How To Receive Your Desires Instead Of Accidentally Pushing Them Away (Especially When Your Energy Feels Funky)

Leigha Lake

Sometimes I wake up feeling “off” and irritable and I’m not sure why. Even my normal routine of saying, “I am the Divine and the Divine flows through me” doesn’t quite pull me out of my “blahness.”

When this happens, rather than pushing through to make myself feel better, I’ve found something that helps and I hope it helps you too.

When I feel overwhelmed, triggered or just “off” and I can’t quite put my finger on “why” I feel the way I do… instead of analyzing and trying to THINK my way into feeling better…….

—— I imagine I’m in the middle of a lake working hard to tread water – my feeling state FEELS like I’m in survival mode trying to get somewhere – it’s taking a lot of my energy.

Instead of working harder to try and get somewhere or stay above water…

—– I allow myself to stop and sink underneath the water. This to me – is surrendering. I surrender to my feelings and stop the struggle.

When I surrender… I naturally (effortlessly) sink underneath the water…there’s no effort.

(Underneath the water, I can breathe, see and there’s nothing to be afraid of.)

It feels feel safe, secure, protected and calm – I’m completely supported by the water. I LOVE this feeling. There’s no doing or thinking. Simply BEING. I’m in a sacred, tranquil space.

Can you feel it?

The water represents energy. If my feeling state is chaotic then I’m creating waves (like frantically treading water) that are pushing my desires away from me. (This is normal and we all have a variety of feelings all day long.)

When my feeling state is calm, the water (energy) is calm and it’s easier for my desires to FLOW to me.

The thing is though, I’m surrendering into the calm (going underneath the water) because it feels so much better than working hard and struggling… the result just happens to allow my desires to come to me more easily.

Next time you notice yourself feeling funky, sad, overwhelmed or just “off,” practice surrendering and going underneath the water…

I may have been a mermaid in another life…


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