Understand The Wounded Masculine And Feminine Energies Versus Empowered

Leigha Lake

>>> What if you could recognize and pinpoint the voices of the wounded masculine and feminine energies? Do you think that would be helpful in dating? In your relationship? With your clients? In your business? <<<

I’m just returning to reality after spending 4 days immersed in the energy of transformation and the magic of Goddess Flow (a 9-month mastermind).

The goddesses kept saying, “Leigha, when will you write a book about the wounded vs. empowered masculine and feminine energies? We want to be able to refer back to it and have our own clients read it too!”

It’s next on my list!

It’s also what the women in my programs, Intuition and The Feminine Art of Dating, will learn and understand on a deep level so they can create, attract and manifest their desires in the easiest way possible.

When you learn and understand what the wounded masculine and feminine energies say and do, you can pinpoint what energy needs to be more empowered so you re-balance the energy exchange, which equals more success and better results. This will catapult your success (love, money, clients, happiness, fulfillment, joy… etc.) in every area of your life.

If you’re a coach, it will help your clients receive better results.

If a woman is mostly in her wounded feminine, she can heal that energy within herself if her masculine energy steps up and re-balances the energy exchange.

Tool: Think of a row boat – to keep it “balanced,” the couple must sit on their own sides. If the boat is off balance, there’s a lot of commotion, uncertainty, and unnecessary struggle. One energy is “overtaking/dominating” the other energy.

If a woman doesn’t heal the wounded feminine within herself, then she’ll continue to attract:

  • Men who are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, have commitment issues
  • Clients who are looking to be saved from their lives
  • Money will feel difficult to attract, and end up leaving

Here is a very common example of wounded feminine energy:

1. Knowing you have a toxic person (a man, a client, a business associate) in your life but not feeling strong enough to draw the line on what you will tolerate and what you won’t tolerate (the fear of backlash is REAL!)

What energy needs to be empowered? Both! Her feminine and masculine energy.

The feminine must tune back in with her desire and her belief that she can have what she wants, and her masculine energy needs to step forward and say, “I will not tolerate XYZ”, and then take the action to follow through.

This is what you’d want if you were walking down the road with your man and another man jumped out and started talking rudely to you. You’d expect that your man would stop it immediately and do whatever it took to protect you.

It’s the SAME thing.

When a woman lives more in her wounded feminine, she needs her own masculine energy to step up to the plate for her to be an energetic match to the things she truly desires.

She will then attract (and, more importantly, recognize) the empowered masculine energy outside of her in the form of love, money, clients, experiences, and opportunities.

The voices of the wounded feminine:

“I don’t want to rock the boat.”

“Why can she have it, but I can’t.”

“Why does this keep happening to me?”

“How come I can’t attract the right men?”

“I’m afraid I’ll never have what I want.”

“What if I end up in a relationship where the man has control?”

“This isn’t fair.”

“I’m doing all the things, and nothing’s happening.”

You’ll feel the wounded feminine in:




Damsel in distress

Waiting for someone to come and save her

Feeling like a child/powerless

Drama (every couple of weeks, something will come up)

Silent treatment



Here’s the SOLUTION to healing wounded feminine energy:

  1. The feminine needs to self-validate and anchor back into belief and trust, and then she empowers the masculine energy inside of her to implement the boundaries, standards, and requirements she needs in her life. The job of the masculine is to support the feminine with confidence and conviction as well. 

Start here:

Be willing to say “no” to what doesn’t feel good and what you don’t want, and trusting (not pretending and not hoping!!) on a deep energetic level that when you say “no” to what you don’t want, you’re confident that what you DO want will come through.

THIS ^^^^^^ is at the CORE of why women have what they want, and it seems to come easily to them, OR why women don’t have what they want and feel frustrated and stuck.

When a woman’s masculine energy is empowered, her own feminine energy can trust, surrender, relax, allow, and RECEIVE at the level that she desires.

I would love to help you learn, understand and integrate the masculine and feminine energies into your life and business so you can receive the love and success you desire.

Leigha xxx

P.S. Be sure to check out Intuition and The Feminine Art Of Dating. If you’re looking for personal support, you can book a session with me here.


  1. Sam

    Awesome! I have experienced this working in my own life.

    • llake

      Sam, love it!! <3

      • Esther

        I would love to learn more about feminine energy and how I can learn to operate and heal the wounded child inside of me ,so she can learn to trustore,be in the flow knowing everything is working out perfectly?


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