Become More Magnetic, Mysterious and Enchanting To Masculine Energy

Leigha Lake

If you want more love, connection, intimacy, joy and pleasure in your love life/relationships you won’t get it by asking for it.

In fact, if you ask a man (masculine energy) to give you more than he’s currently giving you, most likely he’ll back away and do/give even less. (Like calling, texting, planning, initiating affection, etc.)

(There IS a specific way to communicate in a way that inspires a man to want to do/give more.)

In our current “paradigm” the masculine has a deep mistrust of the feminine and the feminine deeply mistrusts the masculine.

**** Wounded Feminine ****

Within the wounded paradigm the Feminine feels resentful that she has to do everything and she feels overwhelmed believing on some level she needs a man to come and save her from her life, or fix it.

The feminine energy naturally creates and holds the vision for what she wants… and the energy gets blocked when she feels she has to also go out and “make it happen.”

She also feels/believes on a deep level that if she’s doing it all then why would a man be inspired to support her?

———- This is why most relationships don’t work. It’s simply because most people don’t understand the masculine and feminine dynamic. —————

The wounded feminine unknowingly creates her life from a place of unhappiness and deep resentment and then continues to attract masculine energy that consistently disappoints her. It’s a vicious cycle.

**** Wounded Masculine ****

The wounded masculine has no time or patience for emotions, chaos, and inherently doesn’t trust the feelings and intuition of the feminine.

He’s experienced her not following through, and her seemingly wobbly, wishy washy flakiness. He doesn’t understand her need to do nothing, to create for no reason, to play, to dance and lose track of time. Her “way” isn’t logical or predictable.

When you understand the effortless dance between the masculine and feminine, you’ll become even more magnetic, mysterious, irresistible and enchanting. You’ll naturally deepen the connection and intimacy in your relationships.

If you don’t learn, you’ll accidentally keep doing and saying things that push healthy, loving masculine energy away.

Here’s how to start transforming these energies right now!

The dance between the feminine and masculine begins with your feminine energy.

Your feminine goes first by leaning back into the “void” the “darkness” the “unknown.” Being willing to move into the unknown rather than away from it.

Her “next step” is consciously cultivating a deep trust in the masculine (Universe) trusting that she’s always loved, supported and provided for – no matter what her life looks like right now.

(Yes, the Universe is a blend of both energies and for me cultivating a relationship with the masculine properties has created amazing results in my life. It’s changed everything!)

Imagine walking into the darkness and feeling alone and/or unsure. This is the feeling we typically walk around with on a daily basis.

Now imagine feeling the strong, warm, safe embrace of a masculine presence wrapped around you.

Notice how this feels. Imagine being/feeling loved, supported, cherished, held, and provided for – no matter what your life looks like right now.

(This isn’t about blindly trusting something/someone outside of yourself, but being in tune with the energies inside you and around you.)

Do this anytime you start to worry about how something is going to happen (making money, attracting love, attracting clients, etc.).

This will allow a NEW energy to come THROUGH you.

This NEW energy inspires and easily compels masculine energy to come close and instead of brushing the feelings of the feminine aside… the masculine energy begins to trust and cherish how she feels in direct response to her trusting him. He feels respected and appreciated by her. His deep desire is for the feminine to feel happy – it’s a GIFT to the masculine when the feminine is happy. It’s a beautiful dance!!

Understanding masculine and feminine energies (within yourself and in your relationships with the Universe, men, and money) is the KEY to unlocking the flood gates to your heart’s desires.

Love, Leigha

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