What I Want My Daughter To Know About Men, Love And Relationships

Leigha Lake

My husband doesn’t know exactly what I coach – he just knows I’m a Relationship Coach – but he believes it’s something along the lines of magic and love spells. He lovingly suggests I put black voodoo magic on him because getting married was the furthest thing from his mind.

He has picked up words here and there – like “Siren”.  He calls our daughter a little Siren.  I don’t think he really even knows what he’s saying.  I think it’s adorable.

He also talks to her (she’s 5 months old now) and tells her how good she’s going to be at relationships and she’s going to know how to pick the “good guys”.  (This melts my heart!)

So…I’ve been thinking,”What do I want to teach Brynn about men, love and relationships?”

The Truth About Men, Love And Relationships…

1.  I want her to believe she can have the fairytale, the white picket fence, the man and love she wants (whatever her heart desires) – without working hard for it.

2.  I want her to know what to look for in a man – to put how she feels when she’s with him and when she’s not with him as her top priority.

3.  I want her to be attracted to a man because he’s moving toward her – and he’s ready and willing to DO relationship.

4.  I want her to look for men who are true blue – like her dad.  To be turned off if she’s longing and pining after a man and on an emotional roller coaster ride.

5.  I want her to know how powerful she is when she’s coming from her feminine energy and how it can create the most magnificent relationship with a man.

6.  I want her to know how attractive she is when she’s authentic and vulnerable – allowing the whole world to see who she really is.

7.  I want her to know she doesn’t have to DO anything or try to be beautiful – just being a woman makes her a Goddess and magnetic to the love she desires.

I’m sure this list will evolve – but the essence will stay the same.  I want her to know she doesn’t have to work hard for love and as a woman – you’re supposed to feel secure, loved and cherished from the start of your “right relationship”  to life long commitment – that’s the way it’s supposed to work!



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