Lost And Looking For Answers From An Intuitive Or Psychic?

Leigha Lake

Here’s a theme I’ve been seeing more consistently than I’d like to.  It’s a soap box of mine…

When our love life feels terrible and out of control, it’s natural to start looking for answers from everyone we come in contact with – and to seek out answers from friends, family, Relationship Experts, Intuitives and Psychics.

Here’s the thing – no one can tell you your future.  It’s unwritten.  Some of the women I work with – come to me saying that “So and so expert intuitive or psychic told me that my husband (or lover) is doing such and such…”

It sends them into a downward spiral of fear.  Or the expert may tell them that their man is truly devoted to them and it keeps them from seeing the truth and telling the truth to themselves.

The work I do with women – helps them tune into the wisdom already inside of them.  The part inside all of us that has the answers we’re looking for.  The voice that when we listen to it – raises our self confidence, our self worth, and self love and we begin to trust ourselves more and more – and our vibration raises instantly and automatically and THAT causes our man to come back or we attract a better man “our  real Mr. Right”.  We attract him by going inward instead of looking for the answers outside of us.

This is what I help women do – to practice going within first and asking questions like…
“Does he make me feel cherished and adored?”
“Do I feel good when I’m with him and when I’m not with him?”
“Does he like being the man and giving, doing, initiating, planning and moving things forward?”
– before seeking concrete answers out in the world.

If you’re looking for answers (which is completely normal) and someone tells you something that makes you feel fear, dread, or makes you feel worse in general – it’s not helping you!!!  Where you want to get to – is feeling so safe and secure within yourself first that no matter what happens in your love life – you know you’re going to be ok.  This is an inside job.  This is the road to True Love – the quickest and easiest road to True Love.

If you’re feeling bad in your love life – I can help.


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