How I Attracted My Husband And Move Back To Oahu From My Bed

Leigha Lake

Hi love! Leigha here…


What if…there was a simple way to attract and manifest what you really want?


What if… you could do it from the comfort of your own home (bed even!)?


There is ONE simple thing you can start implementing right now in order to start instantly bringing what you want TO you.


Let me show you…


Everything we desire to show up in our lives has to come from within – first. Period.


The MOST important habit you can create is to start envisioning what you want – SEE it in your mind’s eye, think about what you want (masculine energy = thinking) and FEEL it in your body (feminine energy = feeling) on a DAILY basis.


In 2006, I read the book “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend it!


This is the integration of the empowered masculine and feminine inside of you (the co-creation) which will draw the empowered masculine out in the world, TO you (empowered feminine).


You know, men, money and clients…things like that… ūüėČ


It takes energy AND focus and is not some magical, quick fix. (Although it CAN definitely be quick and magical!!!)


It’s the alchemy of turning energy into form/matter.


This is EXACTLY what I’m doing to create my 7 figure business.


It’s how I attracted my husband, our move back to Oahu and how I bring my clients to me.


You will come up against resistance (if you can view resistance as you transforming from the caterpillar to the butterfly it won’t be as painful). You’ll start to look forward to the resistance!


There will be times that it will seem as if nothing’s happening – THIS is where you surrender and trust even more – not where you give up.


(They can almost feel like the same thing yet one is empowered and one is dis-empowered.)


RECAP: In order to create your dream life >>>>>>>


>>>> 80-90% of the “action” that will be required of you to create/attract/and manifest your dreams is mostly focus, holding the vision (masculine energy). From there the remaining action will feel good and pleasurable.


Your feminine energy will then be fully supported to CONSISTENTLY choose how she desires to feel. She can lean back, trust and surrender into feelings of love, safety, security and deep contentment (FLOW).


From THIS space, you’ll be ready to RECEIVE your deepest desires while staying completely unattached to any timeline because you’re already whole from within.


There’s no needing something to happen which of course brings what you want TO you in the quickest, most effortless way possible! <3


I believe in you.


Leigha xxx


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