Think About Money This Way To Attract And Keep It In Your Life

Leigha Lake

Someone in my Facebook feed posted earlier that it’s not that money is the root of all evil. It’s the LOVE of money that’s evil.

Nothing could be further from the truth!!!

TRUTH: Money [Cash] is masculine energy

Masculine energy: the doing, thinking, planning, advising, suggesting, making things happen energy

Feminine energy: being, feeling, expressing, allowing, trusting, receiving energy

Thinking/believing that loving money is evil (1st will keep you broke) 2nd, is like telling yourself that loving your masculine man is evil.

What happens when a masculine man doesn’t feel loved?

What happens when you feel ashamed to talk about him?

What happens when you don’t acknowledge, appreciate, respect, celebrate your masculine man?

He gives up!!!!

He goes away because he can’t fulfill his deepest desire!

The deepest desire/mission of the Masculine is to provide, protect, and do WHATEVER it takes to make his lover’s dreams come true.

To make you the happiest woman on the planet!

Money wants nothing more than to bring you the utmost joy, happiness and pleasure… nothing evil about it!!

When you SEE money the SAME way you see highly empowered masculine men – on a mission to do their very best (SO sexy!!) then you’ll shift from lack and struggle to abundance and freedom.

It’s time to start your love affair with Cash.

You’re welcome.

Love, Leigha

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