Your Life Raft Is The Maximum Masculine Energy Attractor

Let’s talk about staying in your own life raft, so you’re available to receive. Your life raft is the maximum masculine attractor because it allows you to show up in your life as a healthy empowered relationship partner which is what a masculine energy man deeply desires. What shifts for you if your #1 job/priority […]

Why Successful Women Attract Men With Potential And What To Do About It

Why do strong, successful and extremely talented women tend to attract the artist archetype (the artist archetype is the dreamer, super easy going, romantic passionate lover and tends to have wounded feminine energy) when what they really desire is a man who can be bigger than they are in all ways? Why do they choose […]

When The Universe Is Your Lover, YOU Become Magnetic To Men And Money


Hi! Leigha here… Men, money, the Universe … and manifesting… Understanding one of these on a deep level automatically makes you more magnetic to all of them. And… the most powerful one to understand… is your relationship with the Universe. (Disclaimer: yes, the Universe is BOTH masculine and feminine, but for teaching purposes it’s more […]

Be The Woman He Never Wants To Lose (Video) – Leigha Lake


Here’s a great video with Helena Hart and I talking about boundaries and the empowered and wounded masculine and feminine energies. I think you’ll love it!!  If you’re interested in checking out my programs that go deep into understand the masculine and feminine energies go here: The Feminine Art Of Dating Feminine Energy Secrets

lean back and become magnetic and irresistible to men and money

Hi Lovely! When the empowered feminine leans back, fully supported by her own masculine energy, she magnetically brings the whole Universe towards her. >>>> Calling all manifesting generators and generators! Those who are energetically built to respond in order to bring into reality their best life!! (If you don’t know click on this link and fill out […]

Leaning Back And Allowing More Money And More Love To Flow To You

Hi lovely,   I’ve never been so me. I’ve never felt SO free in my entire life. Free to create programs because I’m in love with them and not because I need the money. Free to share who I really am and to see that it’s exactly what my clients need in order to receive […]

Having Sales Conversations With Potential Clients The Feminine Way


Hi Beautiful!   Something that I haven’t talked a lot about is… I tend to work with mostly coaches and women entrepreneurs.   They want…   >>> to know how I create a consistent flow of clients (you’ll know why I require women to come to me and why they get amazing results down below) […]

Understand The Wounded Masculine And Feminine Energies Versus Empowered


  Hi lovely! >>> What if you could recognize and pinpoint the voices of the wounded masculine and feminine energies? Do you think that would be helpful in dating? In your relationship? With your clients? In your business? <<< I’m just coming back to reality after spending 4 days immersed in the energy of transformation […]

How To Attract The Love You Want And Receive Easily And Effortlessly

Ahhhh!!! It’s here!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce the creation of Feminine Energy Secrets!   Everything I’ve been feeling, thinking and experiencing in my life for the last 10 years – and have been building up to has led to the creation of this program.   10 years ago… almost […]

Shelley Attracted An Amazing, Masculine Man In 5 Weeks With Her Feminine Energy

I’m so excited to share with you Shelley’s success story. She attracted an amazing man just 5 weeks into Goddess Flow, my 9 month mastermind and they’ve been dating for the last (almost) 6 months. He’s evening joining her for part of her trip to Hawaii for the Goddess Flow retreat. Listen to her share […]