If He’s Withdrawing Or Telling You He’s Confused – Turn It Around This Way

Leigha Lake

If you’re feeling anxious and unloved because your man’s becoming distant – maybe he’s stopped calling as much, making plans to see you or you just don’t feel as close as you did in the beginning – I know how you feel.

You might also be feeling confused because you don’t know when it happened or even how it happened… and all you can think about was how good you used to feel and now you’re feeling anxious and depressed most of the time.

It’s hard to think about facing the future alone – without him. This isn’t what you wanted – how did you get here?

We wonder if there’s anything we can do to “fix” things and get our relationship back on track.

As you know, I’ve spent quite a bit of time learning what makes a man really feel attraction, fall in love and stay in love…and helping other women do the same.

It’s what we do when our man’s withdrawing and we feel awful inside that can make all the difference in whether or not we bring our man closer or accidentally push him further away…

I’ve learned, practiced and now coach a system of Tools – that WORK. I want to share with you everything I know!

But for now, let’s start here…

If you learn this Tool I’m about to show you – he’ll automatically begin seeing you in a new way and you’ll avoid the pain and frustration of feeling him withdraw.

If you don’t learn what to do “differently” and you keep doing what you instinctively want to do – you’ll continue to worry, feel anxious and insecure about how your man really feels about you and where he sees the relationship going. You’ll accidentally do the things that push him away instead of bring him closer.

The best way to make sure you get the relationship you want is to know exactly what to do and stop doing when it comes to relating to your man. What we instinctively want to do that feels like love to us – feels like pressure to a man

It turns out – we’ve been taught so many things that actually work against us.

The general rule that applies here is: It’s what we stop doing that can turn everything around on a dime!

Here’s Your Step By Step Love Recipe To Attract What You Want

First – let’s go over what NOT to do if he’s stopped moving the relationship forward.

Don’t ask him what he’s thinking about you or the relationship.
Don’t make things “too easy” for him.
Don’t tell him how you feel about HIM.
Don’t put your life on hold.

That takes away about 99.9% of what you’d typically do and say right?

So what CAN you do?

Guide Him In This Way – Be His Lighthouse Of Love (Tool)

Imagine you’re a lighthouse standing calm and breathtaking on the shore of a beautiful safe harbor.

The ocean water is calm, the sky is a deep blue and there are quite a few boats out at sea. Off in the distance you see a storm rolling in.

The sky starts getting darker and darker, the waves are quickly getting bigger and more rough and many of the boats are getting tossed around.

The more intense the storm gets – the stronger the light from the lighthouse becomes. It’s job is to provide light and safety to the boats out at sea.

Not ALL the boats need the lighthouse to get safely back into the harbor.

Now imagine the lighthouse getting upset because not all of the boats are using her light, some are choosing their own way back. Some are choosing to stay out on the water.

Now imagine the lighthouse feeling so frustrated, she starts running up and down the beach trying to get all the boats to use her light. (She’s just being helpful after all.)

How often are you running up and down the shore trying to get your man’s attention and make it easy for him to call you, to confirm plans, to be with you?

It takes so much energy to chase a man and make it too easy.

Now imagine you’re standing safely and securely on the shore – trusting that your light will guide in the exact boat that’s a perfect match for you and attracted to your light.

You don’t have to DO anything to help him.

Just being a Lighthouse of Love – will attract your man back or a new man who’s capable of giving you the love and relationship you desire.

When you learn how to be a lighthouse – you’ll avoid the pain of a chasing a man and accidentally pushing him away and you’ll become even more magnetic and attractive to the perfect man for you – without all the extra hard work.

When you use this Lighthouse of Love Tool – you’ll instantly shift your vibe from feeling needy and desperate to appearing calm, confident and irresistible to your man.

The general rule that applies here when you want to bring your man close is: You’re way more attractive, mysterious and sexy when you believe your light is strong enough to draw in the perfect man for you.

To be the most magnetic Lighthouse you can be –
Do these 3 action steps to automatically be more irresistible and attractive and easily get more love.

Whenever you start to feel the urge to grow arms and legs and run up and down the shore to bring a man in – your man – a man who seems “clueless” or he’s just not being the man you know he can be – imagine he’s actually using your light to bring him in.

Your only job is to stand strong and still and to keep shining your own unique light to attract him and bring him to you.
Lighthouses don’t wade out into the water to “help” bring the boats in.

This looks like calling him to check in, sending him cute little messages, cooking for him, asking him how he’s doing, running errands for him, driving to him because it’s more convenient for him. All the things we do that feel like “love” to us – but feel like pressure to a man.

Being a Lighthouse of Love will automatically shift your vibe to make your man want to work harder to be with you – instead of you working so hard to be with him.

Right Now – Soften Your Body to make sure your light is as bright as it can be…

Soften your jaw, drop your shoulders, breathe into your belly – melt into couch or chair you’re sitting and let it hold you up.
Now imagine every cell in your body lighting up and radiating outward.

How does that feel?

We women have been taught to move towards our man when he moves away or feels distant – and when we do – we LOSE our Light. We lose our Power.

If we make it “too easy” for him by being “helpful” and chasing after him so we can get close – he’ll just lose attraction for us day by day and go away permanently.

Learn How To Be A Lighthouse Everywhere You Go

Practice doing this. Put one foot behind you, ground yourself and put your weight on your back foot. You’re a Lighthouse at the edge of a cliff – you have to be strong. (You ARE strong! You’re so strong on the inside you can let your soft, inviting light shine on the outside.)

Now imagine your man’s right in front of you – he’s watching football or he’s walking around, talking on the phone – then he turns towards you and then he turns and starts walking away.

Notice everything you’re feeling. What do you automatically and intuitively feel like doing? Moving towards him? Reaching out to him? Calling out to him?

Now practice being the Lighthouse – your soft inviting light shining out into the world is ALL you need to attract him to you.

Practice being the Lighthouse everywhere you go and notice how you feel. You’ll easily begin attracting the love, people and opportunities you’ve been dreaming about!

I would love to hear how this works for you.

Love, Leigha


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