Love CAN Happen Anywhere – How To Stop Working So Hard For Love And Let Love Find You

Leigha Lake

I was talking with a woman while I was out shopping and she asked me how my husband and I met, so naturally I asked her how she met her husband…

He was her waiter at a restaurant!!  How uncommon is that love story?

I love it!  She was open to love.

My husband and I met on a blind date.

I have quite a few family members who’ve met their perfect matches through online dating.

Yesterday while I was grocery shopping at the market – I had a very handsome, successful looking man “pick up” on me while I was picking out my coffee creamer AND I had my one year old with me.  I was caught completely off guard!

I teach my clients how to respond to men – even in the market – AND I felt flattered AND nervous!!

Whenever an attractive man comes near us – it doesn’t matter how confident, successful, or available we are (or not available AT ALL) it makes us feel nervous!

But it had me thinking – if I were single I would be open to letting love find me – anywhere and everywhere I went.

There are good, available, successful handsome men out there – be open to letting them find YOU.

If you’re anything like me, you probably feel nervous too, when an attractive man comes close.  All of a sudden we don’t know how to stand or sit or what to even say!

If you want to learn how to use specific body language and learn the words to say when an attractive man shows up unexpectedly –  so you’ll AUTOMATICALLY be ready – I can teach you how.

If you don’t learn how to open up to a man – anywhere – you’ll continue to feel uncomfortable and nervous when a good-looking man approaches you out of nowhere in an unexpected place.

3 Steps To Quickly Open Up To More Love

1.  Be A Love Magnet
This means wherever you go, begin noticing all the men who are around you… the gas station, the grocery store, eating lunch, getting coffee pick one thing that you like about them..their shirt, the color of their hair or eyes, a nice warm smile – instead of going through with blinders on and being super focused what you’re doing.

2. Date Like A Diva
This means never getting hung up on any man ever again – and staying open to all men all of the time – until one man offers you what you want.

3. Be An Invitation
When a man comes close, you physically lean back (put one foot behind you so you don’t fall over), make eye contact and smile.

If you’re tired of dating and you’re ready to let love find you – it’s time to start doing things differently, so you can attract the man you want into your life and get the lifelong commitment you desire.

How To Be Ready For More Love

Right Now – Notice what men are around you.  

1.  Mentally visualize a good looking man coming up to – lean back, look him in the eyes and smile.  How does that feel?  If it feels scary you’re doing it right!

2.  Let him start talking first – he’ll say, “How are you?”  and all you need to say is a feeling message.  For example:  I feel great – what about you?”

3.  Let him continue leading the conversation and you keep responding – that’s your only job!  It’s the Leaning Back and the Feeling Messages that will have a magnetic pull on him and he’ll be mesmerized by YOU!

Not by how good you look that day, or how fit you are or how smart or funny you sound – but how he feels being near you.

I would love to hear how this goes for you.  It’s so simple yet powerful!

And I would also love to hear how you’ve met men in uncommon places or if you know of someone who has an uncommon love story.

Love, Leigha


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