How To Attract Men And Money In The Quickest Way Possible

Leigha Lake

Men [and Cash] are attracted to a woman who radiates confidence. (We all know this right? So what does that actually look like in real life?)

This means YOU are CHOOSING who you spend your time and energy with/on.

  • You don’t date just ANY man who asks you out
  • You don’t keep dating a man you know isn’t your ideal match
  • You don’t accept just ANY client who has money and is willing to pay you
  • You don’t buy just ANYTHING just because it’s “on sale” or at a bargain price


How To Get From Where You Are Now – To Where You Want To Be [Completely loved and adored by your man and money]

You are the PRIZE. Not just with men, but clients and customers as well. This automatically keeps you out of any energy that looks or feels like being desperate, needy, salesy, pushy, or controlling. (This isn’t “better than” energy, it’s simply who you are.) It’s incredibly sexy when someone exudes confidence knowing they’re a prize and value themselves.

What would your relationships look like if everyone involved believed they were “the prize?” They would be happy, healthy, and supportive. The typical codependency and toxicity wouldn’t exist.

You are the one doing the choosing. (They are two as it’s always a two-way street.) So much of the time we give our power away by thinking the other person is choosing.

You are the one doing the choosing.

They need to excite you in some way.

This does 2 very important things.

When someone comes into your life and you’re excited by them…there’s an energy resonance. Your intuition is talking to you and guiding you.

If you don’t feel impressed or excited in any way – then by spending time in this frequency you actually block yourself from receiving any information from your intuition AND what you really, truly desire.

Prize = $ Value $ = Lasting Love/Cash in the bank/Joy and fulfillment

What keeps you from thinking/feeling/acting like the prize?

Thinking other people need to be saved and “this is good enough for now.”

No one needs to be saved by you.

I see this mentality with women when:

  • they’re dating or married to a man who “had a rough childhood”
  • or his ex cheated on him and he had a bad marriage,
  • or somehow he didn’t receive the love he needed as a child and you’re here to show him life can be different
  • or they’re chronically afraid they said or did something to push a man away so they’re consistently asking for validation and reassurance


I see this mentality with coaches and entrepreneurs who:

  • take on clients (I did this too!) because they know they can help them and NOT because they’re excited and turned on about the idea of coaching them
  • take on client at a lower investment because they’re afraid no one will say “yes” to what they really want to charge
  • or they’re afraid to raise their rates because what if they can’t deliver the “results”

The REASON you think people need to be saved is because on some energetic level you want (or think) you need to be saved.

In order to get out of this cycle of seeing anyone as needing to be saved (including yourself)….

…….this CYCLE only leads to unhappy relationships, heart ache, burn out, walking on egg shells, never getting your needs met, anxiety, and feeling as though something is missing in your life but you can’t seem to put your finger on it….

Begin breaking this cycle by setting your standards HIGH and do it NOW. TODAY. This very minute. This is how you CALL IN your ideal partner and Cash.

This is the beginning of BEING confident and creating the Love Container for your man and money to come in and STAY with you.

Answer these right now questions:

(Start with the very best scenario you can imagine right now with where you’re at.)

What kind of man do you want to date/be in a relationship/marriage with?

What kind of clients/customers do you REALLY want to work with?

Then stick to these high standards NO MATTER WHAT.

So much of the time people are in survival mode, choosing their future what they think is possible based off of their past.

What you want to do is allow yourself to choose the “unknown,” the “dream” and this requires thinking new thoughts, and feeling new feelings which will start to create your NEW reality. (Simple, not easy, right?)

You must be committed to being an energy master. (This is nothing to feel bad about. This is about INSPIRING others to rise not being better than anyone else.)

You want to be with a man who requires the very best from people. People will naturally feel inspired to give him their very best simply by who he IS.

You must do the same in ALL areas of your life (require the very best) so you’re an energetic match. Then watch as both men and money start flowing to you.

Love, Leigha

P.S. I’m looking for women who want to be energetic Olympians/Masters when it comes to men and money. That’s why I’ve created my Men, Money and Intuition Program.


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