The Most Important Thing I Learned From Circular Dating 50 Men In One Year

Leigha Lake

In 2011, I Circular Dated (Rori Raye Term) 50 men …and what I learned allowed me to attract my husband (I didn’t believe men like him actually existed!).

Here’s a picture of us from last year when we lived on Oahu.

There’s ONE important Tool I learned which allows me to keep taking quantum leaps in my life and to continue to create my dream life. It’s called: Setting Boundaries.

Here’s an update from a woman who’s beginning to experience the magic of setting boundaries.

I love getting updates from the women I work with! I also think it’s very powerful for you to hear them too.  Everything I teach the women I work with – I’ve personally done myself.

I was given permission to share this from a woman who joined my Bring Any Man Close coaching program this past July. ????

“I had an Ah ha moment this evening & had to share!!

I have finally let go of Rob & have recently started dating. I’ve re-read my books, our emails… You name it! Constantly asking myself “What would Leigha do?”

I met a guy from online & completely hit it off. I’m trying to incorporate my feeling messages (although you know the word feel doesn’t always come out of my mouth..Haa!!). It’s awesome to share with him & be open. He lives an hour away & tonight I got a late night text asking if he could come by. In the past I would have allowed it, but I didn’t like how that made me feel second best and told him no. I actually just set a boundary for probably the first time in my dating life & it feels fabulous!!! I feel empowered. I feel like I am actually doing the right thing! I would love for this to turn into something because we have an awesome connection, but I know understand what it means to love myself!

I feel like he even may realize I’m not like most other women & respect that. I also feel like if he doesn’t then his loss! I honestly FEEL that and they aren’t just words!!!”

Thank you ..thank you ..thank you!! You’ve helped me more than you will ever know! I miss our sessions & hope all is well with you! :0) Thanks again!!! XOXO Tiffany

I would love to hear your experiences of creating and setting your own boundaries.


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