Navigating Fear So It Doesn’t Stop You From Attracting The Love And Life You Want

Leigha Lake

Recently I had a woman ask me if I could help her grow her relationship coaching business to replace her current 6 figure income.

She said she’s afraid of leaving her full time corporate career and wants to know how to not be afraid.


Here’s the truth – the fear of leaving what feels comfortable to move towards the unknown and what your heart desires never goes away.

You can learn to navigate your deepest fears in a way where it doesn’t keep you “paralyzed” and from moving towards your dreams.

If you don’t learn how to navigate your deepest fears you’ll continue to experience a mediocre life. It will feel as if something’s missing and you’ll always be searching for fulfillment (as well as validation and reassurance) outside of yourself.

As you probably know by now, we’re moving back to Oahu. The other night as I was laying in bed, I started to feel anxious and fearful. The thoughts that started going through my mind were:


  • “What if this doesn’t turn out the way you think it will?”
  • “What if my business just stops all of a sudden?” (I’ve had this specific fear for the last 5 years even though my yearly income continues to double every single year.)
  • “What if we start struggling financially like we were last time we lived there?”

These are all quite “logical” concerns, right?

Here’s how I navigate the voice of fear in my life so that I’m living the life I really came here to live.


Step 1.  If I feel anxious and fearful – that is NOT my intuition. (Got it!)

Step 2.  Is this a very logical voice that’s trying to talk me out of what I really want? (YES!)

Step 3.  What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? (Move to Oahu, duh!)

Step 4.  Take your answer from question #3 and really sit with it. If you have a heart’s desire it’s for a REASON.

Step 5.  Develop a relationship of deep trust with the Universe (your lover) – so that you KNOW if you have a deep desire (a soul desire) the Universe has a way of making it happen for you. (Masculine energy) Read my tool below.
*** I’ll specifically be going into HOW to develop a deep trust in the Universe, men and money (READ: Masculine Energy) in the Men, Money And Intuition Group Coaching Program. You can check it out here.***

Step 6. Learn the art of allowing and receiving your desires.


….back to laying in bed feeling anxious as all my fearful thoughts were racing through my mind…


The next thing that happened after I became aware of the fear was I heard a voice tell me, “Your business is on the internet. All you have to do is write one post and you make money. You don’t need to be concerned about this.”


THIS is the voice of the empowered masculine. I could feel the TRUTH of what I was hearing.

Instead of arguing with that voice, or ignoring it or staying in fear – I’ve learned to lean back into THAT masculine voice. I imagine the strong, safe arms of my lover (the Universe) holding me, which allows me to RELAX into my desires. (The art of allowing and receiving.)


(Make no mistake this strengthens the bond of intimacy and connection between my husband and I because I’m NOT looking to him for validation and reassurance. Your partner will mirror your own masculine energy. If you’re taking care of you, he’ll feel compelled to tend to your needs as well. 😉


See, it’s not about NOT feeling afraid – it’s about riding the wave of fear until you come into calmer waters.


When you have a TRUE desire – have no doubt that the voice of your saboteur (wounded masculine) will be VERY logical and you’ll hear it saying – “I don’t know if I should do this.” “I need time to think.” “This seems irresponsible.” ” This doesn’t make sense.” “I can’t see how this will work.” “I’ll do it when I feel more ready.”


We all have the capacity to live the life of our dreams. The amount of joy, fulfillment and success you feel will depend on how willing you are to ride the wave of fear into calmer waters.
Or —- will you let the wave of fear bring you under (READ: stay in your safe but unfulfilling career, relationship, or continue behavioral patterns that are working against you). It is a choice.


If I can ride the wave of fear towards my desires, without letting it overtake me – so can you. I’m no different than you are.


One of my favorite mantras right now that’s allowing me to stay in a trusting, allowing and receiving vibe is, “I wonder how he’s going to surprise me?” You can check out the post here.
You can replace “he” with any masculine energy – men, money, the Universe (doing energy)…

Love, Leigha

If you want to become a Manifesting Queen, and create a life of deep love, connection, ease and flow then be sure to check out Men, Money And Intuition.




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