Your Life Raft Is The Maximum Masculine Energy Attractor

Leigha Lake

Let’s talk about staying in your own life raft so you’re available to receive. Your life raft is the maximum masculine attractor because it allows you to show up in your life as a healthy, empowered relationship partner, which is what a masculine energy man deeply desires.

What shifts for you if your #1 job/priority in the day is to focus on staying balanced and grounded in your life raft? (Imagine you have a life raft, and so does everybody else.)

Life gets really simple when you’re grounded and centered in your life raft. It’s as if life naturally prioritizes itself in front of you. You know what’s important and what’s not. You know what you need to do or say or what not to do or say based on your personal boundaries.

Life will always have its ups and downs, but learning to trust your life raft makes life more magical and enjoyable.

By shifting your attention from the outside world to your life raft, you come home to yourself, and it’s within this energy that you open yourself up to receive the things you truly desire.

When you’re centered in your life raft, the flow of the current feels stronger and naturally leads you to the next best thing. (If you’re wobbly and all over the place, it affects how easily the raft flows with the current.)

This is about energy awareness and management, not manipulating energy to get what you want. (There is a sneaky codependent way women try and use the Law Of Attraction to manifest.)

Life is much harder and chaotic when you’re not centered in your life raft! It’s easy to get caught up in relationship dynamics that deplete your energy – whether it’s with men, family members, friends, clients, etc. Toxic and unhealthy people will pull you out of your life raft as they try to get in yours. As soon as you recognize what’s happening – by how you feel – you can course-correct!

Just for today, notice how you feel when you allow yourself to be supported by your life raft, which is masculine in nature. (Becoming familiar with this feeling allows you to easily recognize healthy and unhealthy masculine energy.)

I highly recommend making staying centered in your life raft a daily spiritual practice so that it becomes more natural and you’re available to receive more of your heart’s desires.

It’s incredibly attractive to an empowered masculine-energy man. Without even saying anything, a man can intuitively tell if you’re at home with yourself or not. Your life raft is your home and where you should feel most comfortable and relaxed.

You can take it further and write down/journal what it looks like for you personally when you’re centered in your life raft and when you’re trying to pull someone into yours, or someone is pulling on you.

Most financially stable and secure women don’t try and get into someone else’s life raft but will accidentally try and pull people into theirs. (Women who feel financially unstable often wait for prince charming to come in and sweep them into his life raft, which is only a recipe for an unhealthy relationship dynamic, to say the least.)

Helping a man ask you out and move the relationship forward is pulling a man into your life raft, which is where he’ll usually stay until the relationship ends.

Wanting more from a relationship than a man can give and trying to show him how amazing you are is pulling him into your life raft.

(Pushing is wounded masculine, and pulling is wounded feminine in nature. Pulling is often felt as “helping, loving, and caring,” and why it can feel confusing.)

Consistent worrying that there aren’t enough healthy available men out there, or that you’re going to have to settle, or that it might not happen for you is trying to get into the Universe’s life raft. (It’s that feeling of wanting reassurance from someone or something that everything will be ok.)

You need to learn how to validate and reassure yourself that you’re going to be ok no matter what, and you’re going to figure it out, and the best way to do that is by first getting calm and grounded in your own life raft. (This is where you tap into your intuition and receive and operate in a healthy relationship with the Universe.)

When I see my life raft in terms of my relationship with the Universe, as a partner/best friend looking out for my best interests, I instantly feel more at peace.

I talk about this more in-depth in my program, Receive. I’ve shifted the format to a self-study option or 1:1 private coaching. I’ll no longer be doing rounds of Receive.

I highly recommend starting with the self-study option and possibly moving forward with private coaching if needed.

While Receive is specifically for ambitious, spiritual women who want to attract an empowered masculine energy man (or create a healthier relationship with their current partner), it’s also for women who want to understand relationships on a deep fundamental level.

I specifically teach women how to have healthy, empowered relationships (and to show up as an empowered relationship partner) so they’re available to receive the love and relationship they want. This also makes them magnetic to so much more because their energy is open and available for it! (And they’re not available for unhealthy relationship dynamics that inevitably deplete their time and energy.)

Receive self-study includes lifetime access to the Receive modules.

Email me if you’re interested in Receive as a self-study program if you have questions. This has been an incredibly life-changing program for so many women. I’ll ask you a few questions to make sure I think it’s the best program for you, and if it is, you can get started immediately.



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