Goddess Flow (Men, Money And Intuition) – A 9 Month Mastermind


 Attract What You Want TO You –
In The Most Effortless Way Possible

What if… you really believed that the love, the relationship, the money, the clients, the business were on their way to you? How would things be different for you? Would you feel happier, more excited, more relaxed?  Would you have a better quality of life  not having to constantly feel worried, anxious and fearful thinking about how to go out and “get” these things? 


What would it feel like if you could consistently experience synchronicity, flow, harmony, and peace in your life instead of working harder than you need to and struggling to create what you really want, or worrying that what you want may never happen? 


How would your life be different if you KNEW you were a MAGNET for love, money and the experiences and freedom you desire? 

Maybe you’re already creating great money, attracting clients and now you want to focus on manifesting the man of your dreams…


Maybe you already have the man and relationship you want and you’re ready to bring in more money and clients doing what you love…


Maybe you want more connection and intimacy in your relationship and you want to master the art of relationships when it comes to the masculine and feminine dynamic… 


Maybe you want to learn how to communicate in a way that brings your partner closer… 


Maybe you’re used to having “just enough” to get by and you want to move through that paradigm to a reality where you have more than enough…


Or maybe…. you simply want to experience a deeper sense of love, joy, connection, peace and fulfillment in your life… 


This has been my journey over the last 5-6 years. I’ve always known deep inside that we have the ability to create the life we want, yet I’ve wavered in my belief and confidence that I could really TRUST in the unseen world of Universal Laws.


In the last 6 years, I left my “safe” job as a firefighter, I met and married the love of my life and we have two beautiful girls. I’ve created a 6 figure relationship coaching business that allows me plenty of time and freedom to spend with my family and do the things I want to do. I only work 20-30 hours per week. I refuse to create a “freedom based” business that feels like a job.


We moved to Hawaii, then to Utah and now we’re moving back to Hawaii with our finances being so much better than they were when we lived there before. (Which is what I’d always wanted deep in my heart.) 


The amount of ease, flow and synchronicities [READ: RESULTS] that show up in my life are directly related to my ability to lean back and trust (and understanding masculine and feminine energies as they apply to manifesting).

Hi Leigha, Lots has changed in my life the last 2 months… Great change! I realized I needed to get out of my complacency and comfort zone— I didn’t actually, physically DO anything I must add— I’ll never forget leaving my then job for lunch, eating in my car while reading Attract men and money in the quickest way possible– ala YOU! I was bored, I underpaid, unmotivated, I was aimless… I realized that day. Hand to God THE NEXT DAY I get a call from someone in my industry telling me the owner asked her to reach out to me… cut to, I started a great, challenging, creative based career in January, a 40% salary increase to start… I feel such fulfillment and drive, like I never have…


Hi Leigha!!!

I just got the urge to send you an email to thank you. The Love Goddess program that ended in November was wonderful and I think my relationship went through a few crucial turning points while I was in the program, and I believe that your guidance and support helped in getting me to the point I’m at (engaged ahhhhhh!!!)

I’m not sure, but had I not been in the program I may have handled things differently and things might not have turned out as great as they did. So I just wanted to say thank you for your love and support and honesty.


This is Feminine Energy Flow – [no pushing, forcing, convincing, explaining, needing something to happen, worrying it won’t happen] – simply creating your life (with real results!!) from a place of excitement, fulfillment and pleasure – and allowing what you want to come to you.

 Here are the details of the program. It will be a mix of masterminding, group coaching and private coaching.

(Everything that I’ve found to be the most empowering in creating the results I want.)

The focus will be on:


Attracting/Creating a life of deep love, connection, abundance, ease and flow in all areas.


◈  Attracting a healthy masculine man (if you’re single)


 Having (reconnecting) a deeply intimate, loving relationship


 Attracting more money with ease and flow


◈  Attracting more clients with ease and flow


◈  Learn (master) the art of working with your own energy and power of magnetism to draw things to you in the fastest, easiest way possible


◈  Draw things to you that will fulfill and satisfy you


◈  Learn how to work through any blocks you may have about allowing money and love into your life


◈  Create abundance through doing things you love


◈  Practice and become masterful at creating what you want using energy, thought and feelings rather than physical effort (which usually creates results that are better than what you could create through action alone).

Everything is a blend of masculine and feminine and when we understand the differences of both, and our relationships to them, everything changes.

Not trusting the masculine/feminine is at the CORE of why we don’t have what we want and why we struggle


The program: Open to 6 women


Men, Money And Intuition – 9 Month Mastermind


9 Months – This program has already started. Stay tuned for the new dates for the next Mastermind.


Secret Facebook Group


Unlimited Voxer support to empower you to your highest level of mastery


3 (60 – 120 minute) group coaching calls per month via Zoom (video app) @ 11am PST/2pm EST on Wednesdays

There will be no call the last Wednesday of the month. I will also be taking the last week of the month off. The calls will include a mix of content and coaching questions most content will be within the coaching questions.


4 private one-on-one 45 minute sessions with me to be used during the program


**Optional** 1 retreat on Oahu, September 12th – September 16th 

Retreats are completely transformational!!! I love them so much. The cost of lodging and food is included in the investment. You’ll need to pay for your airfare, travel, extras.

   This is the villa we’ll be staying at.


The Investment:

$10,000 Pay In Full

Payment Plan: $3000 Down And $888/month for 9 months

I’m enrolling now. Email me at [email protected] if you’re ready to join! Spots are already being filled.


Bonus: 45 Minute Private Coaching Session

If you make the decision to join before March 1st, you’ll receive an additional 45 minute private coaching session, where we’ll go into exactly what you need to focus on first, to get the most out of the program. We’ll get you set up on a plan so you can feel confident, clear and focused and start seeing results right away.

This Program is currently full!

I will be opening the next Men, Money and Intuition Mastermind in April, 2019.