From Frustrated To Creating Multi-Millions When She Did This

Leigha Lake

If you want your man to step up and BE the man you know he’s capable of so you can relax deeper into your life and relationship… there’s something you need to know.

Imagine your man right now…

Is he exhausted? Is he depressed? Is he working hard and going through the motions but there are no real results?

What do you feel inside when you see this in your mind?

Do you see him as wounded? Do you feel resentful and wonder what his problem is? Why can’t he pull it together? Do you feel stuck wishing you could “do” something to help him?

Here’s what I know after working with high achieving women for the last 6 1/2 years, they have an innate ability to influence and inspire a man into his superpowers, they just don’t know how to go about doing it.

They often:

Hope things will get better on their own
Get frustrated when nothing changes
Try and not care
Try and think of how to fix the situation (there’s nothing worse for a high achieving woman than to feel stuck or trapped)

There’s a simple shift in energy and words that makes all the difference.

The difference between a woman understanding and RECOGNIZING the empowered and wounded masculine and feminine energies or not… means the difference between struggling, or feeling frustrated in her relationship, or experiencing more love and abundance than she ever thought possible.

If a masculine energy man feels like he’s letting his partner down, he loses access to his full power. Instead of feeling fueled to do more (be better), his energy becomes split in trying to make her happy and trying to produce results.

When a woman learns how to support her masculine energy partner in the most effective way, it automatically ignites a fire in him and he can’t help but go out and provide and deliver.

Are you a high achieving, ambitious woman who feels like you’re pulling your partner along? Or is your man somehow blocking himself from creating the success you know he’s capable of?

If you know what you’ve been doing doesn’t work, and you want to learn the easiest and simplest way to inspire your man to access his most powerful self, simply fill out this form and tell me a little bit about your situation.

Then, I’ll send you the next steps.

Leigha xxx

Here’s what one woman experienced in only 3 weeks (within the 4 week Intuition course):


  1. Stephanie Katz

    Leigha, I have to say I so enjoy the way you present your material. You seem very relaxed and very certain that what you have to share with the world – works!! And I believe it does, too. It’s sooo helpful. Thank you! Stephanie

    • llake

      Hi Stephanie, Thank you so much for this! It’s true, I’m 100% positive in the work that I teach and that if/when a woman applies it, she can manifest anything she wants. I’m so glad what I teach resonates. Love, Leigha

  2. Kelly Wickens

    He is wounded and I’m resentful. We live in constant conflict. I’m at a loss of what to do. I try not to care, I hope it will get better . We have moments of good times but mostly both of us just try to coexist in our own separate worlds. I’m at a loss and have been for a long long time. Frustrated!!!

    • llake

      Hi Kelly! I’m so glad you joined the Membership! It’s going to help you so much!! <3 Leigha


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