Your Feminine Energy Is The Gateway To Effortlessly Attracting Masculine Men And Love

Leigha Lake

Almost exactly 6 years ago, the man I thought I was meant to marry vanished without a word. I was devastated to say the least.  I couldn’t understand how a man could talk about marriage and then just as easily walk away.

What happened??!!

How could I have felt so sure he was the one?

It just didn’t make any sense!  I had to find some answers.

What seemed to be the biggest heartbreak of my life was actually the most amazing thing to happen in my life.

I was led to the most important information I believe any woman could ever learn! The awareness of feminine energy and masculine energy and how it can either bring more love to you than you could ever imagine or push love away.

If I hadn’t experienced such a traumatic event, I don’t think I would’ve been compelled to search the physical world and my spiritual world for answers.

The questions I had were, “What makes a man feel attraction, fall in love and stay in love?” “How do I attract the type of man and relationship I want?” “What did I do wrong?” “What do I need to do differently?” “Is real love meant for me?”

There’s only ONE secret to know when it comes to attracting and having the love you want with an amazing masculine man.

It’s BEING in your goddess energy.

Your goddess energy – being, feeling, receiving, responding, allowing and trusting energy is your most empowered state. It’s what draws TO you an empowered masculine man. You are super charged with loving, healing energy.

When we get out of our masculine energy – which is absolutely amazing – and stop thinking, doing, planning, advising, making things happen energy, we open up the space to receive love, guidance, and inspiration.

What changed the most from the very first man I “practiced” with and meeting my husband was my inner confidence and an inner knowing of how powerful I truly am when it comes to attracting and having the life and love I desire.

I know I was Divinely led to my highest growth and expansion. I know deep in my soul – what I learned about men and love – is the most important information a woman could learn and put into practice on a daily basis.

What does this mean and what does it look like, specifically for you?

You can be doing the “normal” strategies of online dating, meeting men “organically,” going to events – but that’s the hard way IF you’re not being and responding from your feminine energy first.

You can’t be with an empowered masculine man if you’re not the empowered feminine energy. We attract our energetic match. (You can learn more about empowered masculine/feminine vs wounded masculine/feminine energies in The Art Of Getting The Commitment You Want program.)

When you learn how to embody your inner love goddess, life becomes so much easier. It takes on a magical feel where you do less and attract effortlessly.

If a woman doesn’t learn how to access and live from her goddess energy, the things she truly desires seem to stay just out of arms reach and attracting love feels harder than it should. She doesn’t have the awareness on EXACTLY how to let love come to her.

Being in your feminine energy means:

You’re connected to LIFE at an energetic level all of the time. There’s no separation between YOU, your desires, and knowing your desires are on their way. You’re the desire and the outcome of the desire.

Your life is the essence of love – ALREADY. Love goddess energy is the essence of everything we all yearn for – love, happiness, well-being, confidence, excitement, passion – and all of these things are already inside of you. You don’t need to “do” anything to get these.

If you’re ready for the love you’ve always dreamed of, be assured it exists for you.

Your desire for something is your sign your ready for growth and expansion and to reach your highest potential.

All it takes to attract real love is an understanding of how men and relationships really work, an awareness of how powerful you really are when you’re in your goddess energy and a desire to transform your beliefs about what you think is possible for you.

Love, Leigha


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