The Secret To Creating A Deep Connection With A Man

Leigha Lake

Hi lovely,

So…have you been implementing the Tools I’ve been giving you?

Have you started to notice things SHIFTING and changing – without actually “doing” so much?

Women have been asking me how they can deepen their connection with their man.

The ONLY thing between you and the deep connection you want with your man is – an understanding (and an un-learning of what NOT to do) of EXACTLY how a heart-to-heart connection is created.

It’s actually really simple, yet completely counter intuitive, just like everything else I teach. ????

What do you think is the difference between where you are right now and where you want to be?

Let me tell you a little secret…

It’s not about doing or making a connection.

It has everything to do with how connected you are to yourself – meaning your own willingness to “be” with your thoughts/feelings ESPECIALLY when you don’t like them!

This is the pathway to a deeply connected relationship.

What’s MISSING from most relationship advice…

Having the deep, connected relationship we want is completely counter intuitive.


  • We surrender to what’s happening in our lives right now moment-by-moment in order to become more empowered.
  • We slow down in order to access the magic available to us in the present moment.
  • We stop over-thinking and analyzing in order to become available for ourselves and our partner (which is where LOVE is).
  • We stop focusing on a man in order to bring him closer.
  • We create space – which allows a man to love us in the best way he knows how.
  • We stop “controlling” and realize life’s carrying us towards our heart’s desires without all the struggle and effort.
  • We open up and become vulnerable in order to create safety in our relationship.


When you learn how to create a heart-to-heart connection with a man – you’ll feel more loved and fulfilled in your relationship than you ever thought possible.

If you don’t learn how to create and have a heart-to-heart connection, you’ll find yourself feeling as if something’s missing and wishing things were better between the two of you.

One Of The Most Crucial Things You Can Do Right Now To Deepen The Connection Between The Two Of You

Connecting to your man in the deepest way possible starts with you being connected to yourself. Your truest self. Can you see the theme here? It’s ALWAYS about you and your energy – which is great because that’s ultimately the only thing you have control over.

Most of the time we’re not being our TRUE selves. We’re operating from a Fear Paradigm or a Lack Cycle. This is how we end up settling in our lives.

What you want to do is learn how to live from your Pleasure Paradigm. This is your truest self.

When you live from a place of fear, you’re actually disconnected from who you really are which is love. If you’re disconnected from yourself, you can’t have a deep connection with anyone else – let alone to the man you love (or the man you’re going to meet).

Living from a Fear Paradigm or Lack Cycle is more about avoiding loss in some way rather than moving towards pleasure and ultimately what we want.

(Think moving backwards trying to escape and hide instead of forwards towards love and being available for connection.)

For example, when we live from a place of fear or lack we tend to ask ourselves (unknowingly), “In what way am I most likely to lose?” Rather than, “In what way am I most likely to win?”

Notice if you find yourself expecting “I’m not going to get what I really want.” Or “This probably won’t work for me.”

And notice how you wake up and start your day? Do you think, “I wonder what exciting things are going to happen today?” Or, “How easy can things flow for me today?”

Or do you wake up and instantly start worrying about what has to get done?

Start to notice if you have any of these thoughts that consistently run through your mind:

  • I expect it to be hard
  • I don’t know if I can have what I want
  • I expect my partner to be difficult
  • I expect I won’t make the money I need
  • I expect this relationship to not work out
  • I expect my partner not to agree with me

Are you expecting and waiting for resistance and pain?

So much of the time we’re expecting things that might cause us pain or loss.

We think that anticipating things that might hurt us and trying to avoid them will keep us safe. 

This is the underlying energy in the way most people are living their lives.

This is one of the most life changing things we can do – which is switch from our lack/fear cycle to our pleasure cycle.

The way we wake up and go about our day is ABSOLUTELY influencing the quality of our relationships.

Live from your Pleasure Paradigm to connect to your TRUE self every day

Your pleasure paradigm is all about your goddess energy and knowing that of course you can have the love and connection you desire! You’re not even concerned about “how” it’s going to happen because you’re so connected to the magic of life. It’s the ultimate TRUST.

Connect to your true self everyday by creating habits that support you in going deeper into yourself so you can begin trusting, allowing, and receiving from the Universe.

You can do this by setting intentions, affirmations, gratitude journaling, meditating (I love guided meditations), yoga, walking, being present as much as possible, these are just a few. Usually our pleasure comes from non-doing.

It’s ultimately about believing that everything is working in your favor. That you’re exactly where you need to be. That there’s no way you can “fall” behind, or that what’s meant to be in your life can pass by you. You’re safe, secure and protected.

If you’re ready to learn how to create a deep heart-to-heart connection with a man, then be sure to check out this new 3 week telecourse “Connect With His Heart” with Relationship Coach Helena Hart and I. It will be starting on July 13th (with a special guest, expert Relationship Coach Rori Raye!).

Love, Leigha



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