Lean Back And Become Magnetic And Irresistible To Men And Money

Leigha Lake

When the empowered feminine leans back, fully supported by her own masculine energy, she magnetically brings the whole Universe towards her.

>>>> Calling all manifesting generators and generators! Those who are energetically built to respond to bring into reality their best life!! (If you don’t know your Human Design, click on this link and fill out the free chart to find out. I have no affiliation.)

The women who typically THRIVE the most once they understand the masculine and feminine energies are either manifesting generators or generators. It’s innate, an inner knowing that’s uncovered.

Your work is to balance and integrate your own masculine and feminine energies so your feminine essence can draw to you everything your heart desires.

When you understand the energy dynamics between you, men, money, and the Universe so deeply, your outer world will naturally start to reflect that back to you.

The more you experience the effortless flow of energy between you and the masculine energy out in the world, the deeper your transformation, the more of an alchemist you become.

You begin to live in a completely new paradigm. A parallel Universe. You actually start experiencing the life you knew existed but didn’t know how to get there.

>>> The “action” required is healing and transforming your masculine and feminine energies so what you’re attracting is at the highest level you truly desire.

You must also learn how to respond to what’s coming towards you. Know what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to based on what your body says, not what’s logical or makes sense.

Trusting your intuition 100% of the time allows you to collapse time and space and create quick results (if that’s what you desire).

This is what I teach in-depth in my Intuition program. You can check it out here.

If your desire is to specifically Attract Love, then definitely check out The Feminine Art Of Dating program!

Love, Leigha


  1. Abby

    What about projectors, Leigha….can we still do this work?

    Thanks 🙂

    • llake

      Hi Abby, yes, absolutely! It will empower everyone to do this work because it’s all about awareness and energy. In my experience, it’s just not as intuitive to projectors and it can be frustrating for them. That doesn’t mean that’s how it is for all projectors though! Hope that helps!! <3 Leigha


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