Leaning Back And Allowing More Money And More Love To Flow To You

Leigha Lake

Hi lovely,


I’ve never been so me. I’ve never felt SO free in my entire life.

Free to create programs because I’m in love with them and not because I need the money.

Free to share who I really am and to see that it’s exactly what my clients need in order to receive the shifts they came to me for.

My husband (Trever) and I went out on a date last night and on our way home we were talking about how amazing it is that our finances are the best they’ve ever been (even before having kids, even though living in Hawaii has such a high cost of living).

There’s so much I want to share with you about bringing your desires to you.

Whether you want to allow in more money or you want to attract an amazing, masculine energy man – it’s the same “process”.

Your feminine energy attracts what you want to you when:


  • You trust in your desires
  • You believe you can have what you desire
  • You don’t need anyone’s validation or reassurance (masculine energy attraction killer)
  • You can self-validate (wanting support/guidance and needing validation are two completely different energies)

This is where most women STOP.

There’s more to the process >>>

A woman’s own masculine energy will naturally come through (if she’s in her empowered feminine energy) to support her with confidence and conviction (think strong, steady, stable and secure).

Think of a man saying, “You’ve got this babe! It’s done!”

Without the masculine energy coming through it’s difficult for the feminine to not wobble and waiver on her desires….it’s unbalanced.

Then she attracts to her situations/experiences where the masculine within her mirrors the masculine energy coming to her.

  • In unfulfilling relationships
  • Never having enough money
  • Men who leave you wanting more
  • Unfulfilling careers/jobs


Most of us (if you’re anything like me) have to continually go back and repeat this process of self-validating and then leaning back into the conviction of the masculine energy (it’s happening!!), with your heart open and expansive.

Then repeat.

Then repeat again.

Until you become embodied with your desire, belief, and conviction.

This is the balanced and integrated masculine/feminine dynamic that brings IN the empowered masculine energy.

Whether it’s a man, money, clients (anything a woman thinks she wants to attract into her experience)…

Once a woman has created her desire within her energy field (what I’ll be teaching in Feminine Energy Secrets) then her job is to stay present moment-by-moment and keep her heart soft and open.

This is being in FLOW and staying in FLOW.

That’s it.

You’re welcome.

I’m super excited about the women who’ve already invested in Feminine Energy Secrets.


I can’t wait to help them harness their super powers.

You already know if you intuitively feel drawn to this program. (That’s another part of the program – knowing how to actually trust your intuition so you can accelerate your manifesting powers.)

Here’s the link to the program. Reply to this email leigha@leighalake.com if you have any questions for me. My assistant Paige may also be answering your questions. (She’s the best!!)

Only 6 more days!

Love, Leigha

P.S. I’ve done it. I’ve cracked the manifesting code in the most feminine way. I have the best relationship with an empowered masculine energy man. I have the beautiful family. I live EXACTLY where I want to be living. I LOVE my business and my clients!


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