How To Attract The Love You Want And Receive Easily And Effortlessly

Leigha Lake

Ahhhh!!! It’s here!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce the creation of Feminine Energy Secrets!


Everything I’ve been feeling, thinking and experiencing in my life for the last 10 years – and have been building up to has led to the creation of this program.


10 years ago… almost exactly…I was camping out in the HOT and MISERABLE Arizona desert for WEEKS!!


The problem was, I wasn’t living the life I wanted to be living! (Can you relate?)


I knew what I didn’t want.


I didn’t want to wake up dirty and sweaty.


I didn’t want to wake up when someone else told me I had to be up.


I didn’t want to do things someone else’s way (example: hike as fast as I could so some ego could feel like we were the fastest crew…uggghhh!! How old are we again?!?!)


What I wanted:


To wake up when I WANTED to…


To drink my coffee with as much time as I desired…


To shower and feel feminine every day…


To feel safe…energized and vibrant…


To create…I didn’t know what exactly at the time…but I felt a deep desire to create…to work with women…to master working with the Universal Laws.


Well it’s all happened!


What I’m going to be teaching in Feminine Energy Secrets is what’s allowed me to:


  • Meet and marry my soulmate
  • Have two beautiful little girls
  • Move to my dream location and live in the luxury condominium that I SPECIFICALLY requested.
  • Built a 6-figure coaching business empowering women to have the love they desire and now I’m teaching them how to transform their relationship with money as well.

One of the specific practices that has allowed all of this to FLOW (since I never recommend trying to make something happen!) is:


Just for today – you don’t have to worry.


Repeat after me:


I don’t have to worry about it today.


Whatever “it” is.


Things many women tend to worry about:


  • How much money is or isn’t in your bank account
  • If you’re ever going to attract a great guy
  • If you’re relationship/marriage will work out
  • If you’re going to attract new clients
  • Why you can’t lose the weight
  • Is so and so mad at you
  • Worrying what someone else is thinking or if you’ve offended them


So much energy can easily be “spent” on unnecessary, CONSISTENT worry and fear and that takes away from your energy to create, attract and manifest your desires.


(It creates a dark cloud over your “lighthouse” and this means the right people (men and clients) can’t SEE you.)


So just for today – whatever you’re worried about – give yourself permission to not worry about it. You can worry about it tomorrow and the next day but just for today…let yourself feel as good as you can (READ: this allows your light to shine brighter = more love, money, clients, and opportunities).


You can have what you want.


I know you can.


If you want to take it a step further…


Choosing not to worry allows you to stay open and receptive.


Worry = not receptive


Calm and peaceful = receptive


The Universe wants to surprise you.


Go throughout the rest of your day being open and watch what the Universe surprises you with!


Be on the lookout for UNEXPECTED little or big surprises.


You’ll immediately know it was a gift from the Universe (your lover).


(I recently took a trip to Idaho for a family vacation and on the airplane I wanted some Pringles but I didn’t want to pay $10 for a little container. On the way back home, the flight attendant just handed them to me and smiled.)


Thank you, Universe! I love you.


These types of “miracles” happen daily.


I so want this for you too.


I love you.



Leigha Lake Feminine Energy Secrets


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