Taking Action Versus Intuitive Responding To Attract The Man And Money You Want

Leigha Lake

Taking action versus intuitive responding in order to attract the man and money you want…

What’s the difference? They’re both about movement.

One feels as if you’re still in “making something happen” mode.

The other has the underlying energy of “you just can’t help but follow the impulse.” It feels exciting, expansive and just a little bit scary/uncertain.

>>>> This is where I see women getting hung up in the journey/process of manifesting. They still feel as if they need to “make something happen,” and if you’re familiar with the masculine and feminine energy dynamic…that’s part of the “stop doing this” that creates space for the masculine energy to close the gap.

What if you could release the pressure of having to take action and instead began to trust that you’d receive the impulses and ideas already coming to you and you’d easily respond to them?

What if you felt deeply held by the Universe and felt excited about NOT knowing the future?

The reason most women don’t respond to their impulses is because they’re caught up in the fear of “what if this doesn’t work out?” “What if I make a mistake?” “What if I lose?”

These fears keep them looking in the wrong direction and chasing the next shiny object… and from being able to see/recognize the path (ideas/opportunities) that are available to them. (It’s a backwards sense of safety.)

You see, the underlying REASON women don’t have what they want is because there’s a deep mistrust between the masculine and feminine energies.

They don’t trust themselves and inherently they don’t trust masculine energy either (specifically men and money).

The empowered masculine is extremely turned off when *he* senses he has to prove himself because he knows it’s not about him but the wounds of the feminine.

The empowered masculine is drawn towards the energy that admires him, appreciates him, respects him and trusts him because he then knows she inherently trusts HERSELF.

One of the most powerful and quickest ways to turn this “lack of trust” around is…  to begin to catch yourself when you’re feeling anxious about something … paying bills worrying about the money coming out of your bank account, bringing in clients because you don’t know where or when the next one is going to show up, wondering if a specific man is going to call or not, or if the man you dream about even exists or if you’re going to be single forever… and LEAN INTO it.

It’s a SIGN that something new wants to come through…NOT a sign that something’s wrong!

Begin to change your reaction to these feelings from believing something is wrong to >>>> trusting that something NEW is trying to come through.

This “practice” will begin to restore the trust within yourself. You will activate your own empowered masculine and feminine.

It’s actually exhilarating to respond to these situations that used to cause tension and anxiety in such a new and empowered way. It will feel uncomfortable and almost as if something’s wrong. This means you’re on the right track!

Begin to SEE that the fear, worry, tension, and anxiety are an illusion… and that NOT knowing the future allows you to TRULY see and receive NEW possibilities. (Empowered feminine)

This (in the beginning) takes an extreme amount of trust in yourself and the Universe and is the beginning to the life you know you were born to experience.

This is MASTERY.

It’s one of the MOST irresistible skills you could master. It makes you magnetic for your highest level life.

When someone tells me they’re losing a job, a relationship, they need money now…I get excited because I know something new is trying to come through…if only they can allow it in.

For example, one of my clients who left her multiple 6 figure per year corporate job without a back up plan because it became toxic, is now working for a company 3 days/week from home making more than she was at her previous job.

I’m currently enrolling for my high end “Money Mastery” year long Mastermind.

I won’t be opening up spots again until next year.

Go here if you’re interested in learning more and I’ll send you the next steps.

What would it feel like to never worry about money again? (And to have the tools to know what to do when you find yourself in familiar sabotaging patterns that keep what you want away?)

What would it feel like to know that your work is to learn how to recognize your intuition and to respond to it? (That you don’t have to make anything happen?)

There is nothing passive about trusting and responding to your intuition. It takes deep awareness, trust and mastery.

^^^^ This must come before the higher income goals… in order to attract results that are long lasting and what you really want.

I’m so excited to walk women through this journey.

Leigha xxx


  1. Rachael

    This was an eye opener I feel excited to see what The Universe has in store for me

    • llake

      Hi Rachael…YES! Can’t wait to see what shows up for you!


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