How To Know If You’ve Met “The One”

Leigha Lake

Are you wondering if the man you’re with is Mr. Right?

Is he super sweet some of the time but falls short when it comes to making you feel loved, safe, secure and in a real relationship?

If so, I totally know how you feel…

This was something I struggled with many times.  Either the guy was more into me than I was into him, and I would wonder if I was giving up something good.

Or, I would be further along on my Love Map than a guy (READ: TOO INVESTED) and I felt positive he was the one for me, even if I didn’t feel good in the relationship.

There’s a quick and easy way to know for sure if you’re with Mr. Right.

Write down 10 feelings you want to feel in your perfect relationship.

I did this before I met my husband.

I quickly wrote these down April 21st, 2010.  I wanted to feel loved, cherished, adored, sexy, curious, happy, safe, secure, protected, wanted, beautiful, vibrant, alive, and relaxed.

This is your LOVE COMPASS.  This is how you know you’re with the right man, and in your perfect relationship.

The only thing that matters at all is how YOU feel with a man.

When he’s in front of you and when he’s NOT in front of you.

Many times we feel good when our man is in front of us, but when he’s not we start feeling anxious and needy.   We start analyzing the relationship, what he said or didn’t say, what he did or didn’t do.  We also think how we feel about a man is what makes him Mr. Right — but that’s not it at all.  It how we feel about ourselves in his presence.

Can you feel a shift when you start focusing on how you feel, first, rather than on how you feel about a man?

This creates natural attraction for a man.  He doesn’t want your attention on him.  He’s naturally and easily  turned on and attracted by you when you care about how you feel.

I would love to hear how YOU know you’re with Mr. Right!


  1. Charlene

    This is very good Leigha. Wish I had this before the fact 🙂

    • llake

      Thank You Charlene! ?


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