaching has played a part in helping you feel more confident about navigating your relationship? Susan: I feel my confidence in navigating relationships was shaky prior to our conversations. Your coaching helped me look at navigating relationships more strategically and bringing my man closer. What was your mindset when we started coaching together? Susan: I knew there had to be a science or strategy behind having a great relationship so I was hopeful that Leigha could shed some light. What do you think has helped you the most from when we started coaching together? Susan: Conversations and role play and email in between sessions to answer questions, really helped. Honestly, just knowing you were there has provided so much peace. Knowing I can email you and have you bounce back validation or suggestions allowed me to pursue situations with more confidence.​ What would you tell other women who feel frustrated about their love lives? Susan: Realize that there is a strategy to pursuing a relationship and bringing him closer “maintaining the gap”​ is the best analogy. How much do you think being in your feminine energy has to do with attracting the “right” kind of man for you? Susan: Everything! Men love confident women. They find it sexy and I believe women feel sexy when they are confident in their feminine energy. Guys find themselves attracted and coming closer. I am truly grateful for you!​
Amy (USA)
"My boyfriend proposed to me last Wednesday…” “Hi Leigha, oh my goodness!!! You must have been feeling my good vibes because I was just seriously planing on emailing you my good news this afternoon. My boyfriend proposed to me last Wednesday!!!! I’m over the moon I’m so happy. I wanted to tell you that your teachings had a serious impact in the way my relationship turned out. Every time I started feeling anxious or if I felt like things were stagnating I would reread your “Bring Him Back Blueprint” and sure enough, things would turn around. Thank you for your wonderful advice and teachings. All the best. P.S. Seriously, thank you again! I know that I will be using your advice even after I’m married to keep my relationship “balanced.
Lauren (USA)
“He’s beyond perfect for me…” From her: “He’s a psychologist, and his favorite thing about me is how emotionally intelligent I am as well as intelligent. He says to find someone emotionally intelligent is so rare. He LOVES how I share my feelings all the time. Thank you for coaching me through my marriage, through your encouragement to trust how I feel, and knowing what normal responses were from a man, I was able to get out and find the most amazing man who is beyond perfect for me. And I learned also from my hard relationships and dating what I really wanted. Nothing was a waste–I’m so happy!!! Keep doing what you are doing. At 36, I finally found my PERFECT MATCH.
Andrea (Australia)
Before working with Leigha, I was a fixer, and worked my way through life trying to control outcomes to lessen my anxiety. This felt awful but I didn’t know any other way. Leigha was a godsend – providing me a safe place to share my experiences and lovingly teaching me how to let go and allow myself to attract the love I want (and to feel worthy enough to receive it!). How amazing that by doing so much less, I get so much more! Leigha taught me to get out of my own way, to find and be my inner goddess that is inherently lovable without needing to ‘earn’ it. By building a loving relationship with myself, I attracted a loving relationship within 6 weeks of starting working with her and before that I had been single for three years. We’ve now been dating for 8 months. I feel prepared for anything that comes my way! Leigha has absolutely changed my life.
Mandy (France)
I talked to my ex-husband yesterday…it was so crazy, he was so nice to me!! So amazing! I feel like he is going to be excellent practice for me. He responded exactly like you said, it was pretty cool and very interesting. Thank you so much Leigha, this is so exciting to be perfecting things that I have already been doing, but to know I was doing some of the right things all along (with some mishaps) but I can now see more of how I can continue in that same direction without feeling perhaps, as let down or having too many unrealistic expectations.
Ally (Salt Lake City, UT)
After your class, I went home and instead of finding my husband and getting frustrated that the house was a mess, or asking him why he didn’t do what he said he was going to do, I did exactly what you said.” My husband came and found me, he asked me how my day was, I did and said what you told me, and he responded just like you said he would!!! He even told me that he was going to clean up his stuff, without me even asking him too!!! This is a miracle!! These last few days, he has been so affectionate and loving towards me, I can’t wait for the next class!!!
Jess (Salt Lake City, UT)
I am recently married and have been trying to work out the kinks that come in any new marriage. After a late night text, asking for help, I finally took Leigha’s advice. My marriage has had a complete turn. Its incredible!!!
Rori Raye
Rori Raye (Have The Relationship You Want)
Leigha, an RRRCT Master Coach Teacher, is amazing: charming, REAL, and she not only has the personal success story to prove she knows what she’s doing – she has the track record with clients to prove how brilliantly she USES what she knows to help YOU – quickly. I absolutely love – and encourage you to download right away – her free “3 Secrets To Get Your Man Back” report. It’s terrific, and filled with clever, catchy, quick, effective ways to keep yourself going toward love instead of accidentally away from it. And her “Bring In Mr. Right” ebook is a must-have, full of insights and Tools that will help you so much. Leigha’s coaching style is infused with her personal warmth and compassion, and I know you’ll feel an immediate change in your love life after your free session with her – be sure to take advantage of any time you can book with her!
Rebecca (Salt Lake City, UT)
I have been coaching with Leigha for just a short time. Her coaching has helped me to express myself clearly, eliminating any of the fuss that men usually expect to hear. The basis of her theories is not just to communicate with a man on an emotional level, but to always remember that my self-love, respect, and open energy will help me to create healthy boundaries and attract the man that can rise to my expectations and needs.
Courtney (Salt Lake City, UT)
My experience with Leigha, definitely life changing! She changed the way I looked at EVERYTHING with men and life in general. She made me see the difference in the power that you have in your self to change the outcome that you truly want. She made me realize its my life, and I’m going to be the one to determine who’s in it and why they are. Whenever I talk to her she always makes me feel so positive and makes me want to always have a positive out look on everything. I always think to myself, “What would Leigha say?” Haha, thanks so much Leigha!” xoxo.
Carla (Salt Lake City, UT)
I no longer feel the need to make things happen with men, this in itself has lifted a weight off my shoulders.
Laurie (Southern California)
Hi Leigha! Happy Valentine’s!!! Thank you for everything, for helping me be prepared and ready for love!! I wanted to share that I’m feeling abundance all around right now…met a sweet guy on Saturday out dancing, we’ve been talking, met for coffee yesterday and he asked me out for Valentine’s tonight! I haven’t been on a date on Val’s day in years! This guy is a great dancer, respectful (not all crazy with hands, etc) so I’m totally physically attracted to him, and now being able to hear him better outside of loud music, I find his energy is calming, I feel good in his presence…he tells me he gets shy/is nervous around me lol. I also had a nice date with a guy from LA last Sunday. AND I sent out our script of sorts via email to a couple online guys in LA and heard back from one that same night – he seems really interesting, cute and we’ve been having a good email/online chat time so far. And various other guys sending Val’s day texts, etc. all very nice!
Paige (Portland Oregon (This couple is now engaged to be married!) UPDATE: This couple officially married August 22nd, 2014)
Leigha is a miracle worker! I had been in a relationship with someone for a while when I approached Leigha for some advice and she was right on target. My relationship felt like it was not moving forward and I was confused about what to do, especially because I did not want to end things! Leigha gave me a lot of tips and exercises to help me work through things. The most important thing she gave me though was validation! Sometimes I feel like as women we have a tendency to tell ourselves that we are overthinking or being emotional, but Leigha told me my feelings were completely normal and justified. It was hard for me to take her advice and do what’s best for me when I was feeling like I was just over analyzing things. Since my coaching with Leigha my relationship has progressed by leaps and bounds and I am really happy with where we are.
Michelle (Southern California)
I have read many relationship e-books by various “relationship experts” and found only a few to be useful to varying degrees in terms of strategies for creating a solid relationship. My exclusive boyfriend of 8 years and I had broken up. We were (and are) still living together for important various reasons, one being dual care of our child. I promise, I would’ve thought the world would have stopped spinning with our breakup and certainly felt like it had. I was in a really bad place, feeling like one of my truths in life was demolished. I wanted to try anything and everything to get my relationship back on track. When I came across Leigha’s name, I was at wits end. I was tired of spending all my energy and my money on all the advice that had intermittent results. I was absolutely exhausted. I decided to try her personal coaching as my last resort. It has been one month since Leigha came into my life and with only 3 personal coaching sessions I’m feeling so much better and I’ve had many positive results with my ex. He’s been consistently moving towards me (he was barely talking to me before) – asking if he can do things for me, buying me things, planning an overnight trip together, touching me, giving me back rubs, and is more concerned with my overall happiness. We still have a way to go before I can say we’ve reconciled (marriage) but we’re getting there! I want to personally thank Leigha, not only for her coaching, but for her genuine care and concern for her clients. She truly wants the best outcome for you. Directly because of her personal touch I am on a positive tract. Thank you Leigha!!! Who said you have to work hard for love?” Much love.
Amelia (West Coast USA)
This stuff works!!! I wanted to communicate my feelings about finances to my husband and this was an issue I dreaded bringing up because it’s been a contentious topic between us, causing him to pull away and become distant. She helped me put a script together as I anxiously followed through, only to have him respond more favorably than any of my other attempts or what I would’ve said to him! Leigha’s been my guardian angel during the hardest time of my life, and she has been with me throughout my entire journey, genuinely caring and concerned for my well being, and holding me accountable! I’ve also noticed I’ve learned and changed so much in a short amount of time, and it’s becoming more natural for me to implement and “become” that person she’s been helping me become! Leigha’s with me every step of the way and I am so grateful to have her in my life! I would not be able to get through this without her!
Thank you so much, Leigha! Your tools and tips with regards to handling a relationship really work! I was able to use your tools a few months ago and it did change my man into someone who knows my worth and would do everything to keep me! Now, I am using it again to have my man sensing that all’s worth trying with me since things got crazy again because guess what? I TRIED LEANING FORWARD, INITIATING, TRYING TO FIX EVERYTHING! Loving tip: DON’T DO THE HANDLING, DON’T DO ANYTHING! JUST LEAN BACK AND FOCUS ON YOURSELF. It really works if you’re just a warm invitation and trust me, he’ll be back! I tried doing the leaning back last weekend, just focusing on myself and making myself happy. I got the chance to see my person with our common friends along and boy, he started doing things to get my attention and he doesn’t done that ever since we broke up a month ago! I even found out that he asked our friend about my whereabouts and he also told his friends about our monthsary and things about us! That’s just BARELY 24HRS of leaning back and focusing on yourself. Leigha, I couldn’t thank you enough. I know in a few we’ll be sweetly back together and even so, I’m now open for all the love and appreciation from other guys as well. It is really simple especially if you follow Leigha’s tools! Much love and light to you, Leigha.
Lindsey (Buffalo, New York)
Before I was married, I was (what I thought) a dating pro. I had read books, I knew about feminine and masculine energy, men liked me, I dated a lot, and I was the one who gave my friends advice about dating!! Well, marriage took my pride and threw it in the gutter! I married a very masculine energetic man. While dating, I thought: yes! exactly what I’ve been looking for! He had treated me like gold, he chased me, he made me feel cherished, loved and adored. But after saying “I do” I wondered for the first few months if I even knew who I’d married!? I kept reading books, and it wasn’t helping. Everything I read, I felt I was doing, and it was backfiring. I was frustrated, and I was heartbroken. I really didn’t think a coach would help. Surely, my husband just wasn’t the man I fell in love with. Every time I spoke with Leigha, she was loving, kind, and set me on the right path. I felt I was doing everything right, but she specifically looked at my individual situation, and told me what I needed to stop doing and exactly what to do (always said with love!). She helped me see things in a new light, and I saw direct results from her coaching, and still do. What’s best, is that I thought coaching was going to make this relationship even harder, because now I’d have rules to adhere to, and extra things to think about, but I was wrong! Coaching has taught me that less is more. I worry less. I have less anxiety. I take care of me more. I’m more open and more honest with who I am. It isn’t about my husband really–it’s about me. As Leigha always says, if I am authentically me, I’ll know if this is the man for me. And it seems as if this man is. I’m so grateful to a have someone rooting for me, and for my marriage. So grateful I choose to make this step with relationship coaching, and finding Leigha.
Kristen (UK)
I wish I had found Leigha’s book “Bring in Mr. Right” years ago. It would have saved me years of heartache and time wasted using relationship tools that just don’t work. Being in my “male energy” almost destroyed what had been an amazing relationship with an incredible man. After taking a break from our quickly deteriorating relationship I came back from a summer in Europe looking for expert advice in order to turn things around. I was skeptical but signed up for Leigha’s “Bring Any Man Close” program. Prior to her coaching, over functioning was my lifelong trademark. With Leigha’s help I’ve learned to be “softer” which was quite challenging for me and to let my man wear the pants for a change. No more taking the lead, planning trips for us (he just planned and booked our Christmas trip to Jamaica!), driving him everywhere (he’s now my chauffeur), nor being at his beck and call. Doing less for him actually made our relationship stronger. Leigha is an amazing coach. She quickly answered emails when I was unsure how to respond to my man and coaching sessions were the highlight of my week. I regained my confidence and now realize that my guy will only value me as much as I value myself. I couldn’t be happier at how quickly things turned around. Thanks Leigha!
Katie (USA)
I found Leigha when I was beginning to lose hope that my partner would return. I felt devasted to say the least when he ended it, however, I wasn’t surprised after finding Rori’s work and speaking with Leigha that he ended it. I had read almost every relationship book out there, and taken other courses to understand men and myself. Then I had a complimentary session with Leigha, and she helped me to feel better right away. What I love most about Leigha is her gentleness and her insight. The work that Leigha does helped me to focus on myself for the first time in over 35 years. It’s one thing to read a book or take a course with 100’s of women, it’s totally different experiencing personalized one-on-one coaching that is focused on me. She was there when I needed her, and she helped me to be comfortable with me, for that I feel extremely grateful. I felt excited when I had a big aha moment that it was never about getting my partner or anyone else to do anything, it was about getting right with me and being comfortable with my feelings. I am now very happily and confidently back with my ex, and we are happier than we ever have been. Without Leigha’s personalized coaching, I don’t believe any of this would’ve been possible. Thank you Leigha.
Victoria Rippel
Victoria Rippel
I approached Leigha about working together after 3 years of trying to figure out dating on my own and failing. I wanted to get information on dating that I may have been missing and find out what was causing me to not make connection to be able to move past the first date. There’s a saying that if you want to achieve something, you enlist the help of people that have already done it successfully, so I went into coaching committed to the process! I was in a place of wanting to find love, but also knowing that I needed to grow this part of my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Leigha. Through working with her, I became very comfortable with not only understanding men and dating but also connecting into myself and finding out what was holding me back. Over time, working with her I can say that I became pretty confident about giving it another go! That lead me to moving past the first dates (where I was stuck when I started to work with her last November (2016), to now (September 2017) very excited to say I am engaged and moving forward into the next stage of my life!
Catherine (Utah)
When I first found Leigha, my marriage was a mess and getting worse each day. My husband had become extremely distant and disconnected from me, and no matter how hard I tried to change the direction of things, it continued to get worse and harder each day. I was becoming increasingly depressed, angry, and hopeless. This was my last chance. I had already worked with a different type of coach, a marriage therapist, and was skeptical that yet another person would be able to really help me at this point in my relationship.In my first session, I remember I was instantly calmer. She gave me a plan and insight into some of my bad patterns and behaviors that were repelling my husband away each day. I remember from that day forward, each week when we talked, I was learning so many new skills, increasing my awareness, and changing old patterns that have been workimhg against me for years! I applied everything and she held me accountable.Within the first two weeks of working together, there was a SHIFT in my marriage. Our interactions were with more ease, he could hear me in a way that he hadn’t been able to for a year! I continued to apply the expertise she offered and suddenly things were back on track! It keeps getting better and better.My husband started initiating, showing me love and kindness, and CARING about the things that are important to me. I would never have believed that these changes could of happened, yet alone as quickly as they did. Leigha is so patient, non-judgemental, empathetic, and encouraging. By far the best person I have ever worked with, and I have tried it all! I am so grateful to her and what she has allowed me to learn to do for myself, and how those skills in turn, benefit every other area of my life.
Amy (USA)
It has taken me a while to share my experience with Leigha because I wanted to process all that I gained from working with her. I am watching my life and my relationship with my husband and seeing how my new insights and tools have changed me and have changed my relationship. My experience with Leigha began when we bumped into each other at a relative’s home. She began telling me about her coaching business. I had one of those “natural knowing” moments that I have only had a handful of times in my life. I knew that Leigha was going to help me and that I needed to work with her. I was smack in the middle of a marriage crisis and I was falling apart. My phone sessions began right away. I chose not to tell my husband that I was working with Leigha. Those first few sessions taught me so much about wholeness and believing that the first love in my life was ME. It was the language and visualization she taught me that was so powerful and enlightening. It was a new way of speaking and thinking. She led me to new ways to look at my situation and my husband. Her perspective was different than I had ever heard. I got it! Right away, I felt stronger in my core. I had to laugh because my first session with Leigha worked like magic. Later, I walked into my kitchen where my husband was standing. I was feeling full of strength. I felt what it feels like to take an internal step back, to emotionally lean away just a bit with that love I felt for myself and the pure knowledge of who I am. I only said hello and, sure enough, he walked toward me and put his arms around me. Who knew! My whole perspective of my relationship has completely changed thanks to Leigha. She gave me insight that I would never have thought of on my own. Rather than feeling shame, unwanted, pathetic and broken, I feel empowered, solid, clear, and free. And I am still in my marriage! My husband and I are healing and thriving. He tells me how much he loves me every day and frequently thanks me for not giving up on him and for forgiving him. I have internalized that I am not weak and broken as I felt I was. Rather, I am the strongest person I know! Leigha uncovered for me that I am a beacon of light and that I am empowered by loving. Leigha is gifted! She is sharing this gift and I am forever grateful
Hi Leigha, I feel so honored to be connected to you. I wanted to tell you, in 2013 I was going through an INTENSE period of pain, a man broke my heart, and I was just looking for a way to either get him back, or heal, and your book was one of the first things that I read and it started my journey of healing and changing my old patterns. My life changed dramatically from being a doormat, to a love magnet, and today I’m engaged to a man that adores me… I got so good at this work, that I started RRRCT this year because I wanted to change the life of women the way your work gave me the start to change mine. So for that, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART… I hope I get the opportunity to one day meet you and maybe even work with you. You’re an amazing coach and a huge inspiration for me.
Nancy Hayssen
(Author of Sexy at Any Size! as seen on CBS Entertainment Tonight, Fox News and media worldwide)
Nancy Hayssen
Leigha has been a blessing in my life. I feel liberated inside myself from her helping me understand and express my emotions. She is unique as a coach in that she doesn’t tell you what you “should” be doing or that what you are doing is “wrong”. She is full of compassion, understanding, loyalty, and is very reliable and responsive. Rather than having a “one size fits all” approach, she instead allows you to come to her, express yourself, and easily adjusts to what is going on unique to your own life’s journey helping you make it work right for you. ?.
Cindy (USA)
I’m starting to understand what letting myself “be a girl” and “be feminine” is all about and the result is my man is stepping up and being with me in a more passionate tender way and we are getting closer than ever! Leigha’s charming, fun to work with and spot on as a coach. You will find, as I have, that she will keep you on track moving towards your ultimate goals and all the while keeping your best interests at heart.
Cody (UK)
Hi Leigha, We recently broke up, however I am in a much better space and not focusing on the negatives, going through your program really helped me understand some of the things that I have currently been experiencing. I will keep up with the strategies, and hopefully attract the love of a lifetime. Thanks again.
Serena (Salt Lake City, UT)
The people closest to me in my life are asking me what I’m doing. My ex-husband has had a total turn around. I went to Leigha’s class, wanting to learn new tools before I started dating again. I didn’t have anyone to “practice” with yet, so I practiced with my ex-husband and he really did respond just like she said. He is actually stepping up and asking how he can help me??!! This is amazing. I am excited to practice with new men.
Dannika (USA)
So Leigha, I must tell you.. You are very good at what you do. You were right, exactly 8 weeks of being broken up with very very minimal to no contact, and that's not counting the 5 weeks of a break we took with no contact. He is now surprised that I have moved on and he's trying to slowly wedge his way back in my life. To his loss though I've moved on. I did what you said, wrote down all the things I wanted in a man, started dating and let the guys pursue me, had a few duds but I think I may have found the right one AND he has every single quality I listed. Anyway just had to tell you, you were right, you were right!! I'll always be a cheerleader of yours!
Ally (Utah)
My husband came and found me, he asked me how my day was, I did and said what you told me, and he responded just like you said he would!!! He even told me he was going to clean up his stuff, without me even asking him to!!! This is a miracle!! These last few days, he's been so affectionate and loving towards me, I can’t wait for the next class!!!
Scarlett (USA)
I know I wouldn’t be in a happy relationship with a healthy man who’s giving me everything I want if it weren’t for Leigha’s coaching. She truly cares about her clients and delivers expert advice with patience and thoughtfulness. If I ever was having a crisis with a man, Leigha was happy to arrange an emergency phone session, where she reassured me using counseling tools and advice on how to move forward. I never understood my patterns of attraction until getting one-on-one personal coaching with Leigha.Now my man says he wants to take care of me and love me forever because he “likes my style of communication,” and because I always make him feel “close and connected, no matter what’s going on,” and because I make him “feel the way a man should feel.
Jade (USA)
My experience with Leigha and her coaching has transformed my life! After heartache, loneliness and the void in obtaining the love I wanted to give/receive, I now have a beautiful committed relationship where I feel loved, appreciated and beautiful every single day. The tools Leigha provided, helped me to redirect my energy in such a powerful way that it's not just my relationship seeing results. I am effortlessly drawing to me everything I have ever wanted. I have discovered how much I love being a woman and how owning that radiant feminine energy has to offer. People around me have been able to witness my transformation and wonder what I have done to change my life and love experiences. Leigha is a clear, open and loving hearted woman who is doing exactly what she is best at....reminding us of who we really are, providing the heart centered return home within ourselves. If your ready, her tools and coaching will most definitely facilitate major shifts in your love life!
Emily (Australia)
Leigha – if we were living in the same city, I would come over and give you the biggest hug! Thank you for holding me accountable when I needed it most and for being compassionate and kind when I needed that too. He’s fallen in love with me all over again and he’s been texting and calling me and making all the effort without me even doing anything. I have to learn to love the little voice inside of me so she stops playing up and sabotaging my relationships.
Sarah (Southern California)
I now have a much better relationship with my husband (and believe me, all family members are benefiting!), I’m developing new passions outside my relationship and I’ve even embarked on a new career path! All within a few months. It almost feels crazy (in a great way), I would’ve never believed this was possible in such a short amount of time!
Sunny (Australia)
I truly wish I had met Leigha a long time ago. I felt instantly at home with her and able to unfold my deepest concerns. She is caring, intuitive and non-judgemental. Coaching with Leigha brought a sense of peace for me amidst a troubled time in a long term relationship. She helped me to feel empowered, self loving and authentic. She showed me effective loving strategies on communicating with my partner and helped me resolve what my heart truly wanted and what I deserve. Thank you so much Leigha.
Daisy Ann
Daisy Ann (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Hi Leigha, We have a lot to talk about in our next session. You really are good at this! Everything you say to me is so dead on. You seem to know exactly what I need – and what my next step is – before I do!! Lastly I have been noticing my masculine side kicking in a lot and I’ve had two men tell me that it’s the “sweet side” (in other words the feminine) that they like so much. I can’t wait for our next session!
Leslie (San Diego, CA)
Leigha has the gift of getting to the essence of an issue and explaining, clearly and simply, how to resolve it. When dealing with emotional matters, my head can get clouded. Her insight and confidence feel reassuring. I trust her ability to steer her clients towards their hearts desires.