If You’ve Been Doing Everything Right And He’s Still Not Here

Leigha Lake

If You’ve Been Doing Everything Right And Still Not Getting The Love You Want…

And you’re actually feeling exhausted and frustrated because you’re not sure he’s ever going to walk into your life or he’s there and he doesn’t realize you’re The One – I can totally relate.

Having dated 50 men in one year (I know – I was working really hard) and after awhile I began to believe I wouldn’t find True Love – it just wasn’t in the cards for me.

If you’ve been working really hard, doing everything right, practicing all the new amazing Tools – putting yourself out there to meet men (Circular Dating), or trying hard to get your man closer by not doing anything, using feeling messages, leaning back, being in your feminine energy – not chasing at all…

It’s time to stop doing everything you’ve been doing that feels like hard work.

After doing everything “right” – there came a point where I basically gave up.  I had decided I would be “OK” if I was single for the rest of my life – well, at least for awhile.

I started paying attention to how I was doing things and focusing on what felt good to me, and I decided I would start doing things the easy way.

When I focused on feeling good, doing things the “easy way” and practicing the Tools I had learned – everything changed!

This looks like asking myself, “What would feel better – accepting this last minute date or not?  What’s the easy way?

Sometimes it would be – GO.  Sometimes it would be – Don’t G0.

Do I pick a restaurant to meet at because I know what I like and this new guy asked me to – or do I express I like options and have him think of where we could meet?  What feels easier?

Or now – Do I pick up after my husband or do I leave his stuff where it’s at?  Sometimes I leave it, sometimes I put it away – whatever feels easiest to me at the time.

I never receive the same answer for similar situations.

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Put your hand on your heart, take in a deep breath, exhale and say,”I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.”

What does that feel like?  Do you feel relief?

When you start to feel relief – you’re on the right track.

Now ask yourself this question throughout the day – How can I do this the easy way?  What feels better?  What feels easiest?

Notice if you have a judgment about “taking the easy way”.  Do you believe you need to work hard to create the life and love you want?

You might be saying, “But Leigha, how am I going to get what I want if I take the easy way?”  “If I’ve been working really hard – surely the easy way won’t work either…”

I invite you to experiment with “taking the easy way” – See what happens.  How do you feel?  What do you notice?  What are your results after a day? After a month?

This worked really well for me – I felt less pressure to make something happen, it felt fun for me.

I would absolutely love to hear how this goes for you!

To Your Success In Life And Love,



  1. Arianna Bermudez

    I love this! I sometimes feel like I have to say “yes” to every man who shows up, even when it does not feel right to me! I am trying to change that, and it’s so hard sometimes still. Thank You!

    • llake

      Hi Arianna!! You’re doing great – keep noticing how you’re doing things and if there’s an easier way. This is another form of self love which equates to attracting higher quality men. It’s a

  2. T.Bradley

    I have an appointment with you tomorrow!! Im anxious to hear what you gotta say!!!! Is it ok to email you now or should I just wait

    • llake

      Hi T,

      I emailed you back – let me know how you want to move forward with this!
      Love ~ Leigha


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