From Hopeless And Anxious To Feminine And Sexy

Leigha Lake

“I was feeling hopeless and anxious when I found this book. Something on Leigha’s website resonated with me and I decided to take a gamble and download the book as the cost was reasonable.

Reading the book I could suddenly see what I was doing wrong. I was giving so much and my ex  had even pointed out how out of balance our relationship was. He wanted to give to me but just couldn’t and was confused by this. He left to figure out his feelings.

I started to lean back. It isn’t easy but Leigha offers tools and support. I started to feel my feelings and just be. It’s early days but I feel stronger, happier and more relaxed. I also feel more feminine and sexy and have had several complimentary comments including from my ex.

A Happy customer in England”

If your relationship isn’t what it used to be and you’re feeling heartbroken, anxious and consumed thinking about WHY things are going the way they are – be sure to get my eBook. It will help you understand exactly what’s going on AND how to shift your vibe to bring him close again.



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Hey, Leigha here – I’m a mom, wife, lover of the outdoors & Relationship Coach for High-Achieving Women. My mission is to help women steer clear of unhealthy, toxic, soul-destroying relationships and show them how to attract an integrated masculine man, and live a deeply rich and fulfilling life.

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