Quickly Transform Your Relationship With Men And Money

Leigha Lake

What if…there was a simple way to QUICKLY start transforming your relationship with men and money?


What if… you could feel supported and loved, knowing you could never lose a man or that money would always be there for you…


And what if… this could happen practically overnight?


There is ONE simple thing you can start implementing right now in order to start instantly shifting everything. Let me show you…


Everything we desire has to come from within – first. Period.


Where I see so many women (and people in general) staying stuck is they don’t believe that what they want is possible and for some reason it can happen for others but not them! (I’ve been there too, yet I’ve transformed this and if I can, so can you!)


They buy into their own story of being powerless – so that’s the reality they create. We buy into stories that keep us powerless by believing simple ideas and beliefs of… what if I can’t have what I want? Or, “What if I have to sacrifice too much or settle?”


These are very simple and sneaky ideas/beliefs! From there, we start to look outside of ourselves for answers to these questions and this is where we self-sabotage.


Transform Your Relationship With Men And Money


One of the quickest ways to transform your love life and your money situation is to stop looking outside yourself for validation or reassurance.


What you want to do is see yourself as powerful and trusting that you CAN have what you want. When we look for validation and reassurance outside of ourselves, energetically we’re saying, “I don’t trust myself.” “I’m needy and insecure.”


This energy will repel men AND money so fast – and it can seem so innocent. (You can think of money just like ANY other relationship!)


So much of our lives are lived looking for love and acceptance from outside of ourselves. This takes us AWAY from our power and our ability to have what we want. It also puts us on an emotional roller coaster when we’re not getting the validation we need.


What happens when you need validation from others is you attract people who are unavailable, or abusive, or untrustworthy, they don’t follow through, money will come but it won’t stay long, or you never seem to quite have enough…


When you stop looking outside yourself for validation, you’ll start to trust yourself in way that you’ve never imagined – this is where your power and confidence are! This is when life starts mirroring back to you your power to co-create.


If you stop looking outside yourself for validation, you’ll find that men and money are easily drawn to you. This is an irresistible quality that’s very magnetic. You’ll give off a “vibe” that sings, “I’m safe, secure, abundant and FREE.” Who doesn’t want to be a part of that??


If you don’t stop looking for validation outside of yourself, you’ll constantly feel unworthy, undeserving, scared and powerless – wishing life was better than it is. You’ll second guess yourself and life will feel really hard.


Do This Right Now To Shift From Needing Validation To Stepping Into Your Confidence And Power


1. For one week, commit to not asking anyone for validation or reassurance. Notice what shifts in one week.


2. Shift from thinking, “I’m not sure I can have what I want.” To, “When I trust myself and own my true power, I become an energetic match to what I want.”


3. Make decisions with confidence – even if you’re unsure!

Ex. Should I wear this or that? Should I do this or that? Should I order this or that? What do I say? Did I make the right choice? Instead of asking someone – practice making the choice based on what comes to YOU.


4. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake – if we’re afraid of making a mistake then we limit ourselves from growing to our full capacity. (I know this is scary! What if you can’t really make a mistake though?) Being afraid of “doing it wrong” keeps us in a backwards sense of safety. Our freedom AND safety lies in moving forward towards what we want.


5. Be willing to be uncomfortable (this is different than feeling bad). Being uncomfortable is where your breakthrough is in ANY area of your life.


I’ve heard this so many times and I thought in the past that “manifesting” and the Law Of Attraction meant things should always feel good and easy. What I’ve experienced personally is that when I’m willing to move towards what feels exciting AND scary – that’s when the magic happens.

Claim your power and watch the magic unfold! I would love to hear how this goes for you!

Love, Leigha


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