Removing Time So You Can Manifest The Right Man Quicker

Leigha Lake

Manifesting/attracting the love of your life is the same process as attracting anything, which is why my clients often end up receiving (10K and beyond 100K+) and incredible opportunities during our time together. 

The biggest hurdle (or block) is trying to think your way to your desires and needing to see a path forward.

To receive your desires in the easiest way, you want to master the art of being without thinking; it’s a feeling of being in the unknown. So many people resist this until they know it’s “the way,” and it makes navigating life so much easier!! You begin to realize there is no other way you’d rather live!

You want to receive the answers (next steps) in a neutral state of awareness, and you can only do this if you’re not thinking or looking for your next steps. 

The best path will come to you through the unknown. Can you feel the unknown right now? It’s an inner awareness that holds all the secrets to your best life. 

Do not look for signs. Do not look for synchronicities or try to figure out what the Universe is saying to you. Do not hyper-focus on rituals to get to an elevated state. 

Simply BE. Be present, be aware, and feel the spaciousness inside of you and around you. 

Release the need for anything to happen. You must learn to remove “time” from your manifestations.

This is the state of allowing. 

The best thing about attracting what you desire is that the “right” path is always in alignment with creating your best life on a day-to-day basis. You DO NOT need willpower.

The art of manifesting is a process that works with your natural desires and brings you into wholeness and integration, so there’s no way it can’t work for you.

If you’re using willpower to try and manage your emotions and get to an elevated state, or doing rituals to make something happen, looking for signs and synchronicities, or trying to figure out what the Universe is telling you, then you’re working too hard. 

What you want to do is begin going throughout your day in a state of “non-thinking” with an inner awareness of being and spaciousness. This is how you open yourself to being the “receiver” of your desires. You become an open channel. 

This way of living your life calms your nervous system, making you a magnet for your desires (while also giving yourself a reprieve from the harshness of the world as it’s the safest, most secure place to be without “escaping” reality), and you stop doing things that accidentally sabotage your manifesting abilities. 

When you’re in receiving mode, you know that the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that cause you to feel worry, stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, and maybe even resentment about why you haven’t attracted the right man yet and if it might not happen for you, are calling you back to yourself. They do not mean what you’re making them mean.

You want to acknowledge these thoughts and feelings so you can integrate them and dissolve them with love and compassion.

If you can fully understand this process and begin taking your power back from the thoughts and feelings that cause you to doubt and learn to bring yourself back to your inner awareness (and back into the unknown), you will manifest a life beyond your dreams. 

Combine living your day-to-day life as an open channel for your desires along with understanding healthy relationship dynamics (and showing up in your life as a healthy relationship partner), and you shorten the manifesting timeline as much as possible. 

This is exactly what we’re doing in Legendary Love University, my 6-month program for high-achieving women who’re ready to attract the right man for them without hyper-focusing on dating. 

This program will give you everything you need to attract the right man while developing your manifesting abilities in every area of your life. It’s a no-brainer! 

We’ll have two group calls a week (so you can make at least one no matter where you are in the world), a group chat in Slack to get my advice and thoughts in real time, and a library full of modules to support you in absorbing the information I’m going to be teaching you. 

It’s for women in any stage of a relationship – married, single, and anywhere in between.

If you’re interested in learning more about Legendary Love University (a relationship school for women), schedule a strategy call here. I’m looking forward to talking with you! 

Love, Leigha 


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