Love Advice From A Man Can Leave You Feeling More Insecure

Leigha Lake

Here’s a common question women have once they start learning about how men and relationships really work.  You might have wondered this yourself so I thought I would express my point of view – here.

“Leigha,  I asked my friend so and so, (who’s a guy) and he said I should just call him and ask him what’s going on.   He also said if I like him I should just let him know.  What should I do?”

In my experience, 99% of the time a man is going to tell a woman to Lean Forward and DO something when it comes to love – initiate, call, text, suggest… which will automatically make a man – any man – take a step back.  He’s a man – he’s giving advice he would do!

How many of your guy friends (even well meaning family members) are saying, “Get your energy back on YOU, get busy with your life, give him the space to build attraction (again, if you’re trying to get him back) and move towards you and watch how he magically shows up?”

The Truth is men don’t know WHY – they either want to move the relationship forward or they don’t.

You do though!  And if you’re not quite sure, be sure to learn about how men and relationships really work.

What about male dating and relationship experts?

If you’re getting all sorts of advice from many different experts, you’re going to end up confused.

How confused are we about which diet plan to follow?

Check in with how you feel.  Does the advice make you feel a sense of urgency (which you NEVER want to act out of urgency.)  That’s right, I said NEVER.

  • Does it make you feel anxious, insecure, confused?
  • Are you being told to Lean Forward and initiate in any way?
  • Are you being told it’s the year 2014 and men are used to women initiating now?
  • Do you feel like you might miss out on something good if you don’t let a man know you’re available?

Pick what you like and leave the rest.  Just know anything we do that looks or feels like leaning forward, is pushing a man away.  (I experienced it while dating.)

The only male coach I recommend is Christian Carter, and I know he rubs women the wrong way too.

For me, the Rori Raye Method and Tools are hands down the best there is!!

In the last 5 years – since I finally figured out how men and relationships really work – I have not come across any men who can tell a woman what to say and what to do to connect with a man’s heart.

Pretty big claim to make, I know.  Then again, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if I didn’t feel so passionately about it! ????

Love, Leigha


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