Bring Him Closer By Being The Woman He Can’t Live Without

Leigha Lake

If you’ve been feeling the pain and frustration of waiting for your man to come close and commit  – you’re not alone.

Just know – we’ve all been there – and some of us are going through that right now.

If I can change my life – so that I’m waking up happy and secure – instead of feeling anxious, lonely and hopeless about ever being with the man of my dreams, I know you can too!

So – how do you stop feeling anxious and insecure and spending your time trying to figure out what he’s thinking? And what do you do in the meantime?  When do you throw in the towel – and let go?

Most of the time we’re focusing all of our energy and attention on a man’s needs because we think it  will get him to love us.  We think it will cause him to be more attracted to us and to realize we’re the one for him. (I’m so guilty of this!!)

We do this because we’ve been taught all the wrong things about how men, love, romance and relationships really work.

When our man pulls away – whether he’s stopped calling as much or he’s telling us he needs space or he’s just not moving the relationship forward – it drains all of our emotional energy and strength.

Here’s how to rebuild your emotional energy and become the woman he secretly hopes you’ll be – the one he’s attracted to and fell in love with!

How To Be The Woman He Can’t Live Without

Step 1.  Learn How To Put Yourself First

What’s your man secretly wanting from you?  To be a woman who values and loves herself enough to not put up with  his bad behavior.  This takes practice!  We’re so used to doing things for a man and giving to him and the quickest way to rekindle the spark is to stop all the worrying, analyzing and trying to figure him out.  To stop making him a priority in our lives.

He doesn’t want to be the center of our world.

When we get all of our energy and attention off of our man and back onto ourselves – he can feel it!

This gives him the space he needs to compel him to come closer.  It feels so counter intuitive.

Step 2.  Create Space

When it comes to getting your man back and bringing him closer than ever – creating space – changing your behavior and patterns is the quickest way to undo the damage.

When you stop doing anything that looks like leaning forward – calling, texting him cute things, checking in, making plans, initiating, asking about the relationship or how he’s doing – it will give him the time and space to miss you and feel attraction – and he’ll start moving towards you again.

DO NOT let him become the center of your life.

Step 3.  Express How You Feel In A Way He Can Hear

Don’t keep talking about the relationship and how to “work” on things.  He’ll stop hearing you after about 3-5 minutes.

The best way to express how you feel so he can hear you and be inspired to “fix” it – is by expressing how you feel and keeping it to 2-3 sentences at the most.

Step 4.  Be The Observer

When you begin leaning back, you become the observer.  You’ll stop doing things only to please him.  You get to see what he does and doesn’t do.  Does it feel good being with him and not being with him.  Do you feel cherished and adored?

All of a sudden you’re the one doing the choosing and this is very attractive!

You’ll start feeling more confident and powerful and he’ll feel it!  You’ll get back to being YOU and the woman he fell in love with.

Let me know how this goes for you!

Love, Leigha


  1. Madeleine

    Love it!!

    • llake

      I’m so glad Madeleine!! <3 <3

  2. jennifer

    thank you. !!????????????????????????

    • llake

      Jennifer, you’re so welcome! <3 <3 <3

  3. Gena Soriano

    I love your pieces of advice and your motivation strategy. It gives me more confident to stay strong . I love what you said DO NOT LET HIM THE CENTER OF MY LIFE. I really agree on what you said. Thank you for sharing all your awesome feedback. I really learned so much from it while I am reading it

    • llake

      Gena, I love this!! I’m so glad it’s resonating with you. It will completely transform your entire life. <3


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