What Makes A Man Leave One Woman And Commit To Another

Leigha Lake

Why Men Leave – Why Men Stay

If you’re feeling anxious and uncertain about how your man really feels about you…

And you’re starting to feel insecure even though you started off feeling happy and confident…I can help!

You can quickly learn how to turn things around and inspire love forever feelings in your man.

Here’s the thing – most men really do want to be married!

There are definitely specific times in a man’s life where timing actually is the reason he can’t or won’t commit. This is something you can’t do anything about.

A man will almost always tell you he’s unavailable for a real relationship within the first two dates.

What Men Want

Men want space and they want closeness, this creates emotional AND physical attraction for a man.
Men want to feel appreciated, respected and trusted.
Men want to cherish, love and adore their women.
Most of all – men want to know they can make their woman happy.

What Men Are Afraid Of

Men are always afraid we’re trying to take them somewhere.
Men are afraid we’re trying to capture them. (This is sad….but typically true.)
Men are afraid of being managed and controlled.

What makes one woman so desirable, he sees her differently than any other woman and he’s willing to give up his freedom to be with her forever?

I call it the Bring Him Close Combo

It’s about creating space and closeness at the exact same time.

When you allow there to be space between the two of you – it WILL immediately draw him towards you – creating closeness. It’s simple but not always easy.

Space is created when you’re able to fill up your life with everything that has nothing to do with a man.
Space is created when you feel good, whether he’s in your life or not.
Space is created when you know you love yourself more than any man – when he just “gets” that you’re not looking to him to fulfill your basic needs.

Closeness is created by being soft, warm, open and vulnerable whenever he comes towards you.
Closeness is created when you allow him to be the doing, thinking, planning, leaning forward energy.
Closeness is created when you express how you feel in a way he can hear.
Closeness is created when you allow and trust your man to step up and be his best self.

Jenny’s Story

Jenny ended up meeting up with a man she had dated 10 years ago. They were surprised their chemistry was as strong as ever. They decided to start dating again and see where things went.

Right before meeting Jenny, David had met Sarah whom he felt intense attraction for.

He was conflicted between these two women.

Jenny fell into the trap of an Imaginary Relationship (we’ve all been there!) and felt anxious to have a real commitment so she brought up marriage.

Immediately David started feeling pressure to give her the commitment she wanted. He needed time to think and figure things out.

The more he had to think about it, the further away he pulled.

This made Jenny want to get as close as possible. She called him, texted him, made plans, initiated affection – anything she could to make sure he knew how she felt about him.

The more she closed the gap, the more David withdrew.

Understanding what makes a man feel attraction, fall in love and stay in love is absolutely crucial when you’re wanting to create a love that lasts forever.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah knew David felt conflicted. She also knew that she didn’t want to be with a man who was having a hard time choosing between her and another woman.

One evening, she told David that she loved him, but she wasn’t willing to stay in this situation. He had every right to take the time he needed, but she wasn’t willing to wait for him to figure it out.

Two hours later he was back at her house and when she opened the door he said, “I’m all in, you’re the woman I want to be with.”

They’re still together – True Story

When you learn how to create space and closeness at the same time, your man will be drawn to you because you’re a rare gem, a breath of fresh air.

He’ll feel good just being around you. When a man gets that his life is better with you in it, it flips his “commitment switch” without you having to even say anything.

If you don’t learn how to create space and closeness with your man and you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep finding yourself struggling, worrying and feeling anxious and insecure about what your man’s thinking and how he feels about you.

Right Now – If Your Relationship Feels Disconnected…Do This:

1. Take 5 deep breaths

2. Do what Sarah did and create space by leaning back and putting your focus back on YOU by doing something that feels good. For example: Go for a walk, clean out your purse, clean out your sock drawer, go for a drive, take a bubble bath, or go out with a girlfriend.

3. Be ready to be soft and warm when your man comes close – because he WILL!

Be on the lookout for my program – Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again where you’ll easily learn:

How to quickly turn your relationship around and inspire your man to move past his fears and misconceptions so he’ll want to pursue a passionate, life long commitment with you.

Love, Leigha


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