Remove These Words From Your Vocabulary And Become Irresistible To High Quality Men

Leigha Lake

What if… you never had to worry again about what a man’s thinking or how he feels about you because men were predictable to you?

And what if… you felt so confident being yourself – that your true essence easily radiated through you and around you … so attracting (and having) legendary love was just the next step?

How would that feel?

This is what I know to be true.

I know when a woman becomes aware of how men, love and romantic relationships really work, she can quickly have the love she desires.

She knows her only job is express her feelings, keep herself happy and this is what attracts and allows the perfect man (for her) to pursue a relationship all the way to life long commitment.

If a woman doesn’t understand how men, love and romantic relationships really work, she’ll continue to unknowingly do the things that don’t work when it comes to having a real loving, deeply committed relationship.

It’s similar to understanding how our bodies work – how different foods make us feel and what exercise does for our body and how much sleep we need to feel our best.

Awareness + Clarity = Legendary Love (or anything you desire)

When we can see things clearly, we’re in an empowered place. Being empowered attracts an empowered masculine man.

Understanding men and having the love you desire is really about having a deep awareness about how powerful you really are when it comes to having the love you want.

Whether you’re married or you want to have a committed relationship, I know it’s absolutely possible to have a man – your man – love you the way you’ve always wanted.

This isn’t about strategy, pretending, playing games or trying to “get” something from a man…

To be completely honest, men are really simple. They can pretty much be predictable when you know what you’re looking for!

4 Steps To Understanding Men And Having The Love You Want Without Hardly Any Effort

1. Knowing you’ll be ok with or without a man

This energetically creates space for a man to feel and build attraction.

When a woman knows deep down she’ll be “ok” with or without a man, she’s operating from a very healing, empowered place. (Even if she feels sad thinking about not being with a certain man, it’s different than feeling devastated.)

Our energy is so much louder than any words we can say or things we can do.

Knowing you’re ok with or without a man creates space for YOU to be your most irresistible magnetic self, which in turn creates space for a man to come close – IF he’s capable.

Your most irresistible, magnetic self is who you really are, when you’re just being (it’s your Divine Essence).

2. Letting him love you

Healthy, empowered masculine men want to pursue. It’s in their DNA. The more aware you are of this – the easier having the love you want will be.

For some reason we doubt this though.

All you need to do is reflect on how EASY it is for you to move the relationship forward (if he’s not) and then it’s clear – men do what they want. Period.

You can never “lose” the love you REALLY want (real love) by being in your feminine energy.

When you’re in your feminine energy with your man, your inner light shines the brightest. There’s no need to do something in order to have love. You ARE love. You can trust this!!

3. Feeling excited and passionate about your life

When we feel passionate about the things in our lives that have nothing to do with a man, it creates space for him to come close.

It also creates attraction and mystery.

When we feel passionate about anything, we’re living from a higher vibrational place and we attract MORE of what we love. (We attract a man who’s passionate about us!)

4. Expressing all of your feelings in a way he can hear

This creates safety, trust, intimacy and connection within your relationship

First – remove these words from your vocabulary:

I feel fine, I feel ok – these words mean nothing.

If a man (or anyone) hears “I feel ok” it’s as if there’s a wall up. Same thing with the word “fine.” Can you feel it?

Saying any of these words … hurt, ignored, disrespected, abused or abandoned…

These words come from a victim, powerless place – as if a man (or someone) is doing these things to you.

In order to attract and have legendary love, you have to know you’re never powerless, you always have a choice.

Do This Right Now To Feel More Loved, Cherished And Adored 

Imagine the man you’re with (or the man you want to be with) is sitting right next to you.

Now feel the space between the two of you.

How does it feel?

Imagine LOVING that space.

Having the love we crave and desire is really about allowing there to be space (and not being afraid of it) between you and a man (not for him but for you).

This allows you to come from your Feminine Essence – who you really are – (and make the choices and decisions best for YOU, like if he’s really the man for you).

This ultimately inspires the right man who wants to do relationship with you – to shower you with all the love he has to give. He won’t even be able to help himself!!

Then – all of a sudden there doesn’t seem to be any space at all – only feeling connected.

Understanding men and how being in your feminine energy (allowing a man to pursue you, no controlling, and being more of “yourself”) brings MORE love to you and is KEY to having the love and relationship you desire.

Let me know how this works for you.

I LOVE receiving your updates!

Love, Leigha


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