Stop Worrying And Struggling And Attract What You Want In A Feminine Way

Leigha Lake

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful start to the holiday season (in the U.S. we just celebrated Thanksgiving).

I love this time of year!

If you don’t have the love you want or you’re finding yourself feeling anxious over your finances, this time of year is probably more stressful than enjoyable.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  There is a way to turn it around!

I know what it feels like to hear that little voice in the back of my head saying, “I”m running out of time to meet the love of my life.” 

I also know (all too well) what it feels like to struggle financially and my only “plan” was to meet a man who wanted to support me (eeek!).

To be completely transparent, I was waiting to be saved by a man! I know many women feel this way as well!

Once I learned how to embody my inner love goddess – I was able to heal and transform the things that were keeping me stuck in my love life and with my finances.

I not only attracted the love of my life – I also completely transformed my relationship with money and the way it comes into my life. This is true freedom, freedom from “normal” everyday worry, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

I now get asked frequently by friends and family who’ve seen me go from really struggling in these areas – to now continually creating my life with ease, flow and pleasure – how did I do it?  What’s my secret?

Imagine finally melting into your life feeling supported in your romantic relationship and in your relationship with money…

Money can easily flow in – instead of worrying about if you’ll have enough, if it’ll come in when you need it, or feeling the need to think about how to “get it” all the time. I know if I can transform my relationship with love and money – you can absolutely do it too!

When we don’t have the love and relationship we desire, we can’t help but feel the void and we unconsciously “wait” for it show up.

If we’re not feeling supported by money, it’s hard to really relax and settle into our lives. We really do desire BOTH (love and abundance) to fully live the lives we came here to live.

Transform Your Relationship With Men And Money (And Everything Else You Desire) – This Way

Everything is energy. If you’re reading this, this is something you’re already aware of.

You’ve most likely experienced how shifting your energy – being in your feminine energy with men, creating space and softness, and expressing your most authentic feelings – shifts EVERYTHING.

Let’s take it a step deeper – into your Love Goddess Energy.

When you learn to embody your inner Love Goddess, you naturally exude love and passion which opens up an “energetic gateway” so you can receive your desires.

Another way to say this is – everything has it’s own vibration. When we embody our inner Love Goddess, we become a vibrational match to the love (and life!) we desire.

The scary part about this is, once we commit to living from our goddess energy, everything in our lives has to transform.

Connect With Your Inner Love Goddess And Become A Vibrational Match To Your Heart’s Desires

Right now – soften your jaw, drop your shoulders, soften your belly.

Connect to your heart. Imagine your heart as a Love Magnet. (You can do this anywhere! I use to do this as a moving meditation while walking on the treadmill.)

Visualize your heart opening up (your heart is an energetic gateway) so it can start magnetizing what you want TO you.

Imagine your whole body as a vibrational magnet.

Notice how you feel…

A goddess manifests, creates, attracts (pick the word you resonate with most) through being – being in her body, being in the present moment, and being aware of when she receives the “impulses” or “intuitive nudges” inspiring her to move into action.

We don’t automatically attract what we want – we attract based on who we’re being. When you embody your inner Love Goddess – you have the power to completely transform your entire life in a short amount of time.

Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing weekend, easily attracting from your inner Love Goddess.

All my love,


P.S.  If you’re ready to embody your inner Love Goddess and naturally exude love and passion so you can have the relationship you want with both men (your man) and money – check out the Love Goddess Mastery group program.

Or start with my downloadable program (audio plus PDF) The Art Of Getting The Commitment You Want


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