How To Keep A Relationship Healthy And Balanced -The Life Raft Tool

Leigha Lake

When I first started my coaching business (over ten years ago), I was focused on helping women turn their relationships/marriages around because if it was fundamentally a healthy relationship, the dynamic could shift for good within hours or a couple of days! Even if they’d already been to marriage counseling, couples therapy, and other types of coaching (or were therapists or relationship coaches themselves!).

I talked with a new client this week who came to me because her relationship is still very new, and she found herself playing out patterns from her childhood (and she was very aware of it).

Her #1 priority actually had nothing to do with her man but to make sure she showed up as a healthy relationship partner (and not to get overly invested with whether this relationship worked out or not). Relationships can easily bring up “stuff” no matter how much inner work you’ve done or how empowered you are in other areas.

Within a day or two of her shifting her energy (aka getting back in her life raft), her relationship went back to feeling really good again (like it’s supposed to!), and she said, “I want to stay here in this space no matter what happens.”

I couldn’t love this more! This is the perfect mindset for navigating men, love, and relationships!!

When a woman has the ultimate goal of staying in her life raft, feeling balanced and in her power, whether she’s single, married, or somewhere in between, she opens herself up to magic and miracles.

This life raft mindset allows her to slow down and catch patterns, illusions, and triggers that cause an otherwise empowered woman to struggle. This happens even in healthy relationships, and this “slowing down” avoids unnecessary damage to the relationship while creating a closer, more intimate connection.

The Life Raft Tool is the most powerful tool to allow a woman to quickly feel her own wholeness, integration, and embodiment and move beyond the pendulum of masculine and feminine energies. This tool allows a woman to naturally create space and “inspire/activate” a man without trying.

(The amount of space a man needs in a relationship is a woman in her own life raft. It’s a win-win always!)

The essence of healthy relationships feels like someone linking their life raft up with yours (you’re not getting in theirs, and they’re not getting in yours). (This applies to all relationships.)

They are ultimately free to leave at any time, but the strength of your connection to your own life raft allows you to relax and not worry about if or when someone will leave.

A woman with a healthy “attachment” style doesn’t attach herself to a man in any way – she focuses on how she wants to feel and what she truly desires. She can live from a place of knowing she’ll be happy with or without a relationship but also trusting that it’s ultimately meant for her because she’s an amazing catch. (The essence of the Life Raft is the “Six Magnetic Mindsets For Maximum Attraction,” which you can download for free!)

The Life Raft is the foundation of what I teach, and within a woman’s life raft are other fundamental areas to focus on (like spokes on a wheel).

I guide high-achieving, spiritual women into healthy relationship dynamics through understanding men and recognizing healthy relationship partners, learning healthy communication (it’s really simple), honoring their feelings and intuition (creating their Love Compass, being the Lighthouse, receiving messages from the Universe), focusing on creating their amazing lives, and trusting the flow of life.

Secrets Of The Integrated Women is open for women in all stages of a relationship (whether they’re single, married, or somewhere in between). If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email, and together we can see if this is the right program for you.


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