Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again Program

How To Heal Your Relationship And Restore The Love, Passion And Connection


You’re about to learn secrets to quickly get your relationship back on track – no matter how bad things feel right now.

If your man’s acting distant and telling you he doesn’t know what he wants anymore… he’s confused and his feelings are changing and he doesn’t know WHY…


– and you’re feeling sad and heartbroken remembering how amazing and easy things felt in the very beginning (those first few months were bliss!) wishing so bad you could go back and do things “differently” – I so know how you feel.


I remember feeling so devastated and confused – I spent hours beating myself up for what I thought I did to cause him to pull away, and EVERYTHING I tried to do to get things back on track – backfired.


Maybe he’s asking you to “give him time” or telling you he’s “not ready” or maybe he’s just backing away and not saying anything at all – like how it happened to me.


If you’ve been waiting for him to text you or call you, make plans with you for the weekend, or tell you how much he loves and adores you so you finally stop feeling anxious and worried…


Or if you’ve been waiting around for years hoping for a lifelong commitment from a man or praying that your marriage can be restored – I can help!


Is It Possible To Turn Things Around?

Have you ever felt that no matter how much you wish you could stop thinking about a man – you find yourself obsessing​​​​ and not able to go about your daily life? And then this leaves you feeling powerless and weak – which ultimately leaves you feeling even worse?


When we’re waiting for a man to make up his mind about us, hoping that we can get things back to the way they were in the beginning – it feels SO bad – and we have no idea what to do! How do we “fix” it??!! We feel stuck, sick to our stomachs with anxiety and we can’t sleep.

And what do we do in the meantime? The only thing it seems we can do – we worry, analyze and feel insecure.


We start talking to all of our friends and family. We also research all the “experts” who promise strategies and “rules” with men – and it’s disappointing when nothing really seems to work.

You’ve heard…“Play hard to get – make him work for it!”


You’ve heard…“Break up with him! You deserve so much better!”


I’m sure we’ve all heard…“Men love bitches” – right?


​Sometimes all we hear from the people we love is – “When are you going to leave? What’s stopping you??”

And this doesn’t help us! Besides… what if there’s a chance? What if it really could turn around? Wouldn’t it be worth figuring out how to get his time, love, attention, affection and commitment? Of course it would! (Otherwise you would’ve left already!)

So many of us have felt the pain and frustration of a man withdrawing and pulling away and I want you to know you’re not alone.


It’s so easy to get hung up on a man and create an “imaginary relationship”… just by talking or texting with him (without even actually meeting him!). or after a few dates – let alone if you’re married or if you’ve been dating a man for years!


Trust me, I’ve been there!


When you feel a “connection” you rarely feel with a man – it makes you “hold on” – convinced this connection you feel must mean something special, that he’s the one for you. If you could just figure out exactly what to do or say – he would see it too!


The hard part is, you’re willing to give up what you really want – which is a loving, passionate, fulfilling relationship for this ONE man who doesn’t even know if he wants to be with you or not.

Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again Program

How To Heal Your Relationship And Restore The Love, Passion And Connection


You GET A 117 PAGE eBook 


You GET A 24 PAGE Workbook

The Truth About Men:

It’s not his fault: He’s just doing what he wants to do – and he thinks you’re doing the same. (Men always do what they want!)


He’s not thinking about what’s best for you. (Sad but true.)


He’s not leading you on – you’re a grown woman who makes her own choices.


If you’re waiting around for a man – he thinks it’s because you want to.


The longer you wait for him to realize how amazing you are – the more his attraction fades – day by day – and we can feel it!!


We’ve been taught all the wrong things about men, love and relationships!


If he needs “time” and “space” – we’re taught to expect this and to be understanding, loving, caring, PATIENT and LOYAL – so we wait.


Waiting for a man not only lowers our own self – confidence and makes us feel worse – we “think” he’ll realize how amazing we are because we’re willing to wait!

How It Happened For Me

The man I thought I was going to marry – vanished without a word. He just disappeared. I felt devastated and heartbroken.


It came out of nowhere – or so I thought. He’d told me I was the love of his life, that he’d never felt this way before – he was the one who brought up marriage. I believed without a doubt – he was the one for me. And then suddenly it was gone. He was gone.


All my dreams of being married and having a family with the man I was in love with were gone. I couldn’t believe it! What in the hell happened?? 


He had been so warm, loving and passionate with me. He’d told me I was his soul mate and he could see a future together. We were so in love…


What really happened was…I had accidentally been pushing him away. 


We don’t know what we don’t know. I was much like you and I was going about trying to fix my relationship in a way that didn’t work. I’ve figured out what DOES work and I want to show you how to get your relationship back on track.


Here’s what started happening… Over the months of us dating … he had been laid off from his job and he sunk into a depression. I wanted him to know I was there for him.


He could absolutely count on me! I knew exactly what he needed to do…


I’d seen this happen with the firefighters I worked with – when a man’s not working – he gets depressed. He needed to start looking for a job, he needed to eat better and start working out! So I told him exactly what he should be doing and I was there to help him! (Isn’t that what you do when you love someone?)


I remember feeling him pull away and it made me want to do even MORE – hoping I could get things back to where they used to be. I wanted nothing more than to feel loved, safe, secure and confident about how he felt about me and where our relationship was going.


I did even more for him … I did everything I could to make him see I would be there through “thick and thin” and to make things easy for him – he was depressed after all!


I offered to do things for him, take him places, pay for things, work out with him, cook him dinner – anything at all just to be near him…


Except instead of bringing him closer… he kept withdrawing, telling me he was confused, he didn’t know how he felt or why he didn’t feel the way he used to!


And because I had NO IDEA what to do… I just kept leaning towards him – reassuring him everything was going to be “ok” and letting him know how much I loved him, and reminding him of how good we were together (sound familiar??).


Avoid The Two Biggest Mistakes Women Make When A Man Starts Pulling Away

The things we instinctively want to do when it comes to bringing our man back actually makes things worse! Instead of bringing him closer and making him feel more attraction – it KILLS his attraction for us and he has no idea WHY! The things we do to make a man fall in love, the things we’ve been taught – actually work against us and what feels like love to us – feels like pressure to a man. 

Mistake #1: ​​Making Everything Really Easy For HIM

I wanted to make things better between us as quickly as possible – so I automatically made everything super easy for him…


  I called him first


◈  I texted him first thing in the morning (although he used to do it in the beginning)


◈  I asked him how he was doing before caring about how I was doing


  I paid for things


  I drove to him because it was easier for him


◈  I asked him how he felt about me and where he saw our relationship going? I wanted him to know without a doubt how much I cared about him!


◈  I had no idea this was making him lose attraction for me day by day! It was actually making things worse!


When a man is “unsure” about how he feels and you respond by being super understanding and reassuring that you’re meant to be together and you can “get through this” – it pushes him away even more.


It makes him wonder what’s wrong with you for wanting to be with someone who doesn’t know if he wants to be with you.


What I want you to do is to embody your inner Goddess/Queen and start to question and become curious about “why” you’re willing to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you – as you do him.


I know this can feel really scary when you love someone so much and consider them the love of your life.


When you start to question and become curious, you open up space between the two of you energetically and it allows him the space to reconnect with his feelings for you.

Mistake #2: Trying to Reconnect By Telling Him How You Feel About HIM

It feels so bad and confusing when a man suddenly pulls away and the only thing you can think of doing next is – to make sure he knows exactly how you feel about HIM.


So you write him an email or send a text or ask him if you can meet in person. It’s very clear to him that you WANT him and you’re suffering and any man will automatically and instinctively feel turned off.


When we feel an intense connection with a man, especially because everything felt so amazing in the beginning – and he pulls away – it intensifies the connection almost to where we would do anything to be with him…


…even if it makes us feel terrible in the meantime. We start accidentally chasing him by thinking about him, strategizing how to talk to him, spend more time with him, and trying to figure him out. 


If he knows you’d do almost anything for another chance – it’s basically just like pushing him out the door and shouting at him to never come back – and sometimes we actually feel like doing just that – don’t we? Just to stop the pain and suffering of it all.


The reason why trying to tell him how we feel about him is one of the worst things we could do – it makes us feel insecure, desperate and needy. It makes us feel consumed and obsessed about what he’s doing and thinking – and he can feel it!


We’re giving off the exact opposite vibe we want him to feel from us!


It’s detrimental to his feelings of attraction for us – and even he doesn’t even realize WHY. He just knows his feelings are changing and he doesn’t feel the same way he used to.


There IS a way to express how you’re authentically feeling…in a way that brings him closer instead of accidentally pushes him away.


Here’s the thing – we don’t know what we don’t know. I was much like you. I had NO IDEA the things I was instinctively doing – were actually pushing the man I loved away. Once I learned the information I teach in my eBook, EVERYTHING changed for me.


There’s a way to do things completely differently, in way that WILL work – IF he’s the man for you.


A way that will bring a marriage back from the brink of divorce and where you’ll have more intimate communication, and passionate sex – and it can happen in a couple of days!

If you learn and use the method I teach in Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again – You’ll be on the quickest path to turning your relationship around and having the love you truly desire.


If you don’t learn and use what I’m going to be teaching in this program, you’ll keep enduring the pain and frustration of your man not giving you the love you deserve – and you’ll constantly be worrying and working really hard to “fix” your relationship. 


As women we find ourselves in all the “wrong” situations over and over again. Somehow we’ve been taught all the wrong information about how men and relationships really work. 


This program will teach you step-by-step how to get your relationship back on track.


Not through means of playing games or trying to get him to do something…but through doing the inner work that allows you to become the woman who easily inspires a man to fall in love.


Even if… 


The man you’re with is withdrawing and withholding his attention and affection from you, starting arguments, backing away from sex, spending more time at work and with friends than with you, and telling you he’s “confused” about what he feels for you.


You’re starting to feel insecure – even though you started out totally confident while he was still “pursuing” you.


You’re thinking about him so much of the time, you feel almost like you’re losing yourself and the confidence you used to have.


You’re struggling in your relationship and you’re having a hard time understanding why he just won’t commit…


Or why he’ll contact you but it’s so sporadic… 


You don’t want to live your life any longer without learning this information.


No matter how unhappy and frustrated you’re feeling right now, if your man’s pulling away and withdrawing, becoming distant or saying he’s confused… Make Him Fall In Love Again will help you!

When you implement the Tools I’m about to teach you – you’ll start to experience your man pursuing you again (IF he’s capable)!

In one product – you’ll get the KEYS to having the love you truly desire and inspiring your man to want to come close and stay close.


In this program you’ll learn specific step by step Tools to:

Know the first thing you have to do if he tells you he’s confused and doesn’t know what he wants:


   Know why he’s avoiding commitment and what to do about it


   Know if you should say “hi” and check in on him to see how he’s doing


   Exactly what to do if he’s telling you he wants to be just “friends”


   What to do if he never calls


   How to know if you should stay or walk away – and be ok doing either one


   What to do if he looks at other women


    What to do if he’s giving you mixed messages


    What it means if he’s not introducing you as his girlfriend


    The quickest way to shift your “vibe” so he sees you in a completely different way than any other woman


    Word for word scripts to say to restore your relationship


Love is all around us, and although most of us say we want love, most of us are accidentally pushing love away. I can help you stop blocking love and let it come to you in ways you’ve never imagined.


Love, Leigha
Certified Life And Relationship Coach
Master Coach Teacher for Rori Raye​


P.S. I can’t promise you your relationship will turn around. He might not be the right man for you. I can promise you IF he is the one for you, and you’re willing to do the inner work that I teach in my program, you can have the deeply connected relationship you’ve always wanted.


You GET A 117 PAGE eBook + 24 PAGE Workbook


My forte is helping women understand men so they can have the love they desire.


My private clients invest thousands to learn this information and you can learn it here for $97 only $47.


After your purchase, you’ll receive a 117 page eBook and 24 page workbook. I believe this is the most powerful and important information a woman could learn.

Reviews & Testimonials

“Dearest Leigha, I read your book and workbook and can’t thank you enough. I look forward to loving myself again the way I started this relationship instead if allowing myself to be lost in it I do see how I have changed and it makes me sad I lost myself but happy to be reminded. Thank you! And I look forward to working with you further and repairing my love for myself in turn repairing my loving relationship :)” Carly (California)

“I just ordered and read your book top to bottom and when I got to the end and saw you with your man, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for this insight! And thank you for the encouraging positive words, because I feel so lost. What I believe I’ll do is follow your advice and do everything you’ve suggested in the program for the next 3 months. With light and good thoughts,” Janice (USA)

“Hi Leigha, I just downloaded your book. I love love love your book. It is so helpful. Thank you!!!!!” Madison (South Africa)

“Hi Leigha, I hope you are well. I had a phone session with you a few months back, I’ve read your book and taken your advice. I’m happy to say that things are going well for my man and I. Thank you!!” Sienna (Norway)

“Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again” gave me the confidence to stop chasing and just lean back. I was so worried he would think I wasn’t interested, but I followed the instructions and script to the letter and he came right back, just like the book said he would!” Lindsay (USA)

“Hi Leigha, Guess what?? He just texted me!!! This is so awesome. Me doing nothing and him doing all the work. I love it!! :)” Thanks! Natalie (Canada)

“I just wanted to tell you how much this has helped me. It has really made a difference in just a few days. Wow! All I needed to do was regain my previous confidence and he immediately is acting like the man I fell in love with. Wow!” Allison (USA)

“I was feeling hopeless and anxious when I found this book. Something on Leigha’s website resonated with me and I decided to take a gamble and download the book as the cost was reasonable.

Reading the book I could suddenly see what I was doing wrong. I was giving so much and my ex  had even pointed out how out of balance our relationship was. He wanted to give to me but just couldn’t and was confused by this. He left to figure out his feelings.

I started to lean back. It isn’t easy but Leigha offers tools and support. I started to feel my feelings and just be. It’s early days but I feel stronger, happier and more relaxed. I also feel more feminine and sexy and have had several complimentary comments including from my ex.

A Happy customer in England”

“The best thing about Leigha’s “Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again” is it educates you about the dynamics of a relationship and guides you to where you need to be in order to bring him closer. It also gives you tools that have helped me to stay calm, positive, and has taught me to feel what it is to just be in the moment. I also love that the workbook helps you put all your energy and focus into loving and caring for yourself! Leigha definitely knows what she is doing and I trust her completely!” Holly (USA)

“Hi! I purchased the program yesterday and I was so pleased that I could finally read advice which makes sense and describes all the wrong things I have been doing!” Lacey (USA)

“Dear Leigha, ordered your book and I just love it!!! Love the tools and love the way it is written. I feel grateful that you sell this book at such a reasonable good price, Thank you for that. Bought many books these last months on the subject but this is by far the best for me, without terrible strategies etc. Thank you!” Kindest Regards, Jacqueline (The Netherlands)

“After a horrible heart break in my life I found Leigha and her book online and she has this way about her. She makes you feel as though you are speaking to a friend whom you have known for years. At the same time, I feel like I am listening to one of the wisest women on earth. She offers many easy exercises and practices to incorporate in your daily life as you connect with your Inner Goddess. I feel like she guides me through my growth. And what a great way to go down my path. This book doesn’t just look at some areas of your life, it addresses everything. There is so much about this book to be loved, so many good examples here, and I am going to re-read it because I feel it is worth it. It’s one of those books, the kind you can learn from and every time you read it, there will inevitably be something you missed the first time around. It’s one book that I would recommend to all my friends because it truly is empowering. Thank you Leigha!”

“Hi Leigha, I read and loved your book so much!! It only took me two days to finish it!! Dani (USA)

Hi Leigha! Oh my goodness!!! You must have been feeling my good vibes because I was seriously planning on emailing you my good news this afternoon. My boyfriend proposed to me last Wednesday!!!! I’m over the moon I’m so happy. I wanted to tell you that your teachings had a serious impact in the way my relationship turned out. Every time I started feeling anxious or if I felt like things were stagnating I would reread your “Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again” and sure enough, things would turn around. Thank you for your wonderful advice and teachings. All the best, Amy (Colorado)
PS – Seriously, thank you again! I know that I will be using your advice even after I’m married to keep my relationship “balanced.” Amy

Hi Leigha, I feel so honored to be connected to you. I wanted to tell you, in 2013 I was going through an INTENSE period of pain, a man broke my heart, and I was just looking for a way to either get him back, or heal, and your book was one of the first things that I read and it started my journey of healing and changing my old patterns. My life changed dramatically from being a doormat, to a love magnet, and today I’m engaged to a man that adores me… I got so good at this work, that I started RRRCT this year because I wanted to change the life of women the way your work gave me the start to change mine. So for that, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART… I hope I get the opportunity to one day meet you and maybe even work with you. You’re an amazing coach and a huge inspiration for me. Shahrzad

The program is amazing!!! LaKisha Wheeler

Hi Leigha! I’ve been practicing leaning back for about a week and a half and I’ve already seen results. My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years was detached, dispassionate, and uninterested in me sexually as a woman, and didn’t know why, and now he’s telling me how beautiful I look and how adorable I am. I’m happy to have discovered this way of seeing male/female relationships, because it makes so much sense. Beyond that, it’s indescribably liberating to know that my femininity is valuable and beautiful and enough. I’m both very logical, and very sensual, and I’ve realized that I’ve spent all of my time disvaluing my beautiful, feminine, sensitive side in favor of striving to be more masculine and action-oriented. I’ve misplaced that masculine energy and funneled it into my relationship, when really I and my man would be so much happier and more comfortable if I put that male energy toward my own goals, and allowed my man to take the initiative in our relationship. I can’t say enough how much of a revelation it is to know that I don’t have to try to match my incredibly intellectual man toe to toe anymore, because my own feminine, sensual, musical, intuitive self has an incredible value on it’s own.
I will definitely keep you posted about how this develops, because it keeps getting better. Last night, the guy who has always said how dumb and corny it is when people gush about their relationships on Facebook made a post that I’m the number one thing he’s thankful for, and I’m both his anchor and the wind in his sails pushing him forward. He hasn’t done anything like that since we first started dating. Thank you so much!! Beverly

Hi Leigha,
I ordered your book because I’ve been dating a wonderful man for the last 10 ½ months. He seemed like he was pulling away recently in his communication although he has been telling me he still loves me and wants me to be his wife (always talks proposing in the next few months). At the same time, I’ve noticed a slowdown in the frequency of his calls, less texts, and not pre-planning our dates as much. So I ordered your book this Saturday to figure out what to do and how I could “save” things because this is one of the best and most compatible relationships I have ever been in. After reading your book page by page, I just stopped trying to do anything. I stopped texting, stopped calls, stopped doing any work at all to rekindle what I felt we were missing. Not the easiest thing to do at all – a bit painful and uncomfortable actually because it’s not natural for me to do.
Well, that was only 2 days ago and I can’t believe his behavior has already completely shifted around! He has called me multiple times in the day like he used to and set a date for today because he says he misses me and never wants to lose connection with me. I didn’t even do anything at all but lean back and shift the focus to myself. In the past, I would have been angry that he was trying to just come back and schedule a date after I have been feeling ignored. But this time I was really nice and pleasant to him. He asked me about my day and wanted to know the full details of everything I had been up to and was really listening. It felt good to be able to tell him about the fun things I was doing and he genuinely seemed interested and engaged in our conversation.
Your book and words reminded me of how I get so wrapped up in my relationships that I forget about my own talents and special creative gifts. I remember in the beginning, he used to call all the time because I rarely called him – I had no emotional ties at that time yet it’s when he chased me like crazy. You reminded me to get back to what makes me “Me” and I ended up having a nice weekend of doing fun activities even though deep down it was hard not spending the time I wanted with him. Well now that I see these quick results, I will always refer back to your book – always. And I want to refer my single girlfriends to buy your book as well because we spend hours analyzing men. Your book broke down so much of what me and my friends always have questions about since men and women are so different.
Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your words of wisdom – very appreciative! Marie Kelly

Your information is incredibly helpful and I was amazed within a few days my boyfriend’s attitude towards me has improved drastically. He has been much more open with me and affectionate. Best information I have come across so far in my years of researching. Literally everything you said in the ebook is what he has been saying to me for our entire relationship and especially the last few months. I didn’t understand what he needed, why or how to do what he needed but you pretty much spelled it out for me. I haven’t been making him feel good around me, what I’ve done has been counterproductive until now. I love that a big part of the answer is working on myself and building myself up because that’s exactly what I need to do and what he has been telling me ? Will continue to review it and complete my workbook. Thank you so much. Lisa


Make Him Fall In Love
All Over Again

How To Heal Your Relationship And Restore The Love, Passion And Connection

  • Learn exactly how men and  relationships really work so you can get off the “emotional relationship rollercoaster” for good!
  • Learn Tools to quickly undo the damage no matter how unsure things feel right now.
  • Learn exactly what to do and what NOT to do to quickly turn your relationship around – permanently!

Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again – the quickest path to turning your relationship around and having the love you truly desire

This program will teach you step-by-step how to get your relationship back on track. Not through means of playing games or trying to get him to do something…but through doing the inner work that allows you to become the woman who easily inspires a man to fall in love.

When you learn the Tools I’m about to teach you – you’ll start to experience what magic really feels like. (That’s what my clients​ say!)