The New Love Paradigm Of The Future – Having The Love You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Leigha Lake

What if… your Divine Match was actually so much closer to you than you could ever imagine?

What if… the idea he’s “somewhere out there” was actually keeping him just out of arms reach?

If you’ve been observing the dynamic between your friend’s romantic relationships or those of your family and you know you were meant for something much more Divine, I can totally relate!

You don’t want just any man, you want a man who’s strong enough to match your desires of having everything in life you’ve ever dreamed of (and MORE!), because you know you’re a powerful creator and you’re already creating a life you love.

You want a man who’s emotionally strong, physically strong, and mentally resilient so you have no doubt he can go the distance WITH you and not hold you back in any way.

You know if you desire this – he has to exist!

You were meant to experience ecstasy, passion, love, and romance with a man who feels divinely made just for you!

This is the new paradigm for divinely matched spirits.  Honestly there really are no words to describe it.

It’s beyond free will and choosing a man, it’s actually your destiny, if you’re willing to allow it in.

Most women believe they have to settle because “no man is perfect.” 

This just isn’t true!  I know you can be with your Divine Match and not wish one single thing was different about him.  It’s truly a Divine Match.

If I can attract my Divine Match, I know you can too!

Start Attracting And Allowing Your Divine Match To Show Up By Being Your Most Authentic Self

Step 1.  Connect with your true desire

Allowing yourself to want what you really want connects you to your deepest self – this needs to happen BEFORE your Divine Match can show up.

Since this man is going to be able to connect with you on your deepest levels, you have to be able to go there within yourself, first.

This connects you to your truth, your authentic power.  The more authentic we are, the more we’re able to receive from the Universe, the quicker we experience the life we were destined to live.

When you become aware of how to access your higher dimensions, knowing you have the power inside of you to attract, create and have the life and love you’ve always dreamed of, it feels like destiny!  As though this is how it was always supposed to be.

If you don’t become aware of how to access your higher dimensions, you’ll continue to wait and wonder when this man is going to show up, keep him at arms length and feel as though something is “missing” in your life.

If he hasn’t shown up yet…

The only thing keeping your Divine Match at arms length right now is the belief he’s somewhere out in the world and you have to find him.

Or the belief no man can have everything you want and is fully capable of making your life MORE expansive instead of somehow making you feel like your life must contract and get smaller in a way.

Step 2.  Your Divine Match is super specific to you

You already know this man, right?  You’ve been connected to him your entire life.  This man also has very specific desires and only YOU can fill the space in his heart.

Right Now – Do This To Start Bringing Your Divine Match To You

Attracting your Divine Match is about allowing him in.  Believing he really exists and he’s CLOSE!!

Imagine he’s sitting right in front of you.

How does that feel?

Now imagine all of your cells opening up and becoming more expansive.  This increases your magnetic pull.  It also opens up the portal to connect you with the higher dimensions of Divine Love.

How does that feel?

When you become this Divine Love, you’ll have the Divine Relationship you want.

I believe this is where the future of relationships is going.  It’s a new paradigm where two people come together and move beyond the earthly realm of a “normal relationship” with normal everyday “problems.”

Let me know how this goes for you! I love hearing your success stories!!

Love, Leigha


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