How To Open Yourself Up To Quickly Bring Love To You

Leigha Lake

If you’re feeling sad and maybe a little hopeless thinking you may never meet a man who’s capable of giving you the relationship you deserve, I can totally relate.

Or maybe you recently thought you met “the one” but he pulled away and now you’re feeling shocked, sad and angry. I’ve been there.

I know how painful and frustrating it feels when it seems as though you’ve been waiting forever and it doesn’t look as if you’re any closer to having the love you desire.

Now that the holidays are coming up, it can intensify the feelings of loneliness and the “absence” of the thing we want most.

When you learn what a high-quality (empowered) masculine man wants (and you know you want an empowered, high quality masculine man), love can happen quicker than you think.

When you’re clear on what your boundaries are, what you will and will not tolerate, you open up the space for your perfect “match” to show up.

This looks like not holding onto a relationship you know isn’t what you want, but you’re afraid there’s nothing better out there.

Or pining after a man who’s not treating you the way you know you need to be truly happy.

It also looks like not listening to the voices that are telling you “a real, juicy, passionate, romantic loving relationship with an amazing man isn’t going to happen for you.”

How To Start Attracting An Empowered Masculine Man

(This can help bring back the love in the relationship you’re already in as well.)

Step 1. It’s your job to step into your “real self” – the woman who knows she’s amazing, charming, sexy, lovable, magnetic and unforgettable just by BEING herself.

When you allow yourself to be the truest version of yourself – he’ll show up. He’ll recognize you and feel compelled to get closer.

Step 2. Practice RECEIVING in every area of your life.

This will help you SEE your Mr. Right when he shows up – because he’ll instinctively be moving towards you and giving to you – without you having to do anything.

You won’t have to work hard, your relationship will flow and effortlessly move towards real life long commitment.

Start Allowing Yourself To Believe The Love You Desire Is Here Now – Do This

Imagine you’re laying in bed next to the man of your dreams.

Feel the softness of the sheets and notice the light coming into the room.

Now, look over at the love of your life. Really take in and appreciate everything you see. What does he smell like?

How do you feel?

What do you want to do?

Notice what thoughts come up for you?

Are they happy thoughts? Or negative?

This will help you become aware of if you’re really allowing in the love you desire.

For now – practice this mini-meditation a few minutes a day or right before you go to sleep.

This is what I did.

Imagine he’s here now, so close, and you don’t have to DO anything to bring him closer. Just BE you, your magnetic self.

(You’re laying there in bed, smiling over at him, feeling completely content, happy and peaceful, appreciating everything about the man next to you.)

Go out into the world with THESE feelings.

Notice how things start shifting in your life TODAY. Start noticing how powerful and magnetic you really are.

I would love to hear how this goes for you! ????


P.S. There’s still time to join the Feminine Art Of Attraction Master Class if you’re ready to dive deep into your desires and finally let go of the sabotaging beliefs keeping you “stuck.”



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