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Invitation to join – Beyond Healing – The Integrated Woman’s Way Of Navigating Life And Relationships

I have an amazing course for highly intuitive, ambitious women who know they have so much to offer in their relationship(s) (and have been doing self-development for years), yet they can’t help but worry that the man they dream about doesn’t exist or that they won’t ultimately have the relationship they’ve always wanted.

What often happens with women who’re drawn to inner healing/self-development/law of attraction/energy work is they’re usually too quick to turn in on themselves, thinking they need to change/fix/heal more to change their reality/relationship when what they really need to do is trust in their magnetism and the process.

Examples of this are:

  • Rather than let a relationship go, they’ll see the relationship as a sign to do more healing to see if the relationship can change.
  • Or if they’re attracting men they’re not attracted to, they think somehow they’re the cause (which LOA teaches) but it’s taking over responsibility and it’s keeping them stuck.
  • Or if someone is treating them badly and it really affects them they think it’s codependency.


Imagine inner healing work as climbing a mountain. The women I work with have been climbing this mountain for years (they’re often coaches and healers themselves). They LOVE energy tools, as do I!

Often there’s an illusion that once they reach the top of the mountain, the man should be there to meet/greet them, and when this doesn’t happen, it can feel really disheartening. What else is there?? There must be more mountains to climb… aka more work to do.

The top of the mountain or close to it is where 99.9% of my clients are…they’ve reached the top of the mountain (or they’re really close), and the man isn’t there to meet them, so what do they do? They start walking back down the mountain to do more healing work. I see it happen almost every day. I call this the “healing trap.”

The most important thing a woman could do at this point is trust in her innate magnetism and trust the process. Stay at the top of the mountain and resist the urge to walk back down to find something to fix/change/heal no matter what! (This is not about bypassing or bashing on healing, it’s about wholeness and integration after a certain amount of healing/self-development work has already been done.)

Recognizing when you’re at the top of the mountain and what to do instead is exactly what I will be teaching in Beyond Healing.

We’ll work together in a group setting for four weeks on the following things:

    1. Awareness of being at the top of the mountain and how women talk themselves (also influenced by society) into walking back down instead of trusting what they know to be true, feeling whole and confident, and trusting the process. Highly conscientious, agreeable women can easily be seen as codependent when the truth is it’s their personality, and there’s nothing to fix or heal. What’s needed is awareness around healthy and unhealthy relationships and setting their environment up to support them.


    1. Intuition is most easily accessed at the top of the mountain when you trust you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Trusting in your innate magnetism and trusting the process allows you to become more receptive to the messages and synchronicities that are happening every day all day long. When a woman continually experiences men not meeting her expectations or even coming close, it’s easy to lose hope, and it’s almost instinctive to turn in on herself and wonder if she’s doing something wrong or if she’s somehow attracting this.


    1. Understanding healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics sets a woman up to have incredible discernment while dating and in business/life. She learns to stay in her life raft and trusts that others can manage their own. She doesn’t have to control life or do it all herself. She doesn’t need to be in charge. (Let’s release that heavy burden.) Not having the pressure to make everything happen allows you to relax so you can see/hear/experience the messages coming through and the next steps to take.


  1. Discernment is about learning to cut your losses early and quickly and to know when to walk away. You can still be an incredibly caring and loving person while also keeping your environment clean and clear of negative energy. Discernment is the gatekeeper to your personal heaven on earth. Your feelings are what discernment is made of; if you feel bad or off… listen. If something feels good… listen.

These four steps work synergistically together, giving you what you need if you’re close to the top of the mountain or have reached the top and are ready to stay there, so you’re in the most receptive available state for the type of man you desire. (While I’m specifically talking to a woman who wants to attract the right partner, these tools will benefit anyone who’s been on the self-development path for years.)

  • This course will be four weeks in duration, and we’ll officially start on Wednesday, November 10th, @ 12 pm PST!
  • You’ll receive one pre-recorded video training (PDF of slides included) per week. Weekly group Q and A sessions (every Wednesday for four weeks) via Zoom and will last no longer than 2 hours. (If you can’t make the live calls, you’ll be able to ask your questions in the FB group.)
  • Private FB group to share your insights and celebrations with the other women.

Together for our four weeks, we’ll be focusing on what it feels like to live from a space of coming into deep self-acceptance with no more “work to be done” for you to have what you desire. It’s the ultimate place of receiving and, ironically, incredibly healing. 😉

What would your life look and feel like if there was no more healing to be done, no more blocks, upper limits, or limiting beliefs? Notice how that feels? What if you could let go of the idea that any of these things even exist? How free are you?

The women who’ll receive the best results from this course are highly conscientious (successful in their career and know how to get things done) and have already done a lot of healing and inner work. They’re interested in living from a paradigm of wholeness and watching the miracles unfold. (Women who are already in a relationship may join as well!)

The investment for this course is $997. Early bird pricing is $497 until October 8th.

 Go here to join! 

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