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Leigha Lake

Here’s a lovely testimonial from my amazing client who has just completed her 3 month coaching package. You can read about her experience and results below. <3

1) Why did you decide to hire a relationship coach?

I decided on a coach because I had entered in a new relationship with an ex-boyfriend after 7 years apart. The dynamics of the relationship made me feel crazy. He had been dating over the years and I had not, and there was a new girlfriend in the picture that he dumped to try things with me again. That in itself is not a great start. We decided on a two month trial courtship to see if we could work things out.

I could tell that he was not into the relationship as much as I was. I found myself waiting for his calls and texts, etc., and I hated feeling like this. The ex-girlfriend kept calling and e-mailing him, waiting for the two month period to be over. She was sure we wouldn’t make it.

I did a web search and spent money on so many ridiculous relationship packages. I finally found Rori Raye’s materials which made sense to me, but it was still not enough to help me gain my sanity back. I then read all the biographies of the coaches on her website and decided on Leigha. I figured if she could help me gain peace of mind, it would be worth the investment.

2) Had you worked with a coach before? Or was this a new experience for you?

Yes, I had worked with a coach before. I worked several years with a coach for college professors, and she helped me with my job.

3) What were you struggling with or feeling frustrated about?

I was frustrated about the dynamics between me and my old boyfriend. He had changed a bit over the 7 years. Women had thrown themselves at him over the years, and I was very jealous.

He also became so lazy since he received all of this attention from women like he didn’t have to do anything, but respond. He had become the “female” in the relationships. Thus, The relationship seemed like a big effort for him to call or text me. He only wanted to respond. He was also late for dates, did not call when he said he would, and did not seem very excited to see me.

I too am a Christian woman, and had boundaries as to what I would be willing to do physically before marriage. The other women did not have those boundaries, and I felt threatened by those relationships.

I felt he was only dating me now because he did not see a future with the last girlfriend. In addition, we had never really broken up 7 years ago, but drifted apart because I moved out of town for a job. The enthusiasm did not seem there for him, and I was not a priority.

4) What was the most impactful part about working with me?

The most impactful thing was Leigha’s advice in changing the dynamics in the relationship. She said we had to change how we interacted with each other and that would take time. For the first month, I was forbidden to text or call him first. I only had a few things I could say to him, and they were “feeling” statements, not cognitive. He had to become the pursuer. She coached me on how to mirror his energy, what to say in texts and phone calls, and how to act when I was around him.

This was all new for me and not easy to do, but she was RIGHT. She told me the relationship should be effortless for me. I can say that 3 months later, this did happen! My boyfriend and I are getting along great, and I am so very happy I followed Leigha’s advice.

5) Can you share three tangible results from working with me?

(1) My relationship with my boyfriend has changed. He has become the “masculine” energy man that God intended him to be. I am so proud of him and have seen him grow in so many dimensions. He has also given me incredible advice that has helped me in many situations. I have grown to appreciate and love him, and I believe he feels the same.


(2) I learned to interact differently with all men – my boss, difficult contractors and salespeople, my male students – and now with even women in my life. I have become a more “feeling” person, and it has helped me communicate better with just about everyone. She also helped me to recognize the constant guilt I felt about everything, and I no longer feel that way.


(3) Strangely, because things were going so well with my boyfriend, Leigha coached me on life issues. As a result, I began to use my “feelings” to make decisions. I made better decisions that I couldn’t make before. I got unstuck. I improved my time management. Life is so much better and peaceful now.

6) What’s next for you? What are you working towards at the moment?

I continue to implement the lessons I learned from Leigha in all aspects of my life. In fact, just today, I tracked town a contractor who owed me $5000 of work. I had to contact his friends and brothers to locate him, and used one of Leigha’s famous “feeling” lines in a text, and he contacted me.

I use what I learn in making everyday decisions. Leigha taught me that opportunities will present themselves only as we move forward. I have turned down several speaking engagements that would have stressed me out. It took me days at times to say “no.” Today, an opportunity presented itself that felt good, and I said “yes.” I could have never accepted it though if I hadn’t turned down the other opportunities.

I am working toward marriage hopefully to my boyfriend in a year or so as he gets his life straightened out. It seems as though this relationship has empowered him to move forward as well. I am catching  up on all the things I fell behind on over the last several years, getting my finances in order, and making room for the things that I am uniquely qualified to do.

7) What would you say to someone considering investing in relationship coaching?

If you feel tormented by your current relationship(s) with a man or men, and have the money to do it, hire Leigha. By our second coaching session, she had helped me so much, I felt it was worth every penny I paid.  We could have quit then and I would have felt I got my money’s worth, but I  am glad we didn’t. I needed a lot of reinforcement concerning this new way of relating with men and my boyfriend.

I began experiencing peace of mind early in our coaching time, and saw  results with my boyfriend very quickly. Each week, my relationship with my boyfriend improved to the place where I didn’t need much relationship coaching anymore. This allowed Leigha to coach me in other areas that were draining my energy and time.

My boyfriend has become the lead in our relationship, and it is great. Leigha said the relationship with a man should be effortless, and it has become that way. My boyfriend makes many decisions and plans, and I can now just enjoy myself with him. It is fantastic.

The most important thing is to follow what she says. It takes discipline, believe me. A few times I broke the rules, and I paid for it. This new way of relating  felt so unnatural at first, but now it has become part of who I am. As a woman, it is actually who God created me to be, but after being in college and business so long, I lost my feminine energy and operated as a man. It is wonderful to be a woman again. – Melody, USA

I hope this gives you hope in knowing you can bring the love, romance, passion and deep connection back into your relationship, or simply deepen the connection you already have.

Love, Leigha

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