If You’re Missing Him – Learn The #1 Key To Having His Love

Leigha Lake

Hi, it’s Leigha.

When you think about your man and how things are going between the two of you…

How do you feel?

Do you feel loved, adored, happy and connected?
Do you know exactly what to do and what not to do to have the relationship of your dreams?


Do you feel anxious, frustrated, confused and helpless – wondering if there’s any possible way to turn things around?

If you’re in the second group – you’re definitely not alone.

I remember feeling horrible and researching everything I could about men, love and relationships. I finally found an answer – it’s actually pretty simple.

Having a great relationship and keeping the love, romance and passion alive isn’t some mysterious formula – anyone can learn it. I know if it works for me and my clients – it will work for you too!

When you learn what keeps a man always moving towards you – you never have to worry or feel anxious and insecure about saying or doing the WRONG thing again.

When you don’t know what keeps a man’s love and affection coming towards you – you’ll find yourself in a downward spiral, second guessing yourself – wondering how he feels and what he thinks about you and your relationship.

The KEY to keeping your man’s love, attention and affection moving towards YOU…

…Be An Invitation

…By keeping your heart uncovered and open – so much easier said than done, I know!

Being An Invitation works because it dissolves the big brick wall between you and your man.

It works by removing the walls we put up to block love from coming towards us.

Just being a woman makes you irresistible AND mysterious to men…all you have to do is access your femininity and softness.

You already have everything inside of you to bring him close.

Do This To Inspire Him To Come Closer

Imagine your man’s right in front of you…

Wherever you’re sitting:

  • Lean back in your chair
  • Soften your jaw
  • Drop your shoulders
  • Soften your belly
  • Imagine all the tension from your body draining out your feet
  • Imagine melting into your couch, chair or bed
  • Imagine just being – not doing anything at all

How does that feel?

What’s your man doing?

Now imagine uncovering and opening your heart so he can see it.

How does that feel?

Most likely it will feel scary and you’ll feel vulnerable. This is a GOOD thing!

This will shift your vibe instantly!

You’re inviting him to come towards you without saying a word!

If you can learn to soften your body and uncover your heart when you’re with your man – ALL THE TIME – it will allow him to connect to his body and heart and he’ll feel an emotional connection with you that he’s never felt with another woman.

This is the FIRST step in Being An Invitation

The second step is changing your words in a way he can hear. I cover this in The Blueprint (See link down below.)

Every time you do this Tool, it will teach you a new way to be.

It will teach you a new way to see things – and a new way to receive the love and affection you desire without trying to make it happen in a way that will never work.

When you keep your heart open, you’re saying yes to life.

You’ll start to notice life will become easier, synchroncities will show up from seemingly out of nowhere – and you’ll feel happier and more peaceful.

Right now – Be An Invitation

Soften your body
Open you heart

See how the rest of your day goes when you do this.

I would love to hear how this goes for you!

As always – please keep me posted! I love receiving your updates!!


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