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 Welcome to the Feminine Energy Secrets Formula for attracting love, money, clients, customers and anything else your heart desires! Finally tap into your innate ability to create the life you’ve been longing for.

Feminine Energy Secrets is open by application only. Please click on the link below to set up a time to discuss if Feminine Energy Secrets is for you.

You can attract and have the love and abundance you deserve, without having to endure all the struggle and frustration that so many women experience.


Even if you’ve learned about masculine and feminine energies, law of attraction, hired other coaches, tried everything already and are starting to think the man (and life) you want can’t happen for you. 

How would you describe your relationship with the Universe?


Does it feel like a tender relationship with your lover…or like you’re relating to a father figure?


I grew up seeing the Universe as a father figure. I believed if I was “good enough” then I would be blessed/rewarded with all the goods things I desired. Can you relate?


I work with many women who’ve never experienced healthy, masculine energy so they inherently don’t believe or trust that the Universe wants to bring their desires to them… unless they’re sacrificing and working really hard.


Without you doing anything more or better, it wants to give you what you want. 


(The Universe is both masculine and feminine, and I specifically help women to transform their relationship with the masculine energy.)


Women’s relationships with the Universe, men and money are all interconnected.


The Universe wants to fulfill your desires. To make all of your dreams come true. To provide AND deliver.


The Universe wants to co-create your world WITH you.






You feel stuck in life long patterns you know are holding you back but you just can't seem to break free to create the life you know you should be/could be living.

You want to learn how to trust your intuition more so you can get on the fast track to living a deeply fulfilled life.

You believe in the Law Of Attraction and have experienced periodic manifestations and you're ready to take your manifesting to the next level.

You're ready to transform your reality to one of joy, pleasure, ease and flow and live in a paradigm where you're 100% confident you can create and attract what you desire.

You long to create/attract/and manifest your heart's desires in a way that feels good!

You are totally done with what seems to be ``hot`` and ``cold`` relationships with either men or money or both!! Completely turn your relationships around so you never experience a lack of love or money.

For so long I KNEW deep inside that there was magic to harness, I just didn’t know HOW to access it. Until just a few years ago…


I’ve finally uncovered the “secrets” to harnessing that magic and I’m living my dream life and teaching my clients how to do the same.


  • I’m married to the love of my life.
  • We have 2 beautiful, little girls.
  • I’ve created a 6 figure coaching business working 20-30 hours a week.
  • We live in Hawaii exactly where I’ve dreamed of living for the last 5 years.


It’s actually pretty shocking, even to myself when I look back to where I used to be…


I used to ALWAYS struggle with not having enough money.


That’s how it felt in my house growing up and I continued to feel that way up until a few years ago, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY I MADE. 


Even though I was making more money than I ever had…


It felt as if I would never really be capable of having more than enough.


Once I began learning about masculine and feminine energies, I realized it went hand in hand with manifesting. What I had been learning really (and finally) clicked for me and made everything SO much easier!!


In the last 5 years of being a relationship coach and working closely with many women, I’ve noticed a definite pattern: It doesn’t matter how successful a woman is – she will  ultimately be held back from the success she knows she’s capable of because of her relationship (or lack of relationship) with masculine energy. 


Here’s the truth – most women have NEVER experienced healthy, masculine energy coming towards them so they don’t really know how effortless it can actually be to allow what they want to come to them.


So many women are working so hard to create what they want and deep down they feel frustrated and burned out… almost ready to give up…


They don’t understand why things aren’t flowing for them in the “men and money” area and they keep spinning in circles trying to figure it out and that in and of itself is exhausting. 


Watch how Nancy Rae went from not knowing if she should stay in her marriage >>>> to trusting herself, and feeling so much unexpected peace and clarity about what she KNEW her next steps were. She also brought in $18,500 in sales in the past 2 1/2 weeks.  

Watch the video below to hear how Jess attracted love within 6 weeks of our first coaching session (now engaged!) and went from making $86,000 annually to $180,000 annually (Currently making over $200k now) and having it all happen effortlessly.

Watch the video below to hear how Kim transformed her 20+ year marriage from the brink of divorce to one that feels more loved and connected than ever before, within 2 months.

She’s also been transforming her relationship with money, which has resulted in her husband receiving multiple job offers (up to 1/3 increase in his current income)! These opportunities have just “fell into their laps.” (This is SO common with the women I work with!!)) (New manifestation – 29k bonus cash in the bank!!)

Watch the video below to hear how Shelley went from feeling frustrated with men and dating to attracting love in 5 weeks!

She now feels more loved, cherished and adored and is using the same principles to grow her already successful business.


When you learn and understand how to draw what you want to you, you’ll experience a life of pleasure, ease and flow. 


Feminine Energy Secrets – An 8 Week Program For Women


 Access to the entire program which consists of
8 recorded videos containing slides,
and 8 PDF’s for each class.
Plus 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Private Email Support

 Bonus Program Included:

Connect With His Heart 

The Investment: $2,500 USD
Payment Plan Available

  Week 1: Understand the Energy Exchange (on a DEEP level) between the Masculine and Feminine and how it applies to money, men, the Universe, and receiving clients. (Anything you think/believe you need to go out and “find” or “get” in order to have what you want.)


  Week 2: Learn the (4) specific archetypes of the wounded/empowered feminine and masculine energies inside of you and why you attract the opposite to you. (There are 8 total, 4 empowered and 4 wounded.) 


(If you’re operating more in your wounded feminine, you’ll attract the wounded masculine.) 


  Week 3: Become intimate with your intuition and learn what archetype is keeping you from trusting it. 


Most people focus on the wrong things (Ex: numbers, statistics, scientific studies, graphs, outward appearances, etc.) instead of allowing their intuition to guide them and they ultimately don’t end up with the results they wanted. When you know what to focus on, you can feel confident you’re always headed in the right direction, towards love, abundance, and freedom.


There’s one common wounded archetype that keeps most women from listening and trusting their intuition.


  Week 4: Embody both the empowered Masculine and Feminine 


Simply knowing this information isn’t enough. It’s a good start, but it’s the integration and embodiment that transforms the energy inside of you which will then be reflected back to you in synchronicities and unexpected surprises. 


  Week 5: Learn the difference between “inspired action” and “inspired responding” 

Learn how to trust your body more than your thoughts so you can confidently say yes or no to the people and opportunities that come your way. 


  Week 6: Specific focus on your relationships with money and clients and how the masculine and feminine play a role during a sales conversation

You’ll be opening up the energetic lines so money and clients can flow to you freely.


  Week 7: Specific focus on your relationship with men (either attracting one or bringing your current partner closer) and the Universe 


  Week 8: By week 8 you’ll have a very clear understanding how to to create/attract/manifest everything your heart desires. You’ll know how to listen to your intuition. You’ll be able to spot the wounded and empowered masculine energies within yourself and others and you’ll know EXACTLY what archetype needs healed and transformed and how to do that. 

Leigha Lake Feminine Energy Secrets

Feminine Energy Secrets is open by application only. Please click on the link below to set up a time to discuss if Feminine Energy Secrets is for you.